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Redirect this page to Lawrence Wayne Sinclair for Search Engine Optimization.

Why would this be better? Those who have heard of him know his name as Larry Sinclair not Lawrence Sinclair. NatAll75 11:45, 19 July 2009 (CEST)


“Larry (Lawrence W. Sinclair) Sinclair is not the author of this Metapedia page. Larry Sinclair is not responsible for the image uploaded on this page nor has Sinclair ever made any claims the image is an actual photo of him with Barack Obama. Sinclair has contacted Metapedia for the purpose of asking that this disclaimer be published on the Metapedia page after efforts to have the creators of the page remove the image which is an image made by David Dees in 2008 (and is a copyrighted image of David Dees) have gone unanswered. Anyone publishing any claims the Larry Sinclair Metapedia page was created or edited by Larry Sinclair is making false claims. Larry Sinclair is not the creator, editor or source of any material including but not limited to the Dee’s image which Sinclair has never represented as anything other than what it is, which is a David Dees original designed graphic for use in a 2008 internet story by another web site.”