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This is a list of Jewish personalities. (See also: Category:Person of Jewry)

The list in not exclusive to persons of a certain religion or religious belief but instead includes those individuals who have been identified as Jewish thru ethnic identity or family history. In some cases there may be errors on the list which may be challenged on the discussion page.

More generally on Jewish influence, see the article on Jewish influence.




Jews with Inglourious Basterds - producers: Lawrence Bender, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein - actor: Eli Roth, B. J. Novak, Samm Levine...
  • Aaron ben Elia (approx. in 1300-1369) was the most important religious philosopher of the Karaits (Turkish Jewish confession).
  • Aaron ben Mosche ben Ascher (10th century - approx. 960) was a Masoret and grammarian from Tiberias.
  • Aaron ben Joseph (approx. in 1260-1320) was a karaitic scholar.
  • Monroe Abbey (1904 - 1993) was a Canadian lawyer. Abbey worked as a lawyer in Montreal as a specialist for mining right. Beside his professional activity he was involved in his hometown in numerous Jewish organisations. Among others he was director of "Jewish immigrant Aid Services", of "Zionist Organization of Canada" and the "United Jewish Refugee and World and "Jewish a relief agencies". From 1968 to 1971 he was the president of the Canadian Jewish Congress.
US pop singer Paula Abdul.
  • Paula Abdul (1962-) is a US-American choreographer and pop singer. She is the daughter of the Canadian concert pianist Lorraine Rykiss and the Syriac sephardic cattle dealer Harry Abdul, living in Brazil, who married in 1952 in Winnipeg. Harry Abdul worked in sand trade and gravel trade of the family of his wife. Lorraine Abdul was an occasional directorial assistant of Billy Wilder.
  • Otto Abeles (1879 - 1945) was a journalist, author, music critic and Zionist from Austria.
  • Isaak Abrabanel, "Don Isaak ben Juda Abrabanel", also "Abravanel" and "Abarbanel" (1437 - 1508) was a politician and financier in the service of the kings of Portugal and Spain, the viceroys of Naples and the doges of Venice.
  • Abraham ben David von Posquières, also known as "Rabad" (1125-1198) was a talmudic scholar in the Provence. He has become known especially by his criticism of the works of Maimonides.
  • Abraham ben Meir ibn Esra (approx. in 1092-1167) was a scholar and author. After him is named the lunar crater Abenezra.
  • Abraham ibn Daud (1110-1180) was a Jewish chronic writer, philosopher and astronomer and the first Jewish Aristotelic still before Maimonides.
  • S. Daniel Abraham, is an American businessman and member of the board of directors him AIPAC. He has become known for the introduction "Slim-Fast" drink ("Thompson Medical Group") in the late 1970s years. He has a property of 1.4 milliards US dollar.

  • Karl Abraham (1877 - 1925) was a pupil from Sigmund Freud. He counted to the most important representatives and the most keen advocates of the psychoanalysis invented by his Jewish master. In 1920 he created with his Jewish researcher colleague Eitington a psychoanalytic clinic in Berlin. In 1922 Abraham became general-secretary, became in 1924 a president of the international psychoanalytic society. [1]
  • Pál, Paul Abraham (1892 - 1960) was an operetta composer. He was known with the operettas "Viktoria and her hussar" (1930) and "flower by Hawai" (1931). He lived in Berlin where in 1932 his operetta "ball in the Savoy" had premiere. In 1933 Abraham went to Paris, in 1939 to America. There he fell in spiritual mental derangement. In 1956 he was brought back to Germany. From him also come movie-soundtracks e.g., for the "singing town" (1930), "The blue of the sky", "Gipsy of the night" (1932).
  • Floriano Abrahamowicz (1961-) is an Italian priest and a regional representative of the Pius-Brothers. He is a convert and son of a Protestant pastor with Jewish roots. The media groups try with zeal to stamp him as a supposed Holocaust-Leugner. During a newspaper interview father Floriano Abrahamowicz doubts the destruction purpose of gas chamber n in Auschwitz and the sacrificial figures of the Holocaust.
  • Rüben Abramow (1900-) was also called Levi Gomez Abramow. He was a communist and Bulgarian minister of culture.
  • Alexander Abramowitsch (1888-) he belonged to the (according to Prof. Julius Epstein at least one and a half millions) Jewish victims of Stalin. He was born in 1888 in Odessa at the Black Sea; one quarter of the inhabitants of the town was then Jewish. In 1908 he joined to the social-democratic movement Russia, from which the Bolshevists arose. In 1913 he emigrated to Switzerland. In 1917 he came back with Lenin. Abramowitsch was decisively involved in the bolshevizing of Russia and in 1919 he was the most important intermediary between Bavarian soviet republic and the Soviets. Later he counted to the leaders of the Komintern. In the 1930s he got in the gear train of Stalin "purges". His track loses itself in the gulag. [1]
  • Alexander Abramowitsch Krein (1883 - 1951) was a musician and composer. Alexander Krein got to know Jewish folk music already as a child quiote good. His father was a known Klezmer musician and popular poet. He played violin in Jewish weddings, and his children had to accompany him on Zymbalen. Seven brothers Krein became later all musicians, some of them were even famous, like the composer Grigorij Krein or the violinist David Krein. Alexander Krein celebrated his biggest results in the 20s as a composer of theatre musics. Thus the premiere of the play "The night at the old market"" (after Izchak Leib Peretz) in the Moscow Jewish state theatre (GOSET) became a triumph both for the theatre and for the composer. Also in Western Europe where the theatre guested in 1927 the piece was taken up with enthusiasm . After the Jewish music had been forbaden in the Soviet Union, Krein has completely adapted itself in contrast to Gnesin to the relations. Later his ballet "Laurentia" became very popular, with the Spanish folklore Krein added to it. This ballet has remained till our days in the repertoire of many Russian theatres. His most important work, the Kantate "Kaddish", could not be played any more. For decades was Krein's score missing. Only few years ago has turned out that it was saved. Then the piece was played in Russia. In the west this great music is still unknown." [2]
  • Solomon Jacob Abramowitsch, composer - "The Takse (1869)".
  • Jeffrey Jacob Abrams (1966-) also famously as a J.J.Abrams; He is a USA film producer and television producer, scriptwriter, composer and director ("Alias " The agent, Lost, mission: Impossible III, Fringe, star Trek - spaceship Enterprise"). Abrams uses his influence (nepotism), he awarded several times film roles to Jewish actors like Keri Russell, Greg Grunberg, Rosanna Arquette and Ian Gomez.
  • Abu Rafi " (" 627 A.D.) was a Jewish concurrent of the prophet Mohammed. He was "murdered" on a way, that was known for Mohammed [3]. His full name was Sallam ibn Abitur l-Huqaiq.
  • Alexander Abusch (1902 - 1982) his pseudonym was "Ernst Reinhardt". He was a journalist, author and leading party official and state official in DDR.
Ackermann is with 14.3 millions in the year highest payed of the branch. He is considered as a hard dog who strokes jobs with pleasure also for higher profits. [4]
has him
  • Anna Adam (1963-) is a German-speaking painter, stage designer, pedagogue and exhibition creator.
  • Sheldon Adelson (1933-) is an US-American enterpriser (computer fair COMDEX) and multi-millionaire who has earned his property above all in the real estate branch in "Las Vegas".
