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Philosophy should not be categorized as "Ideology". A philosophical person is a truth-seeker, whereas an ideological person acts and thinks from an ideology in which he already believes. In many ways, they are opposites. The word "ideology" has certain negative connotations which the word "philosophy" does not have. The word "ideology" is often used to cast doubt on certain ideas as becomes clear for example when the term "right wing ideology" is used in connection to the work of Faurisson. But Faurisson did not study the gas chambers from an ideological point of view. He just wanted to find the truth. But his opponents say that he supports a "right wing ideology" because they don't like his conclusions and they want to cast doubts on their validity among people who don't support a "right wing ideology". (Galileo 15:38, 28 June 2013 (CEST)).