The Path of Enlightenment

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The Path of Enlightenment in the Mithraic Mysteries
Cover of the second English edition
Author(s) Julius Evola
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Religion
Publisher Holmes Publishing Group
Publication year 2005
Pages 28
ISBN 1-55818-228-4

The Path of Enlightenment in the Mithraic Mysteries is a 28 page pamphlet consisting of three articles written by Julius Evola, published for the first time in English translation in 1994 by Holmes Publishing Group, and as an revised edition in 2005. The various articles in the pamphlet and the letter-excerpts were respectively published in Ultra during 1926, the second as an addition in connection with the publishing of a translation of some of the writings of emperor Julian in 1932 and again in Roma, 17. March, 1972, and finally the third article which was first published during the 1950's and again in 1971 in Vie della Tradizione. The pamphlet was translated by known translator of Evola: Guido Stucco.

The pamphlet is split into three parts, each article dealing in various ways with the Mithraic mystery religion that became so popular with Roman soldiers, among others. Evola writes it with his partly "critical" view of Christianity, something which surfaces here since Mithraism "vied" directly with Christianity for the souls of the Roman empire.


After the foreword and introduction by respectively The Julius Evola Foundation based in Rome and the translator, the first article appears: 'The Path of Enlightenment According to the Mysteries of Mithras'. Here Evola deals with the deeper metaphysical aspects of the Mithraic religion and philosophy of life. How Mithras as an ideal to his 'devoted' resists the 'waters' and eventually kills the 'bull', in other words seizes control of his own destiny instead of letting it control him. Mithraism as Evola lays it out, can be compared with the early Theravada Buddhism.

Part two is the well-known essay 'The Emperor Julian', which probably is one of the best known by Evola. This article deals with how the attempts of emperor Julian to 're-implement' the Traditional mindset in the Roman empire failed: the populace no longer able to understand or feel the views of their ancestors.

Part three is 'About Mithras' Mysteries' which is more of an historical chronicle of the principles that marked the esoteric parts of Mithraism, as opposed to its more exoteric traits known to the general populace.

Publication data

The Path of Enlightenment in the Mithraic Mysteries, Julius Evola, 2005, Holmes Publishing Group, ISBN 1-55818-228-4, English

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