  • Alfred Adler (1870-1937) was a doctor and psychotherapist. He tried to be the synthesis from Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. Adler joined the Austrian socialist and worked together from 1902 to 1911 closely with Freud. In 1904 he passed to the Protestantism. As opposed to Freud who explained sexuality as to the most important thing, Adler saw in the "will to the power" the main mainspring of the person. His central statement: "Lacking sense of community is always sign of inferiority complex." The "founder of the individual psychology" was active from the end of the 1920s mainly in America., Among the rest, he taught in Jewish "Temple Emanu-El" and in "New School for Social Research-New York.
  • Cyrus Adler (1863-1940) was "one of the most important leaders of the American Jewry" [5] The orientalist and Semitist, Cyrus Adler, climbed up to the president of "Jewish Theological Seminary-New York (1915-1940) and stood, finally, at the head of "American Jewish Committee". In 1910 he belonged with Jacob Schiff and Mayer Sulzberger to a delegation in the "White House" which should move the US-president Taft for military actions against as unbearably anti-semitic felt tsarist Russia. In the 1930s Adler spurred on the US politicians to massive action against NS-Germany.
  • Fred Adler (1889-1965) was a manufacturer. He was called, actually, Friedrich with given name and was active as a shoe shop assistant in the store of the parents. Later he founded and led with his brother "Lothar Adler" the ICAS group with headquarter in Frankfurt am Main. The enterprise grew to the biggest slipper manufacturer of Europe and had 3000 employees. In 1938 the sales occurred in the course of the so-called Arisierung. Adler went in April, 1939 over Great Britain in USA and opened a tanning factory in "Milwaukee".
  • Steven Adler (1965-) is a US-American drummer and was from 1985-1990 a member of the rock band "Guns A Roses". In 1990 the singer of the band "Axl of rose" fired him, because Adler was strongly affected by his drug consumption in his abilities as a drummer. He was condemned several times because of his drug consumption (heroin).
  • Samuel Agnon (1888 - 1970) also Schemu'el Josef Agnon; actually, Samuel Josef Czaczkes was a Hebrew author. His works reflect the religious and spiritual traditions of the Chassidim and the everyday life of the eastern Jewry and are comparable in her representation with Franz Kafka's writings. In 1966 he received together with Nelly Sachs as the first Hebrew author the Nobel prize for literature ""for his profound typical narrative art with motives from the Jewish people.""
  • Guma L. Aguiar is born in Brazil energy industrialist and millionnaire "BRAZILLIANAIR". He leads his enterprise in the [the United States] and Israel. Guma Aguiar supports the Zionist "Nefesch B'Nefesh" organisation. In July, 2009 invested Aguiar more than 4 millions US dollar in the "Beitar Jerusalem football club".
  • Jonathan Ahdout (1989-) Jewish actor in the USA ("House of sand and Fog, 24").
Ex. US Secretary of State Albright with Joschka Fischer.
  • Madeleine Albright (1937-) is a Jewish US politician. She was the first woman in the office of the foreign minister in [the USA].
  • Hirsch Alexander (1790 - 1842) was a Lübeck police officer and the first Jew in the Lübeck state service.
  • Moses Alexander (1853-1932) was born in Germany. In 1915 he became in Idaho as the first non-local Jew, governor of an US federal state. Alexander remained till 1919 in the office.
  • Isaak Alfasi (1013-1103) also Rif called; He was a North-African Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages. He is considered as the most important halachic authority before Maimonides and is the author of numerous responses.
Woody Allen has filed his Jewish name Allen Stewart Konigsberg .
  • Woody Allen (1935-) born as "Allen Stewart Konigsberg'; He is comedian, director, author, actor and musician. He was accused of sexually molesting the daughter of his companion, Mia Farrow.
  • Jacob Allerhand (1930 - 2006) was a German-speaking Judaist. He taught from ([[1983) as an extraordinary professor at the university Vienna Judaistik and Hebraistik.
  • Jenny Aloni (1917-1993) born "Jenny Rosenbaum';she was a German-speaking Israeli author. She was the daughter of the businessman "Moritz Rosenbaum' and his wife "Henriette", born "Eichengrün'.
  • Jitzchak Meir Alter (approx. in 1798-1866) was chassidic Zaddik in Poland and the founder of the Ger dynasty.
  • Adolf Altmann (1879-1944) was a rabbi. From 1920 to 1938 he was an upper rabbi of Trier.
  • Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915) was a psychiatrist and neuro pathologist and described as the first a dementia illness which is called after him till this day Alzheimersche illness which leads to the Senility with entire passing of the memory. From 1912 he taught as a professor in [Breslau]] he university. He was a co-founder and publisher of the "magazine for the whole neurology and psychiatry". Alois Alzheimer was the oldest son from the second marriage of the notary public "Eduard Alzheimer" and his wife "Barbara Theresia Bush', a sister of the first wife who died in 1862, "Eva-Maria Bush'.
  • Mordechaj Anielewicz (1919-1943) was a member "socialist Zionist youth movement HaSchomer HaTzair'.
  • Leonore Annenberg Cohn (1918-2009), also known as "Lee Annenberg', was a multi-millionaire. Her husband Walter Annenberg was an ambassador for Great Britain (appointment in 1969). She served as chairperson and president in the "Anne's mountain endowment'. Annenberg family carried till 1980 the presidency election campaign of Ronald Reagan and was an adviser of the president.
  • Walter Annenberg (1908-2002) born "Walter Hubert Annenberg'; He was an US-American diplomat, publisher and art patron. He was the husband of "Leonore Annenberg Cohn" and son from Moses Annenberg.
  • Salomon Anski (1863-1920), actually, "Shlomo Sanwel of rap pop place', pseudonym "S. Ansky"; He was an author, journalist and ethnographer. "An-Ski' it is called general representant of the romantic Yiddish poetry. First he wrote in Russian, then Yiddish. As left revolutionar in Russia he emigrated in 1894 to Paris to return 1905. He wrote the poem "Der Schwur" which became the hymn of the Jewish-socialist "alliance" ("Allgemeyner Yidischer Arbeterbund in Lite, Polyn un Russia"). "An-Ski"'s best known work is "of The Dibbuk" with environment portrayals from the world of the chassidic Jewry.
  • Judd Apatow (1967-) is an US-American director, scriptwriter and producer who is commercially very successful since 2004 with Hollywood comedies ("the First time, do not tangle with Zohan, never again sex with the ex, As the life played so').
Leo Apotheker
  • Anne Applebaum (* 25th of July, 1964 in Washington D. C.) is a US American journalist whose work about the history East Europe and the communism were distinguished several times. Applebaum studied history and literature in the "Yale of university" and international relations in "London School of Economics". She began her journalistic work in 1988 as a correspondent of "The Economist-Warsaw. Her book "gulag" was distinguished in 2004 with the Pulitzer price. Anne Applebaum is married with the Polish foreign minister Rados"aw Sikorski and lives since 2006 in Poland. She was in spring, 2008 "Fellow-"American Academy-Berlin.
  • Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), actually, "Johanna Arendt"; She was a journalist and scholar as well as Zionist.
