Quisling: Prophet without Honour

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Quisling: Prophet without Honour
Author(s) Ralph Hewins
Language English
Publisher W.H. Allen
Publication year 1965
Pages 384

Quisling: Prophet without Honour is a 1965 book by Ralph Hewins. American (John Day Co) and Norwegian (Store Bjørn) edition was published in 1966. The book stirred much controversy in Norway, because of its neutral portrayal of Vidkun Quisling.


1. A Word is Coined

2. The Norwegian 'Image'

3. Prodigy

4. Sword of Honour

5. The Russian Bug

6. Object Lesson

7. Humanitarian

8. For Better or for Worse

9. Home Work

10. Battle Stations

11. Into Action

12. Defeat

13. Peace and War

14. Ragnarokk

15. The Point of No Return

16. Two-way Stretch

17. Abhorred Vacuum

18. Six-day Wonder

19. Down and Up

20. Minister-President

21. Ancient Rome



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