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Springbok Club is a United Kingdom based group (alternatively known as the Empire Loyalist Club) which seeks to appeal to white South African expatriates and other whites around the globe. The Club was formed in 1996 by Alan Harvey and Bill Binding, the "deputy head of the British Ku Klux Klan, and then 're-constituted' in 2001. Harvey went on to join and become a seriously disruptive influence in the Swinton Circle, from which he was eventually expelled.

In February 2001 Alan Harvey, the Club's organizer, was quoted on WorldNetDaily saying that he personally believed that "the white man will return to Africa and rule one day", and he also claimed that "there are blacks in Zimbabwe who want former white Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith to rule that nation instead of Mugabe" but without substantiating the claim.

Later, in July 2001 the Nationalist Movement of the United States stated that Alan Harvey says that he is working to restore the British Empire. And his Springbok Club is his vehicle. "Re-establishment of a British colony—any colony—would make it infinitely easier to remove the dangerously large number of aliens from the UK," he said. Harvey, who escaped South Africa, says he regards Nationalists as "my best contacts in America, who I urge to support the plan." '

The Springbok Club has repeatedly described Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. The journalist Johann Hari stated in an article in The New Republic in 2007 that "The British High Commission in South Africa has accused the club of spreading 'hate literature' "