  • Micky Arison (1949-) is an Israeli-US-American enterpriser. He is a manager at the biggest cruise enterprise of the world, "Carnival of corporation" and owner of the basketball association Miami Heat in the professional league NBA. He is the son of the late "Carnival corporation " of founder, "Ted Arison" and his sister is "Shari Arison". Arison lives above all in Miami, Florida, he owns real estates in New York and Israel.
  • Ted Arison (1924-1999) he is the father of "Shari Arison" and "Micky Arison".
  • Shari Arison (1957-) is the sister of "Micky Arison" and daughter of "Ted Arison".
  • "Army of of lover" was a Jewish transsexual pop music group from Sweden. Jean-Pierre Barda (1967-), Dominika Peczynski (1971-).
  • Roland E. Arnall (1939-2008) was an US-American businessman and diplomat. He was the owner of the "holding companies ACC Capital" and became a multi-millionaire as great credit grantor ("Ameriquest Mortgage"). He was a co-founder "Simon Wiesenthal Center" and was from 2006 to shortly before his death the ambassador of the United States in the Netherlands.
  • Georg Arnhold (1859 - 1926) was a banker. He became 1881 owners of 1864, a Bank founded by his brother Max, which was called then "bank-house Brothers Arnhold" and was up to the Arianizing and takeover by Dresdner Bank in 1935 one of the leading Jewish private banks in the German Empire.
Estelle Getty, Beatrice Arthur (Golden Girls).
  • Beatrice "Bea" Arthur (1922 " 2009), actually, "Bernice Frankel"; She was US American actress, singer and actress. She became known above all by her role of "Dorothy Zbornak-the US TV serial "Golden Girls". Their brand names were her size (1.77 m) and her striking voice. She was married with the Jewish film manager Gene Saks from 1950 to 1978.
  • Ascher ben Jechiel (1250-1327), also under the name Ascheri and Rosch known, was a medieval Talmudist who lived in France, Germany and Spain.
  • Saul Ascher (1767-1822) was an author, translator and bookseller in Germany.
  • Léon Ashkénasi (1922 - 1996),known in France under the nickname "Manitou" , was a rabbi.
Edward Asner as a principal character of the US series "Lou Grant".
  • Edward Asner (1929-), actually, "Yitzhak Edward Asner", also "Ed Asner"; He is an US-American actor and film producer. As a principal character of the series "Lou Grant" he also became known to parts of the German television audience. Asner was chosen the chairperson the US film and television actor-trade union and is active as glowing Zionist. He received about one dozen of times the highest US-American television honourings, "Golden Globe" and the "Emmy". From 1959 to 1988 Asner with "Nancy Sykes" was married. Three children arose from the marriage, the twins Matthew and Liza as well as Kathryn. His son Charles comes from an affair with "Carol Jean Vogelman". Since 1998 Edward Asner is married in the second marriage with the actress "Cindy Gilmore".

  • Skylar Astin (1987-) of US-American actor ("Spring Awakening").
  • Aleida Assmann (1947-) anglist, egyptologist, "reminiscent research' and literature specialist and cultural scientist. [6] [7]
  • Mustafa Kemal, since 1934 Atatürk (1881-1938) is the founder of modern Turkey and was the first president after the First World War of the from the Osmanic Empire arisen "Republic Turkey ". (disputed, see talk)
  • Moran Atias (1981-) is a model born in Israel, TV presenter and actress.
  • Josef Aub (1804-1880) was a Jewish theologian and rabbi.
  • Walter Auerbach (1905-1975) was a high-powered German politician. He was a son of the Jewish trader "Aron Auerbach'. Walter Auerbach joined in 1923 to [SPD]. In the emigration (1933 Holland, in 1939 England) he pursued a "transmitter of the European revolution" which appealed for converting German empire in soviet-socialist sense. From 1957 brook Auer worked as an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Employment of Lower Saxony and from 1969 to 1971 in the Federal Ministry of work and social order.
  • Mili Avital (1972-) is an Israeli actress ("star gate, Dead One, The human flaw, Colombian Love").
  • Uri Avnery (1923-) born in Germany as "Helmut Ostermann'; journalist, author and peace activist.
  • George Axelrod (1922-2003) was an US-American scriptwriter, film producer and director. In 1961 under the direction of "Blake Edwards" after a novel of "Truman Capote created a Hollywood stripe "Breakfast at Tiffany's" ("breakfast with Tiffany") with "Audrey Hepburn-the leading role is the best known film to which George Axelrod has written the screenplay. Primarily he has become known as an author of (nearly 500) radio plays and television plays. With films like "How to Murder Your Wife" and "The Secret Life of an American Wife" he also worked as a director and producer. His stepson "Jonathan Axelrod" is appeared also as a scriptwriter, his daughter "Nina Axelrod" as an actress. [1]
  • Julius Axelrod (1912-2004) was an US-American pharmacologist and neuro chemist. In 1970 he received with "Ulf von Euler-Chelpin" and "Bernard Katz" the Nobel prize for medicine. His researches were pioneering for the understanding of the physiological and pharmakological meaning of education, storage, emission and dismantling of biogenic amine. He was from 1955 to 1984 a boss of the Pharmacologic department in the "Nationwide institute of Mentally Health-Bethesda (US federal state Maryland). Axelrod and the pharmacologist "Bernard Brodie" helped the drug "Paracetamol" to the breakthrough.
  • Jean-Luc Azoulay (1947-), also under the pseudonym "Jean-François Porry" known, is a French author, composer and television producer.


  • Wilhelm Bacher (1850-1913) was a theologian, orientalist, linguist, Talmudist, literary historian and lexicographer. He was a descendant of Ja'ir Chajim Bacharach and son of the Hebrew writer and translator's Simon Bacher.
  • Samuel Bäck (1841-1899) was a Hebrew scholar. He was since 1872 rabbi in Prague.
  • Hermann Baden (1883-1962) was a president of the association of Jewish municipalities in the GDR.
Robert Badinter
  • Robert BADINTER (1928-) is a French lawyer and member of Parliament. As Minister of Justice under President François MITTERRAND, in 1981, he advocated for the abolition of capital punishment and had it voted by parliament (without resorting to referendum). He is a prominent freemason, member of B'naï B'rith. His wife, Elizabeth, writes feminist books. They have three children.
  • Leo Baeck (1873 - 1956) was a rabbi and one of the most important representatives of the Jewry till the Germany in the 20th century. He was a son of the rabbi "BohrSamuel Baeck" (1834-1912)
  • Samuel Baeck (1834-1912) was a rabbi and historian. He was the father of Leo Baeck (1873-1956).
  • Karl M. Baer (1885-1956) pseudonym N.O. Body; He is an Israeli author, social worker and Zionist was in Germany. Initially in Baers names stands for his original given name "Martha". As far as official purposes required an explanation of the Initials, however, Bear gave always the given name "Max".
Egon Bahr SPD Party Congress in 1978
  • Egon Bahr (1922-) is a SPD party official. He was from 1972 to 1974 Federal Minister for special duties (hence, in the vernacular "Sonder-Bahr"= strange) and from 1974 to 1976 Federal Minister for economic cooperation.
  • Bahya ibn Paquda was a Jewish morality philosopher in the first half of the 11th century.
