The Locket's Secret

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The Locket's Secret
Author(s) H. Kelley Heyne
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Realistic fiction
Publisher Pauline Books & Media
Publication year 2013
Pages 162
ISBN 0-8198-7484-1

The Locket's Secret is a 2013 middle grade novel by K. Kelley Heyne. It follows a thirteen-year-old girl as she faces devastating feelings of grief after the death of her younger sister and grapples with the pains of moving away from home, and takes refuge in a fantasy world of daring and adventure.

The story opens with Carrie Adams, her father, pregnant mother, and two younger brothers on the road, en route from Bremerton, Washington to their new home, Green Bay, Wisconsin, where Mr. Adams has secured a new professorship at a Catholic college. The atmosphere is tense, however: Carrie is depressed about parting from her friends, but even more so about leaving her younger sister, whose death nine months prior has greatly affected the family, and opposes the move. Despondent, she escapes into an imagination nurtured on Tolkien and Chesterton. In her fantasy world, she is Princess Caritas, a princess intent on protecting her family, protected by a loyal bodyguard and pursued by Mort, a hireling of a villainous uncle seeking the throne for himself. The interplay between the two worlds is a major element of the story as Carrie comes to terms with her family, her grief, and life in her new home.

The Locket's Secret incorporates Catholic faith and morals. As Carrie struggles with the death of her sister and questions God about why He took so much away from her, she takes comfort in reciting the rosary. The Adams children are homeschooled, and growing friendships with peers in their new homeschooling circle in Green Bay is a major way they get settled into their new home.

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