The Suicide of Europe

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Cover of The Suicide of Europe

The Suicide of Europe: Memoirs of Prince Michel Sturdza, Former Foreign Minister of Rumania. is a 331 page book written by Michel Sturdza, a Romanian diplomat and nobleman who joined Codreanu's Legion of Michael the Archangel some time after it was formed. Sturdza had a long career as an ambassador throughout Western Europe, formed contacts in high circles of various governments, and observed various political developments in relation to Romania's Legionary Movement. He concluded, based on his observations, that powerful Jews and corrupt Gentiles joined with them connected across Europe and America had engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the Axis Nations.


  • “It would be unjust, perhaps, to ask from this new crop of intellectuals - victims, it seems, of a contagious brain-corroding pestilence that has already suffused Western universities with its materialistic, utilitarian and Marxist philosophy, to understand fully the notion of sacrifice for a principle, or for one's country, or of fidelity, even unto death, toward the leader who incarnates this principle or represents better than anybody else the interests and destiny of that country. For this new generation of ‘educators’ and public opinion builders, religion is no better than magic; love and fear of God is superstition; patriotism is an error; nationalism is a crime; self-sacrifice is masochism; love of the past is necromania; an obeyed leader is a medicine man; and discipline is a dark cult.”


Analytical Chronology
Part 1: Prelude
Part 2: Titulescu, The Enemy's Agent
Part 3: King Carol the Murderer
Part 4: Antonescu, The Insane Leader
Part 5: Michael, The Puppet King
Post Scriptum

Publication Data

  • The Suicide of Europe: Memoirs of Prince Michel Sturdza, Former Foreign Minister of Rumania. Michel Sturdza. Boston & Los Angeles: Western Islands Publishers, 1968. ASIN B000E7RWZA

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