Josephine Baker
"La revue of the Revues-1927
  • Josephine Baker (1906-1975) born as "Freda Josephine McDonald", was a dancer, singer and actress. Swarthy Josephine Bakers had a Jewish father from old rabbi's family. From 1925 she also became known in Europe as a "dancer with the banana belt" (her only "clothing piece" by her presentations). She became an "attraction of the Paris Folies Bérgère and the casino de Paris". In 1937 she accepted the French citizenship.
  • Hugo Egon Balder (1950-) comedian, producer (Jewish mother).
  • Justin Baldoni (1984-) of [US-American] actor ("Everwood").
  • Rudi Ball (1910-1975) Hockey-Spieler from Germany.
  • Ludwig Bamberger (1823 - 1899) was a banker and politician. He was a representative of the German liberalism of the Empire's foundation time. From a Jewish banker's family coming, he belonged in 1870 to the founders Deutschen bank. In the early 1870s years was Bamberger one of the most important finance politicians. He was involved in the foundation of the imperial bank and considered as a "father of the coin reform and the German mark".
  • Willy Bambus (1862 or 1863-1904) sometimes also: "Willi Bambus"; he was a leading Berlin representative Chowewe-Zion (follower of the Jewish resettlement Palästinas) still before Herzl. He also acted as a political author.
  • Alma del Banco (1862-1943) was a paintress in Germany.
  • Jean-Pierre Barda (1967-) was a member of the "Army of of lovers", it was a Jewish transsexual pop music group from Sweden.
  • Roseanne Barr (1952-) is a US-American comedienne, actress, author and producer. She was multiple Hollywood prizewinner (TV productions "Roseanne, The Roseanne Show, The Roseanne Barr Show" and films like "Look sometimes who speaks there, The devil").
  • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (1988-) Canadian actress ("Degrassi: The Next Generation")
  • Jakob Barth (1851-1914) was a Jewish orientalist in Germany.
  • Chanoch Bartow (1926-) is an Israeli author and journalist.
  • Nir Barkat (1959-) is a israeli businessman and politician. He was chosen on the 11th of November, 2008 the mayor of Jerusalem and assumed his office on the 3rd of December, 2008.
Winston Churchill and Bernard Baruch, 14th of April, 1961.
Fritz Bauer
  • Janina Bauman (1926-) Autorin from Poland. The father of Janina Bauman was a surgeon and was arrested as a Polish officer by the Soviets in 1939 and was murdered in Katyn. She is married with the Jew Zygmunt Bauman.
  • Zygmunt Bauman (1925-) is a sociologist and philosopher from Poland. He is married with the Jewish author Janina Bauman.
  • Jurek Becker (1937-1997) born in Poland; He was a German-speaking author, scriptwriter.
  • Max Becker (1900-1972) Vater of "Jurek Becker"; employee, authorised attorney in a textile factory.
  • Amalie Beer (1767 - 1854) was a Salonière in Berlin and mother the composer Jacob "Giacomo" Meyerbeer. She was a daughter of the banker and forwarding agency enterpriser Liepmann Meyer Wulff (1745-1812) and of Esther, born Bamberger (1740-1822). In 1788 she married the Jewish sugar manufacturer Jacob Herz Beer (1769-1825).
  • Heinrich Beer (1794-1842) Son of Amalie Beer.
  • Jacob Herz Beer (1769 " 1825) sugar manufacturer, was the husband of Amalie Beer.
  • Michael Beer (1800-1833) son of Amalie Beer. He was an author.
  • Wilhelm Wolff Beer (1797 - 1850) was a banker, astronomer, officer and manager of the Potsdam inhabitants of Leipzig railway company. He was a son of Jakob Herz Beer and Amalie Beer, and a brother the composer Jacob "Giacomo" Meyerbeer.
  • Menachem Begin (1913 - 1992) Zionist, Nobel peace prize bearer, as well as mass murderer in Palestine (Deir Yassin). He was a Prime Minister and foreign minister of Israel.
  • Louis Begley (1933-) born "Ludwig Beglejter"; He is an US American author of Polish-Jewish origin. Since 1974 he is married in the second marriage with the author and historian Anka Muhlstein.
  • Alex Bein
  • Neta Bell silver, model.
  • David Benioff (* 1970 in New York City) is an US-american Author. Since September 2006 is Benioff married with the Jewish actress, Amanda Peet, they have a daughter (* 2007).
  • Shlomo Benizri (1961-) is an Israeli politician and member of the Schas party. He was between 1992 and 2008 acting as health minister, late minister for health as well as employment minister and social minister. Schlomo Benizri became criminal in 2009, for the acceptance of bribes, deception and impediment of the justice, convicted to a four-year-old imprisonment. [8]
  • Erich Benjamin
Hilde Benjamin
  • Hilde Benjamin (1902 - 1989) born "Hilde Lange"; She was Minister of Justice DDR. In 1926 she married the communist official Georg Benjamin, the brother of the link belletrist Walter Benjamin. In 1932 her son Michael Benjamin was born. After the invasion red army her career began as the ""uppermost state terrorist in Central Germany" ". Because of her crude administration in key positions of the GDR "justice" Hilde Benjamin received the epithet "red guillotine", "Red Hilde" or "Bloody Hilde-the vernacular. She was the president of the court in numerous show processes which ended with the promulgation of the capital punishment. [9]
  • Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) of born "Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin"; pseudonyms: "Benedix Schönflies, Detlef Holz"; He was a German-speaking philosopher, society theorist, literary critic and translator. He was a brother-in-law of the posttimes chief accuser and "Minister of Justice of the GDR", Hilde Benjamin (called "red guillotine") and cousin from Gertrud Kolmar and Günther Anders. Walter Benjamin was the son of the art auctioneer "Emil Benjamin" (1856-1926) and his wife "Pauline" (1869-1930) (born "Schönflies").
  • Elazar Benyoëtz (1937-) born "Paul Koppel'; He is an Israeli aphorist and lyricist.
  • Oliver Berben (1971-) is a German Jewish director and film producer. He is a son of Iris Berben and the Israeli singer "Abraham Reichstadt' who became known under the pseudonym Abi Ofarim.
  • John Bercow (1963-) is a British parliamentary president, so-called "Speaker" of the House of Commons "House of Commons" since June, 2009. Bercow has no quite white waistcoat. He has paid no capital tax on a flat and has paid his tax adviser with public funds. [10] He has three children Oliver, Freddie and Jemima.
  • Boris Berezovsky (1964-) ex-oligarch in Russia, enterpriser. In June, 2006 Beresowki appealed for the forcible fall of the government Putin. With it he got a rebuke of the British foreign minister at that time Jack Straw. [11] Beresowski Still called guerrilla warfare in April, 2007 during an interview with "Guerrilla warfare" once more to a forcible coup of the Russian government on. [12] on the same day these statements he saw things in relative terms with an explanation after which he supports no bloody methods, although in a democratic way changes can not to be reached. [13]
Justin Tyler Berfield
  • Justin Berfield (1986-) American film / TV actor ("On bad and forever, Cosmo and Wanda " If elves help, Malcolm right in the middle").
  • Julia Berg, born "Lilienfeld', later Feininger; She was the wife of "Lyonel of Charles Adrian Feininger" (1871-1956); artist.
  • Ludwig Berger (1777 - 1839) was a German-speaking composer, pianist and piano pedagogue.
