Watch on the Drina

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Straža na Drini
Watch on the Drina
Directed by Branko Marjanović
Written by Branko Marjanović
Based on footages of the Croatian Weekly Newsreel
Editing by Branko Marjanović
Distributed by Hrvatski slikopis
Release date(s) 1942
Running time 30 min
Country Flag of Independent State of Croatia.svg Croatia
Language Croatian, German

Watch on the Drina (Croatian: Straža na Drini, German: Wacht an der Drina) is a 1942 Croatian documentary war film directed by Branko Marjanović. The film was edited from the episodes of the Croatian Weekly Newsreel (Hrvatski slikopisni tjednik). Along with the number of other films, it received a bronze diploma at the 1942 Venice Film Festival, and it is also considered as the first internationally awarded Croatian film.


The film follows the Croatian Armed Forces and the Black Legion in their campaign for the freedom of the Croatian people and country against rebellious Communist partisans in the Bosnian villages. The rebels assaults local residents, burn down their houses, and they hide in the villages. Ante Pavelić visits the villages, where he was greeted as hero in scenes that also shows the damage committed by the rebelious partisans against local residents. The Croatian Armed Forces chased the partisans out of the villages in which they were hiding. After the expulsion of the partisans, order and peace returns to the villages, destroyed houses and bridges is to be restored, people joyfully dancing folk dances and they again perform working tasks on the field. During the visit of numerous settlements in Bosnia, many residents awaited the Poglavnik with great excitement and tears of happiness as proof of unlimited trust and love of the Croatian people to the Poglavnik and the Croatian state.


  • Director, screenwriter and editor: Branko Marjanović
  • Camera operator: Branko Blažina
  • Directors of photography: Branko Blažina, Ignjat Habemüller, Josip Akčić, Stjepan Barbarić

Film score

  • Richard Wagner: "Ride of the Valkyries" (battle scenes)
  • "Ustaška se vojska diže" ("Ustasha army are rising")

Communist falsification of the film

The film shows crimes against local residents conducted by Yugoslav partisans, during the battles. After the end of World War II and the fall of the Independent State of Croatia, Yugoslav Communist authorities has falsified the film in that way that they cut out some of the footages and insert their materials to make it look like a propaganda film to prove that a crimes has been allegedly committed by the Croatian Armed Forces, while it is actually a crimes committed by Yugoslav partisans.

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