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Theodore Olin "Ted" Thackrey (November 17, 1901 - October 24, 1980) was the former editor of the New York Post and founded of the leftist paper The Daily Compass.[1] He is probably best known as the third husband of New York Post publisher Dorothy Schiff.


Theodore Olin Thackrey was born in 1902 to Samuel Isaac Thackrey and Carrie Mae Richards.

Thackrey started his journalist career as a copyboy in his hometown of Kansas City. In the early 1930s he was editor and publisher of the Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury and East Magazine. In 1937 he joined the New York Post. In July 1943 he married the Post owner Dorothy Schiff in an office wedding, after which the two became co-publishers/co-editors. In 1948, he become solo publisher of the Post at the behest of his wife, leading to a disastrous three-month tenure in which major advertisers dropped the paper and Schiff returned to take over.

In 1948 their disagreements continued when both publicly backing different presidential candidates. Dorothy Schiff favored the Republican Thomas E. Dewey while Thackrey favored Henry A. Wallace and his Progressive Party. Their marriage ended in divorce with Thackrey leaving the Post.

With $600,000 in private financing from millionaires Anita McCormick Blaine he founded The Daily Compass as its publisher and president.[2] The paper began publishing on May 16, 1949,[2] and ceased publication in November 1952.[3]

After The Daily Compass ceased publication, Thackrey joined the public relations firm Ruder Finn.[2] In 1959, Thackrey and Goldstein testified at the U.S. Senate's "Hearings Before the Select Committee in Improper Activities on the Labor or Management Field", which investigated alleged improprieties by the newspaper deliverers union and forcible payoffs in order to ensure Compass distribution.[2]


He supported Henry Wallace for president in 1948. On May 25, 1949 Ted Thackrey appeared on the program Meet the Press. One of the first questions asked of him was, "Mr. Thackrey are you a Communist?" On a different occasion Thackrey said he believed in a "non-communist Left".[4]

In 1958 Thackrey was editor of Florida paper Lakeland Ledger.

Ted Thackery died at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York October 24, 1980 due to complications of cancer and heart congestion.


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