  • Heinz Berggruen (1914 - 2007) was one of the most important German-speaking art collectors of the 20th century, journalist, author, art dealer, gallery owner and patron. After his emigration in 1936 in the USA, he returned after sixty years again to Germany and left in a "gesture of the reconciliation" to the city of Berlin for a low price his valuable painting collection. Above all because of this gesture one appointed Berggruen in 2004 in a ceremony to the honour citizen of Berlin.
  • John Berggruen, owner of the gallery Berggruen (John Berggruen Gallery) in San Francisco. He is the son of the art dealer and collector Heinz Berggruen. His brother, Olivier Berggruen, is curator of the "Schirn arts centre of Frankfurt-Frankfurt am Main.

  • Nicolas Berggruen (approx. 1962-) sons of art dealer Heinz Berggruen; He is an art dealer, art collector, real estate investor is ("an alpha investment management"), president and founder of the "Berggruen holding companies". He is known as a multi-multi-millionaire (more than 3 "billions $ ") [14] and for his eccentric life style. [15] Nicolas is one of the two sons of the father's second wife, Mrs. Bettina Moissi. To the brothers of Nicholas belongs John Berggruen, owner of "John Berggruen Gallery-San Francisco and Olivier Berggruen, curator of the exhibition in the arts centre of Schirn in Frankfurt. Nicolas Berggruen wants one "contemporary museum financed by the German state" for his collections / Gallery. It should originate in a "great architecture on the Alexander's place, on the Spree or at the airport Tempelhof". [16] Germany had already used quite often by buyings and preservation, for family Berggruen collections, milliards from DM/euros (museum Berggruen). [17]
  • Olivier Berggruen, he is the son of the art dealer and collector Heinz Berggruen.
  • Emmy Bergmann
  • Gretel Bergmann (Margaret Bergmann-Lambert; * 12th of April, 1914 in Laupheim) is a former track and field athlete (high-jumper). She lives since 1937 in the USA.
  • Hugo Bergman (1883-1975) of German-speaking Zionist, cultural philosopher, one of the "fathers" of the Jewish national library and university library.
  • Lotte Berk (1913 - 2003) dancer and health teacher.
  • Hans Berliner, post chess world champion from Germany.
  • Fjodor Berman, Chairman of the Board of BLRT. (Estonian shipbuilding company)
  • Curtis Bernhardt (1899-1981) born ones "Kurt Bernhardt"; he was an American director, German origin.
  • Aaron Bernstein (1812-1884) Pseudonym "A. Rebenstein'; he was a German-speaking Jewish author and a co-founder of the so-called reform Jewry in Berlin. One of his sons was the physiologist Julius Bernstein. The social democrat Eduard Bernstein was his nephew.
  • Carl Bernstein (1944-) is a US American journalist. He uncovered together with Bob Woodward as a reporter of [Washington Post] the background of the Watergate affair. "Mark Felt, the informant of 'Washington Post' in the Watergate affair. The former FBI vice-head had to recognise himself only in 2005 than that mysterious man given who gave important instructions to the scandal around the US-president Richard Nixon to the reporters Carl Bernstein and Rob Woodward. 'Deep Throat' was the pseudonym which had given him the newspaper at that time in her reporting."
  • Julius Bernstein (1839-1917) was a German-speaking physiologist and confidential senior medical officer. Bernstein was oldest from seven children of the journalist and co-founder of the Berlin Jewish reform municipality Aaron Bernstein (1812-1884). His oldest son was the mathematician Felix Bernstein.
  • Felix Bernstein (1878-1956) was a German-speaking mathematician. He is a son of the physiologist Julius Bernstein.
  • Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) born as "Louis Bernstein'; He was an US-American composer, conductor and pianist of Russian-Jewish descent.
"Family meeting: The governing mayor of the Hanseatic town Hamburg, Ole of Beust (CDU, l.), talks during the transfer of the stumbling blocks in June, 2006 for his relatives died during the national socialism before the former family house in the Mecklenburg Lübtheen to his great cousin Helmut Wolff (r)."
  • Ole von Beust, "Carl Friedrich Arp Ole Freiherr von Beust" (1955-) politicians, mayors of Hamburg, the first vice president of the Bundesrat.
  • Bielski brothers - Tuvia, Asael and Zusja Bielski were in the 1940s existing "rough robbers-Poland who joined in the Second World War to the scattered Soviet associations, so-called partisans which kept themselves hidden in the East-Polish woods. By predatory attacks and murders of the civil population (massacre of Naliboki) in the surroundings they led there a "luxurious life".
  • Aenne Biermann (1898-1933) born "Anna Sibylla Sternefeld'; She was a German-speaking photographer. Anna Sibylla Sternefeld was born as the third child of a Jewish manufacturer's family. In 1920 she married Herbert Biermann, a son of the also Jewish department store owner Max Biermann (-1922). The pair had two children.
  • Wolf Biermann (1936-) is a German-speaking singer-songwriter and lyricist. He had been expatriated in 1976 because of instigation of the people from Central Germany (the GDR). His father was an activist of Stalinist GCP, he pursued sabotage in Hamburg. Wolf Biermann is a foster father of singer Nina Hagen.
  • Theodore Bikel (1924-) is a singer and actor. Bikels career began in 1951 with a minor role in Hollywood film "The African of queen". In Austria born, he lived in Israel, England and him [the USA] and speaks six languages. Bikel was a vice president "American Jewish Congress".
  • Bruce Bilson (1928-) is an US-American director, film producer and scriptwriter. Bilsons family is active even today in the "show -business'. Thus he is a father of the director "Danny Bilson" and grandfather with O.C., California co-operating "Rachel Bilson". He himself is a son of "George Bilson" and "Hattie Bilson".
Rachel Sarah Bilson ("My wild daughters")
  • Rachel Bilson (1981-) US-american actress ("O.C., California, my wild daughters, Buffy -the ban of the demons, The wild seventyeth-year'). She is a daughter of "Danny Bilson" and "Janice" (born "Stango").
  • Thora Birch (1982-) American film / television actress ("American Beauty, Ghost World").
Universal Music.png
Chris Blackwell, Amy Winehouse
  • Chris Blackwell (1937-) is a music producer, known as a founder of "Island Records". In Jamaica and England he produced Jamaican pop music, jazz and rock music. In 1989 sold Blackwell the music production to "A&M Records" and separated himself in 1997 completely from her. In 2001 Blackwell was taken up in the category "Non-Performers-the "rock and Rolling sound of Fame". In January, 2003 she merged with many German music production plants, like Universally Music Germany, engine Music, Urbane / Def Jam to the engine Urbane Def Jam, and Polydor Records together with Iceland Mercury Labelgroup to Polydor Iceland Group. In 2004, then these departments were folded up and restructured to universal Music Germany, so that there are only two departments in it: "Universal Music Domestic Division" and the "Universally Music Internationally division".
Stilkritiker, Richard Blackwell
  • Richard Blackwell (1922-2008) born "Richard Sylvan Selzer"; he was an US-American style critic who was earlier active also as fashion designer.
  • Camille Bloch (1891-1970) Switzerland; chocolate manufacturer.
  • Ernest Bloch (1880-1959) Switzerland; composer.
  • Felix Bloch (1905-1983) Switzerland; physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate.
  • Karola Bloch
  • Rolf Bloch
  • Rose Bloch-Bollag (1880-1922) Switzerland; pioneer of the labour movement.
