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Madelyn Dunham, Stanley and Ann

Stanley Armour Dunham (March 3, 1918 - February 8, 1992) was the father of Stanley Ann Dunham and the grandfather of Barack Obama. He gave his daughter his name because he wanted a son.

Stanley Dunham was raised in El Dorado, Kansas and moved his family to California, Texas, back to El Dorado and in 1955 to Seattle, Washington. A year later the family moved to Mercer Island so Ann Dunham could attend Mercer Island High School. The Dunhams moved to Hawaii in 1960.

He married Madelyn Payne. Stanley Dunham joined the US Army a few weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. [1]

Stanley Dunham was at the very least a fellow traveler of the American communist movement. One of his close friends was secret American Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, a Black journalist and pornographer . Davis was selected by Stanley Dunham to be his grandson’s father figure and mentor. According to the FBI the file kept on Stanley Dunham was destroyed in 1997.[1]


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