White Order of Thule: Final Statement

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Practical Rites of Passage

by Max Frith

A Final Statement on the White Order of Thule

About five years ago I wrote the opening statement for the first issue of Crossing The Abyss. The Order has traveled a prosperous but difficult road since that time, always growing and expanding, but also always finding itself with more ideas and materials than manpower. Long ago people were assigned the task of doing academic research in order to accurately trace the teachings of the true Western Tradition of the Mysteries throughout the history of Europe -absent all grandiose but unsubstantiated claims-to see if a trail could be found which would actually lead the White Order of Thule to some of this material. The task was arduous and mostly fruitless, leading to dead end after dead end, but when pay dirt was finally struck, the find proved to be beyond our expectations. But this meant hundreds of pages of material, some from as early as 1614, some quite scrambled and in disorder. Needless to say, the new task of re-writing all this material in modern English and including modern science was even greater than the original task of finding it. And hundreds of references had to be studied and cross-referenced in order to ensure that all attributions-colors, astrological, alchemical, musical, etc.-woven throughout these ancient lessons were original, accurate, and orderly.

As this immense project unfolded-all-in-all including about 10,000 pages of material-yet more material became available, and as we formatted this in the Order's present Courses and Manual, we were amazed at the blessing of the discovery, but also overwhelmed with the seemingly endless work to be done. I'm the one always calling for less fantasy and more work, so I'm not complaining, but rather leading up to an apology. Having set out to find what we expected could not be found-most records indicating it did not survive WWII-and having thereafter found far more than we had hoped, we found ourselves in over our heads. Had we known at the advent of this zine what we would discover within a couple months-after years of searching-we would have taken a more responsible, practical, and professional course. This would, of course, have included not starting a zine until our inner work was complete. That work is only now near completion.

Having started Crossing The Abyss (then simply titled, The Abyss), and having received such an immediate and powerful response, it was unthinkable for us to abort it, especially with many of the men we admire most around the world showing so much enthusiasm for this new "attitude" in America. But in trying to manage the immensity of our inner work while producing a good outer expression, we have fallen short-timewise-in both areas. Our intentions were good, but naļ¶„. For this we owe our members and our general readers an apology. We apologize that we have put out so few issues in 5 years, and that some of our members have had to wait between courses while material was formatted. We aimed for the stars, and in doing so we hope we fell short at the mountaintop-or at least the hilltop.

As I write this, that "hilltop" we landed on, despite our problems, has been leveled by close and trusted friends. Anyone who dealt in any way with our Order HQ before the use of the Clinton and Deer Park addresses knows that station was staffed by a lazy, incompetent, and utterly useless individual. That person has resigned from the Order, but the damage is done. The rest of us sensed problems, but were repeatedly assured that despite temporary delays, things were generally in order. When we finally grew weary of these claims, the files were confiscated and that station permanently dissolved - but that was the beginning, not the end, of our problems.

We were horrified to discover that due to the pathetic conduct of one trusted person, our members had been deprived of their monthly lessons, our mail had been ignored, merchandise orders had gone unfilled, and the Order's funds, which should have been extensive, were totally squandered. After all my criticizing of Movement fools, and ridiculing of Movement assholes, I now find that I must honor my own standards and turn this hard but sincere focus upon myself. It was I who put full trust in this person, urged others to do so, and assured everyone that things would come together in time. In this I permitted my personal brotherly love for this person to blind me to what was ultimately one of the lowest lows Movement conduct has ever reached. For this I apologize, to those let down by the events at the Richmond, VA, WOT HQ, to the members whom I personally inspired to join the Order, to the Movement, which accepted far more of my outward -focused criticism than I expected, and to this noble Cause for which I would readily lay down my life. I make no excuses - I erred, and I should have known better - but I accept full responsibility and offer my sincere apology.

I said that "the damage is done" because WOT has been scuttled, and due to many factors, we will adopt Nietzsche's admonition of "that which is falling should also be pushed." Henceforth we are precluded as an Order from in any manner distributing the Ageless Wisdom courses we searched so long for. These ancient materials were offered to us under strict stipulations, and so enthralled did we become under their intense spell that we permitted the practical aspects of the Great Work to fall by the wayside. One of the strictest promises made upon receipt of this material was that it would never be used falsely -- either for ignorant racism or abstract New Age-ism. We succeeded in the former, but paying too little attention to the Richmond, VA HQ, we faltered in the latter.