Michael Rubens Bloomberg
  • Michael Bloomberg (1942-) is a US-American businessman, media enterpriser (Bloomberg TV) and mayor of "New York of city". He belongs to the richest men of the world, his property is estimated currently at 11.5 milliard US dollars. [18] Bloomberg supported to rebuild the collapsed World Trade centre in New York after the plans of the Jewish architect Libeskind.
  • Aage Niels Bohr (1922-2009) was a Danish physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate of the university of Copenhagen. He was the son of "Niels Bohr' (1885-1962). For his work researching the atoms he received in 1975 the Nobel prize. Bohr had dealt above all with the particle movement in nuclear cores. Aage Bohr was not the first Nobel Prize Laureate in the family: Already in 1922 his father Niels had received the honouring also for work in the atomic research. [19]
  • Harald Bohr (1887-1951) was a Danish mathematician. He was the son of the Danish physiologist "Christian Bohr', his brother was the physicist "Niels Bohr' (1885-1962).
  • Niels Bohr (1885-1962) was a Danish physicist. He received the Nobel prize for physics in 1922 "for his merits around the investigation of the structure of the atoms and the radiation going out from them". The father of Niels Bohr, "Christian Bohr', professor was for physiology, his mother Ellen (born Adler) was descended from a Jewish family. Niels Bohr brother was the mathematician "Harald Bohr' (1887-1951).
  • Max G. Bollag (1913-2005) Switzerland; art dealer and Gallery owner.
  • Léon Blum (1872-1950) a lawyer, author, politician and several times was (between 1936 and 1950) in France a prime minister.
  • Salomon Blumenau
  • Jonah Bobo (1997-) US-american Film-actor ("Around the Bend", "Zathura").
  • Annette M. Böckler
  • Luc Bondy (1948-) is a Swiss director. Bondy comes from a Jewish theatrical family and belletrist family; he is the son of the literary critic François Bondy; his grandfather was the author and script editor Fritz Bondy (aka N.O.Scarpi). Luc Bondy was a theatrical manager of the Viennese festival from 1998-2013 and is a director of the Viennese festival since 2001. [20]
  • Immanuel ben Jacob Bonfils
of Helena Bonham Carter
  • Helena Bonham Carter (1966-), actress, attained fame for her role as a "Marla to Singer' in the film "Fight Club".
  • Gerhard Bonnier (1778-1862), bookseller
  • Adolf Bonnier (1806-1867), bookseller
  • Albert Bonnier (1820-1900), publisher
  • David Felix Bonnier, published the newspaper "Göteborgs-Posten" from 1859. [21]
  • Eva Bonnier (1855-1907), painter
  • Karl Otto Bonnier (1856-1941), publisher
  • Gate Bonnier (1883-1976), publisher
  • Åke Bonnier (1886-1979), publisher
  • Joakim Bonnier (1930-1972), formula one Driver
  • Lukas Bonnier (1922-2006), publisher
  • Jonas Bonnier (1963-), authors
  • Victor Borge (1909-2000), actually, "Børge Rosenbaum'; He was a pianist and comedian.
  • Chasia Bornstein-Bielicka
  • Dov Ber Borochov (1881-1917) socialist and Zionist, co-founder of the world association of "Poale Zion".
  • Elie Borowski
  • Bostanai
  • Reuben Brainin
  • Joel Brand (1906-1964) born in Transsylvania, lived in Germany. Zionist Jew. The USA expelled him because of communist activities. Unsuccessfull mediator between the SS and th Jewish Agency in 1944. He died in Germany.
  • Henry G. Brandt (1927-) born "Heinz Georg Brandt"; He is a rabbi. In 1994 the Protestant department of the Philipps university of Marburg Henry G. Brandt lent the honourary doctorate. For his groundbreaking function in the Jewish-Muslim dialogue the endowment central institute of Islam archive Germany distinguished him in 2005 with the Muhammad-Nafi-Tschelebi-Preis. He should be with it the first rabbi who has received an Islamic honouring. The union of progressive Jews in Germany lent on the 12th of July, 2007 in Berlin Henry Brandt, together with Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich (Basel) and the land rabbi of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania William Wolff, her Israel Jacobson price. On the 2nd of March, 2008 Federal President Horst Köhler lent the Federal Service Cross 1st class to Henry G. Brandt. Henry G. Brandt had joined in 1962 to the Freemason alliance.
  • Louis Brandeis (1856-1941) was a lawyer and the first Jew as a judge in the uppermost court of law him USA. He ruined the American judicial system.
  • Markus Brann
Pinkas brown (1923-2008)
  • Pinkas brown (1923-2008) was a Swiss theatrical actor, film actor and television actor, theatrical director as well as translator and speaker in hearing books.
  • Frédéric Brenner
  • Josef Chaim Brenner
  • Harry Bresslau
  • Isaac Breuer
  • Bernhard Brilling
  • Julius Brodnitz, was chairperson in "central association of German citizen of Jewish faith" (1920-1936)
Adrien Brody ("The pianist")
  • Adrien Brody (1973-) of [US-American] actors ("The pianist, King Kong, The Hollywood conspiracy"). He is an Oscar prize-winner and the only Hollywood actor who could win French "Cesar Award".
  • Arnolt Bronnen (1895-1959), actually, "Arnold Bronner", with pseudonym "A. H. Schelle-Noetzel" was an author, theatrical author and director. He was a son of the Jewish dramatist coming from Auschwitz "Ferdinand Bronner".
  • Ferdinand Bronner (1867-1948), dramatist. He was the father of Arnolt Bronnen.
  • Gerhard Bronner (1922-2007) was a composer, author, musician and revue artiste. His oldest son Oscar Bronner is the founder and publisher of the newspaper "The standard". Bronner was married three times, in the second marriage with the actress Bruni Löbel. All together Gerhard Bronner had four children: beside Oscar still Felix (pianist), David (pop music producer) and Vivien (television producer and screenplay adviser).
  • Oscar Bronner (1943-) sons of the revue artiste Gerhard Bronner, founder of the Austrian news magazines "trend" and "profil", as well as publisher of the Austrian newspaper he also founded "The Standard".
Mel Brooks in February, 1984
  • Patrick Bruel (1959-) by birth "Maurice Benguigui"; He is a French-speaking singer and actor from Algeria. After a French decree in 2003 Patrick Bruel might officially accept the name Patrick Bruel-Benguigui.
  • Micha Brumlik (1947-) is an educationalist and so-called "anti-Semitism (researcher) ". He was born in Switzerland and lives since 1952 in Deutschland.
  • Gerd Bucerius (1906-1995) was a German-speaking publisher and politician (CDU). He was a founder "ZEIT". Jewish descent through his grandmother. He was married with the Jew Detta Goldschmidt (1910-1970).
  • Harry Buckwitz (1904-1987) was a half Jewish an actor and theatrical director. He became known above all by his Brecht stagings worldwide.
  • Robert J. Büchler (1929-2009) was a Holocaust historian. Robert Büchler had dealt with the history of the child block of Buchenwald. He had come in January, 1945 at the age of 15 years to the concentration camp. There he was accommodated together with other children and youngsters in the child block 66. Büchler fled by a transfer of the block and lived first in Slovakia. In 1949 he emigrated to Israel where he dealt with the investigation of the Shoa. He died in Israel at the age of 80 years. [22]
  • Tamara Bunke (1937-1967) called "Tania la Guerrillera", became known as a fighter in the guerrilla warfare troop around "Che Guevara-Bolivia.
