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A Research Lodge is a Masonic lodge that is devoted to Masonic research. It is a lodge, and as such has a charter from some Grand Lodge. However, it does not confer degrees, and restricts membership to Master Masons of some jurisdiction in amity with the jurisdiction that the research lodge is in.[1] Related to research Lodges are Masonic research societies, which serve the same purpose but function fundamentally differently. There are Research Lodges in most countries where Freemasonry exists.

The oldest research lodge is Quatuor Coronati No. 2076, founded in 1886 under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England. It accepts members from all over the world through its Correspondence Circle.[2] A book of transactions called Ars Quatuor Coronatorum (which includes the papers given in the lodge) has been published every year since 1886.

Most Research Lodges have some type of Transactions, Proceedings, or even just a newsletter that is published regularly.



  • The American Lodge of Research is the oldest research lodge in the United States, having been founded in 1931. It is chartered under the Grand Lodge of New York, and meets in the City of New York. It has counted amongst its Fellows such noted persons as Harold Van Buren Voorhis, Jan Sibelius, and Roscoe Pound.[3]
  • Anniversary Lodge of Research #175 - New Hampshire.[4]
  • Civil War Lodge of Research #1865 - Research is specifically on Freemasonry during the American Civil War[5]
  • District of Columbia holds residence to David A. MacWilliams, Sr. Research and Education Lodge, F&AM - Prince Hall Affiliated. Working under the Prince Hall Jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, it is dedicated to the conduct of research and education about Freemasonry in general and Prince Hall Freemasonry, in particular, so it can illumine the Masonic Fraternity and be better agents of change and service in their communities. [6]
  • El Camino Research Lodge[7]
  • Iowa Research Lodge #2[8]
  • Kentucky has two research lodges: the Ted Adams Lodge of Research in Paintsville and the William O. Ware Lodge of Research in Covington.
  • Massachusetts Chapter of Research - notable in that it is chartered under a York Rite Holy Royal Arch Chapter, and not a Grand Lodge, and tends to focus on Chapter-specific research.
  • Mississippi Lodge of Research, No. 640 - charter issued by the Grand Lodge of Mississippi.
  • New Jersey Lodge of Masonic Research and Education, No. 1786 - warrant issued by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.
  • Ohio Lodge of Research[9]
  • Pennsylvania Lodge of Research [10]
  • Southern California Research Lodge - chartered under the Grand Lodge of California, the SCRL publishes a monthly newsletter and has an "Entered Apprentice's Program" to encourage new Masons to get interested in scholarly research.[11]
  • Tennessee Lodge of Research[12]
  • Texas Lodge of Research [13]
  • Thomas Smith Webb Chapter of Research No. 1798, chartered under the Grand Council of New York in 2002, devotes its studies to Royal Arch Chapter related issues. [14]


  • Discovery Lodge of Research No. 971[15], Chartered under the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory in 1968.
  • South Australian Lodge of Research No. 216[16], Chartered under the Grand Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons of South Australia & Northern Territory in 1965 .
  • The Western Australian Lodge of Research No. 277 Chartered under the Grand Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons of Western Australia
  • Lodge of Research No. 218 Chartered under the United Grand Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons of Victoria[17] [18]


  • Lodge of Research, No. CC [19]


  • Tokyo Lodge of Research


  • Forskningslogen Niels Treschow, chartered 2003.[20]


  • Lodge of Research "Quator Quoronati" No.8("Четверо Коронованных") Moscow [21]
  • Lodge of Research "Quator Quoronati" United Grand Lodge Of Russia ("Исследовательская Достопочтенная ложа "Четверо Коронованных") [22]



  • Mimar Sinan Lodge

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