From this moment henceforth, The White Order of Thule is closed. We will continue with our studies in private, and some day may get a new chance to try to alter the Destiny of the Cause with the only true source of the Western Occult Tradition we have come across, but presently, WOT exists no more. Our brotherhood remains - no external circumstances can touch the inner dynamics of our personal, cultural, and spiritual relationships - but no zine, shall come forth again.

Ex-members of WOT, and some of the ex-staff of the Crossing The Abyss magazine now regularly contribute to the Fenris Wolf magazine, an independent project, affiliated with the Pagan Liberation League, which is not an organization, but an information network of Pagan organizations and kindreds, hearths, and covens designed for the exchange of information and ideas, to help coordinate interaction between different Pagan groups and traditions, and most importantly, to help disseminate the Ageless Wisdom of our People in order to turn our collective spiritual knowledge into a collective spiritual experience.

We of the White Order of Thule have come to the conclusion, after our very bitter and disillusioning experiences heretofore mentioned, that ideas, not organizations are central at this point. Current subscribers of Crossing The Abyss will have their subscriptions continued into the Fenris Wolf magazine, which has over the years evolved from a rather simplistic Odinic magazine into a journal promoting the Thulean ideals and a more advanced Pan-Aryan Paganism and Third Way ethos. Some of the ex-staff of CTA will now contribute their efforts and the energy once invested in CTA into Fenris Wolf magazine, and several other non-organizational projects and will continue to ascend the heights. We will always remain Thuleans, despite the disbanding of our organization, and we have now realized that we do not need a club, organization or any membership list, when we remain Thuleans in soul, eternally, and will always be a family, despite the breakup of WOT. Thuleans are never content, we aspire anew; despite how uncomfortable it makes the "Movement" cattle feel! And so we must lay the White Order of Thule to rest, as it has outlived it's necessity.

In the last issue of CTA there was an article for which I must also apologize. It was called The Enemy, and its central focus goes against the principles upon which this Order and this zine were founded and continue to operate. We consider the use of such terms as "nigger," "kike," and "ZOG"-or even complaints about them-to be base, not noble, and problem-oriented, while WOT is thoroughly solution-oriented. This declaration should in no way reflect upon the author of this article-each man conducts his activism according to his ability and calling-but this article should never have made it into the pages of CTA, and I apologize because it did due to an error on my part. With our computer technology at HQ we can simply scan typed material and re-format it, which demands extra care in proofreading and editing. Michael L. was then the editor of CTA, but I assisted his work, and the printing of this article-which essentially goes against all we represent-was due to my inattention, and once again, I am sorry.

In closing, I'd like to partially set forth-as objectively as possible-a list of what our Work in the Movement stood for, what it really meant, in order to clear up much confusion among friends, associates, and most insidiously, the Mass Media - which has for some reason developed a pathological fixation on our Fraternity, and utilized shameless and childish misrepresentations, misinterpretations, distortions, and of course, outright lies, in an unnecessary and futile smear campaign. This includes attacks on one of our oldest members, who has been falsely accused of a pagan-motivated murder by the Federal government. The following should clarify matters, though nothing said herein is new - if WOT has been two things, it is sincere and consistent. But this should make it also clear that no one adhering to our creed would stoop to the ignorant behavior the Mass Media now wishes to stereotypically attribute - based on no actual facts -- to one of our members and the Order in general.

Thank you for bearing with us, and our troubles, and keep striving. Five seconds after you finish reading the following, this Order will self-destruct. Gods Bless.

What WOT Is-and What WOT is Not

1. WOT is Third Way-neither "left" nor "right."

WOT is not among the many pseudo-Third Way adherents, who merely say they reject extremes, while spontaneously espousing traditional leftist or rightist ideals. For instance, "class war" concepts are Marxist, not Third Way; to say "What niggers or race traitors do isn't our business" is an oxymoron, for "nigger" and "race traitor" is a judgment and denotes "paying attention."

2. WOT promotes Third Way political ideas as essentially apolitical. The System is and always will be Republican and Democratic, conservative, and liberal, right and left, and therefore Third Way ideology remains without the political system.

WOT does not endorse "mass organization" strategies of any sort, old or new, Third Way or otherwise. We urge men and women to put inner (spiritual) and folkish (communal) realities first-not assign leadership structures with membership lists and the like. WOT has no leaders and has no structure-we are bound by devotion to our Gods and love for our Folk.