  • Meno Burg
  • Arthur F. Burns (1904-1987) born "Arthur Bernstein'; he was an US-American economist and diplomat. "The grey Eminence of the US politics after 1945", was from 1970 to 1978 president him US issuing bank.
  • Amanda Bynes (1986-) US star and former actress on the US TV transmitter of "Nickelodeon" ("She's the Man, Sydney White").


  • Lizzy Caplan (1982-) US-American film / TV actress ("let's go out of Orange County, True Blood, Mean Girls, Cloverfield").
  • Oskar Cassel
  • Paulus Stephanus Kassel
  • Paul Cassirer
  • Safra A. Catz (1961-) is an US-American manager. Catz became in 1997 the manager of the investment bank "Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette". Since April, 1999 she is with Oracle, since October, 2001 member of the board of directors. In 2004 she became a president of the company, in November, 2005 "Chief Financial Officer" of the "Oracle of corporation".
  • James Cayne (1934-) is an US-American businessman, former CEO of Bear Stearns (1993-2008, "bankruptcy boss' [23]) and bridge player. After the loss by chance of a "billion of dollar" pure property ("James Cayne is the richest man in Wall Street "[24] from the breakdown of Bear Stearns, his whole participation in the enterprise for 61 million US $. [25]
  • Cerf Beer
  • David Cerný (1967-) is a sculptor living in Czechia ("Degenerated art"). [26]
  • Zwi Perez Chajes
  • Sydney Chaplin (1926-2009) born "Sydney Earle Chaplin "; he was an US-American actor. Sydney Chaplin got never so well known as his father Charlie, he was one of a total of eleven Chaplin children. However, as a theatrical actor and musical actor he celebrated results. In the Broadway he was a famed actor: In 1956 he received the popular Tony-Award for his role in the musical 'Bells are ringing' with Judy Holliday and Barbra Streisand. But also in films of his father he was to be seen; among the rest, in 'Footlights' and 'The countess of Hong Kong'. [27]
  • Elior Chen (1979-) alias "Eliyahu Abuhazira" or ". Elior Noam Hen"; He is a Kabbalist who became known because of religiously motivated maltreatment and torture of children of his followers.
  • Chaim Chissin
  • Michail Chodorkowski (1963-) monopolist, enterpriser in Russia. Chordorkowski was one of the Hauptprofiteure of wild west capitalism of the 1990s in Yeltsin's Russia. In 2003 negotiated Chodorkowski also about the potentially biggest business of the Russian history. "Exxon", biggest (Jewish) oil group of the world, 40% should take over in "Yukos Oil". [28]
  • Aaron Chorin
  • Netti Christensen
  • Albert Cohen (1895-1981) Switzerland; author.
  • Hermann Cohen (1842-1918) was a German-speaking philosopher. He was " together with Paul Natorp "a school head of the Marburg Neukantianism, but he is also known as as one of the most important representatives of the Jewish philosophy in the 20th century.
  • Leonard Cohen (1934-) is an author, composer and singer in Canada.
  • Matt Cohen (1982-) US-American film / TV actor.
Harry Cohn was a founder and president from "Columbia Pictures".
Sacha Baron Cohen in Cologne
  • Schlomo Cohen, Israeli ambassador in Venezuela, was dismissed to Israel after Istrael's attacks in Gaza with several embassy employees there. [30]
  • Arthur Cohn, Switzerland; film producer.
  • Willy Cohn
  • Abraham Cooper
  • David Copperfield (1956-) born "David Seth Kotkin"; He is an American Illusionist. Till the middle of the 90s Copperfield was known in Germany only to one small audience, because the American Christmas-specials were not emitted in the prime time of ARD but mostly only in the third programmes. Overnight only within the scope of a PR campaign extravagantly orchestrated by the private transmitter RTL Copperfield also became in the German language area an outreaching media star. Like at that time Houdini'a who had achieved his breakthrough also in Germany. The German model Claudia Schiffer was engaged for two years (image campaign) long with the conjurer Copperfield. Copperfield is currently accused , to have have threatened and raped a 21-year-old woman on July, 2007 two days long on his private island on the Bahamas
  • Michael Creizenach
  • Adolphe Crémieux
  • Martin van Creveld (1946-) is an Israeli military historian and military theorist. Several of van Crevelds to works belong as only ones of a contemporary foreign author to the duty reading of US-American officers.
  • Flora cross (1993") of US-American actress ("Bee Season").
  • Michael Curtis, Kertész Kaminer in Hungary born US director, *1888-1962
  • Arthur Czellitzer
  • Adam Czerniaków


  • Urmila Devi Dasi, American
  • Lionel Davidson (1922-2009) was considered as one of the best British authors of thrilling fiction novels. He worked in the London offices of the magazine "Spectator" as a messenger boy. Later he joined of the "Keystone Pressing agency". During the Second World War he was with the submarine service royal Navy. With his novel 'Wenzel's Night' the son of immigrant Jewish (tailors) won in the beginning of the 1960s several literary prizes. However, beside spy novels he also wrote child literature. Titles like 'The rose of Tibet' and 'Death in Chelsea' belong to his books. [31]
Michael Degen
  • Michael Max Degen (1932-) Theatre and movie actor ("Babij Jar, not everybody was a murderer").
  • Paula Dehmel (* 31st of December, 1862 in Berlin as "Paula Oppenheimer"; " 9th of July, 1918 in Berlin-Steglitz) was an author. She wrote poems and fairy tales for children, is the sister of "Franz Oppenheimer" and from 1889 to 1898 she was married with the writer "Richard Dehmel". She was the daughter of "Julius Oppenheimer".
Michael Dell, founder of the worldwide second largest PC manufacturer.
  • Michael Saul Dell (1965-) is an US-American enterpriser (His fortune: 14.5 milliards US dollar) and founder of the worldwide second largest PC manufacturer "Dell Inc". Michael Dell is married since 1989 with "Susan Lieberman", a fashion designer who has founded the fashion brand "Phi".
  • Rebecka Dirichlet, to born "Mendelssohn' (* 11th of April, 1811 in Hamburg; " 1st of December, 1858 in Goettingen), granddaughter of "Moses Mendelssohn", daughter of "Abraham' and "Lea Mendelssohn' (Bartholdy) and younger sister of the musician and composer "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" and "Fanny Hensel". It was married with the mathematician "Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet".
  • Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) novel writer and two times British prime minister.
  • Esther Dischereit
  • Danielius Dolskis
  • Lucie Domeier
Michael Douglas: "Avarice feels well. Avarice is right. Avarice is healthy. It has made America big and will be our rescue."
  • Ruth Dreifuss (1940-) the first Swiss Federal President.
Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935)
  • Barney Dreyfuss, sport Germany.
  • Sabine Simkhovitch-Dreyfus, vice president of the Swiss Israelite local alliance.
  • Minnie Maria Dronke (* 17th of July, 1904 in Berlin as "Minnie Kronfeld'; " 28th of August, +1987 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand; pseudonym: "Minnie Korten") was an actress. In New Zealand she also worked as a theatrical pedagogue and director. She was the only daughter of the lawyer "Salomon", called as "Sally Kronfeld' from Thorn, lawyer in Berlin since 1894, royal Counsellor of Justice and notary public, and his wife "Laura", daughter of the Cologne commerce-officials and town delegate "Benjamin Liebmann'. Her brother was the psychiatrist "Arthur Kronfeld' (1886-1941).