3. WOT is solution-oriented. We never talk about problems unless our conclusion is a proposed solution.

WOT is not a nationalist reporting agency. We don't report on problems or rehash old issues. To kill Morris Dees is manly; to ignore Morris Dees is manly; to complain about Morris Dees for 15 years is ignoble cowardice. A true man either ignores a problem or destroys it-he doesn't whine about it like a little girl.

4. WOT believes in unity, but a spiritual and communal unity, not an organizational or commercial unity.

WOT rejects all make-believe concepts of "leaderless resistance" or "guerrilla cells," that is, excuses for not unifying. We cannot accept, as our less dedicated armchair generals have, the idea that the entirety of military history is the "exception which proves the rule" regarding this matter. No such thing as "leaderless resistance" has ever existed-never mind succeeded-and no such thing ever will exist. And every guerrilla war in history was fought from a unified platform and at least a semi-unified movement. Cells operate on their own, but they do not simply fight a chaotic war with the hope of some coincidental symbiotic result. In such a war-a fantasy with no example in 6000 years of history-cells could not even be sure they were not attacking each other. To be divided is to be conquered, and we are presently both.

5. WOT accepts Psycho-spirituality as a science, meant to empower any form of pagan religion.

WOT does not propose that it possesses any new religion. Psycho-spirituality is meant, amidst a thoroughly scientific era, to add depth to existing pagan religions, and to lead others to pagan religions. The Thulean pantheon is no different from the Asatr?theon in its outward form-"What's in a name? A rose by any other name smells as sweet."

6. WOT's program is mystical, and in following with all of Aryan history, is meant for the highest minded and most instinctual men and women at the core of every pagan people.

WOT's program is not religiously doctrinal or new, or invented by men. The Order is pagan, but it is made up of pagans from all walks of life: Odinists, Gnostics, Astrologers, Thelemites, Theodists, Theosophists, Wiccans, Satanists, Romuvans, Dievturibans, Alchemists, and so on. Mysticism always has been, and with WOT remains, the esoteric center of all Aryan religious life.

7. WOT is revolutionary, and dedicated to achieving Aryan Imperium by any means necessary.

WOT is not a "race war" fantasizer or make-believe revolution predictor. Our government and the people hate us, and anyone too cowardly to recognize and accept that challenge is not welcome in our fraternity. We are strong and the brainwashed masses are weak, and as with all evolutionary processes, the fit shall prevail. And as with all end-times in cyclical history, we will seek to survive and seize the day as nature dictates, not based on fictional novels or N.R.A. slogans. When Big Brother comes for people's guns, despite all the declarations on caps, t-shirts, and bumper stickers, the people will do one thing and one thing only: give them up. And if Big Brother wanted to come for us right now, "the people" would give us up also.

Because the pseudo-revolutionary theories of the Movement have been so laughable, Big Brother is laughing at us also. But the spiritual power that gave birth to the Western Culture, our enemies comprehend not, and that is the power we seek to create at this time.

8. WOT endorses, promotes, and nurtures diversity in the Movement.

WOT does not accept the open-ended diversity some now propose, which is akin to the degeneration of society. There will always be basic principles even in the most diverse endeavor-if it is healthy. Thus we flatly reject, a priori and without further discussion, inherently anti-Aryan and degenerate concepts which attempt to cross-germinate ideals or cultural elements, such as Identity Christianity, atheism, Creativity, National Socialism as a religion, or Satanism which denies the existence of a culture-soul or gods.

9. WOT is a leaderless collectivity.

WOT is not a bunch or self-serving "lone wolves" doing "their own thing." We reject rants against unity-but our unity is founded upon a loyalty in service, honor in principle, and a duty pursuing destiny. WOT is not only non-profit, but operates at a constant loss, and considers those who treat the Movement as a consumer base as traitorous. WOT's "Constitution" and "Articles of Faith" only delineate our base principles and standards. Every element of the Cause-save those of the untermenschen-can operate within these guidelines, and hence we are no more than blood brothers bound by duty, honor, and loyalty. Because WOT gives so much and requires so little of truly aristocratic types, there is simply no excuse for the best hearts and minds not to join our Brotherhood, and thus we openly and justifiably operate on a members-first basis.

"The Great Work re-creates man by over-hauling the whole system of one's inner life and opening up a world hitherto entirely undreamt of. This is the only true process of resurrection."-The Thulean Bard