  • Bob Dylan (1941-) born "Robert Allen Zimmerman"; He is an US-American folk musician and rock musician, painter and writer.


  • Abba Eban (1915-2002) Zionist, Israeli top diplomat, minister and Knesseth-delegated.
  • Rolf Eden (1930-) German-speaking businessman, night club owner, selfactor - calls himself as the "last German playboy [32]
  • Marek Edelman (1922 - 2009) also "Marek Edelmann' written, his exact date of birth is argumentative; was in 1943 a commander of Warsaw Ghetto. Edelman worked after the Second World War as a cardiologist in Lodz. He was involved in the trade union of "Solidarnosc" and sat some years as a representative in the Polish parliament. [33] after the system change in Poland in 1989 exerted himself for Aids sick people and Gypsies. [34]
  • Ilya Grigorjewitsch Ehrenburg (1891 - 1967) of Soviet authors and journalist. In Germany he remained above all because of his anti-German death-agitation as a propagandist red army in recollection. In the FRG a street was named after him, and also in Rostock.
  • Paul Ehrlich (1854 - 1915) was a German born chemist, doctor, Serologe and immunologist. He is considered with his researches as a founder of the chemotherapy and developed a medicinal treatment against syphilis as first. Moreover, he was involved in the development of the serum against diphtheria. In 1908 he received together with Ilya Iljitsch Metschnikow the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine for the grounding of the immunology. On the beginning of the 90s on 200-DM notes brought in circulation one saw the portrait of Paul Ehrlich.
  • Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898 - 1995) photographer of "Times", known by the photo "The kiss" from August, 1945. [36]
  • Buddy Elias (1925-) is an actor. He is a cousin from Anne Frank and ladder of the Anne Frank fund resident in Basel (Switzerland).
  • Lawrence Ellison (1944-) called "Larry Ellison"; He is founder and president (CEO) of the US-software group Oracle and is at the moment (state: March, 2009) on place 4 among the richest people of the world (His fortune: 27 milliards US dollar).
  • Norbert Elias (1897-1990) was a sociologist, philosopher and German-speaking writer, with British citizenship. He was a person of the zionism.
  • Rahm Emanuel (1959-) a US-American politician of the democratic party and currently chief of staff of the White House is under US-president Barack Obama. The "chief of staff" determines what comes to the president on the table and who is let go in front in the oval office. In his youth Emanuel finished an education in the ballet dancer, then graduated, however, in the field communication in "Northwestern University". During of the second gulf war he served as civil volunteer on a base of the Israeli armed forces. [37]. His father Binyamin comes from Jerusalem, he had fought at the time of the Israel conquest war in 1947 in the Zionist underground movement Irgun. [37]. Rahm has two brothers. Ari Emanuel is active in the film branch in Hollywood and Emanuels older brother Ezekiel J. Emanuel, is manager of a biochemistry enterprise as cancer researcher and biomoral philosopher. [38]
  • Adolph Engel de Jánosi
  • Josef Engel de Jánosi
Space ship Enterprise with William Shatner (James T. Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (mister Spock), Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) (see at "Koenig")


Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg
Fed central bank bosses Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn
  • Schem-Tov ibn Falaquera
  • Peter Falk (1927-) is a US-American actor and film producer who became known above all by the leading role in the crime film series "Inspector Columbo".
  • David Farbstein (1868-1953) was the first Jewish National Assembly in Switzerland.
  • Karl Farkas (*28. October 1893 in Vienna; †16. May 1971 Vienna) he was an actor and cabaret performer.
  • Hirsch Baer Fassel
  • Raimund Fastenbauer
  • Raymond Federman (1928-2009) is a French-American author and scholar. Last Federman lived in "San of Diego", California. To his best known books count "Everything or Nothing", "The voice in the cupboard" and "Eat or Dying".
  • Gertrud Feiertag
  • Sigi Feigel (1921-2004) Switzerland; lawyer and "fighter against the racism".
  • Konrad Feilchenfeldt, Switzerland; literature specialist.
  • Anna Feingold
  • Andreas Bernhard Lyonel Feininger (1906-1999) was a photographer and son of the painter "Lyonel of Charles Adrian Feininger" (1871-1956).
  • Berthold Feiwel
  • Donna Feldman (1982-) US-American model and actress.
Comedian Marty Feldman
  • Victor Fenigstein, Switzerland; composer and piano pedagogue.
  • Lion Feuchtwanger (1884 - 1958) was a German-speaking author.
  • Peter Finkelgruen (1942-) is a broadcasting company editor, correspondent and author. Peter Finkelgruen was born in Shanghai, visited the elementary school in Prague till 1951 and emigrated after the death of his mother together with his grandmother to Israel where he filed eight years later in from the "Church of Scotland" controlled "Tabeetha School", "Jaffa" the graduation examination. In the same year Peter Finkelgruen and his grandmother moved to the [the Federal Republic of Germany] where he studied political science, sociology and history first in Freiburg in the Breisgau, later in Cologne and Bonn. [39]
Carrie Fisher ("war of the stars")
  • Carrie Fisher (1956-) US-American actresses and author. She became known as a princess "Leia" by the "starling Wars episodes produced during the 1977-1983 years' 4-6 ("war of the stars").
  • Jael Botsch-Fitterling, chairpersons of the "society for Christian-Jewish cooperation-Berlin.
  • Edmond Fleg (1874-1963) Schweiz; French author of Swiss origin.
  • Dorothee Fliess
  • Harrison Ford (1942-) of US-American actor ("war of the stars, Indiana Jones I-IV, Blade Runner").
  • Virginia Fox (1902-1982) was an US-American actress who played in many silent films of the 1910s and 1920s. She was married for more than thirty years with the film producer Darryl F. Zanuck, with them she had 3 children, one of them Richard D. Zanuck. She was the daughter of the film producer William Fox, who founded the 20th Century-Fox enterprise in 1915.
  • Julia Franck (1970-) is a German-speaking author. She still has an uniovular twin sister. The parents are the actress Anna Katharina Franck and director Jürgen Sehmisch. Julia Franck is a granddaughter of the sculptor Ingeborg Hunzinger and old old granddaughter of the painter Philipp Franck. [40] Julia Franck got in 2007 for her Holocaust novel "Die Mittagsfrau" the "German book price'. [41]
  • Anne Frank (1929-1945) born "Anneliese Marie Frank "; she was the protagonist of a recollection held on in diary form, rememberance of [the Holocaust] - imagination. She was the daughter of the Jewish businessman "Otto Frank".
  • Felix Frankfurter (1882-1965) was a Jewish lawyer and judge in the uppermost court of law him USA.
  • Clement Raphael Freud (1924-2009) was a grandson of the Pyschoanalytikers Sigmund Freud. The British author and politician was also "Rover 800er" owner.
  • Lucian Michael Freud (1922-) was a brother of Clement Raphael Freud. The British artist became known above all as an annotator on radio and television. Moreover, he sat for 14 years in the parliament of the United Kingdom.
  • Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939) born "Sigismund Schlomo Freud"; He was a doctor and depth psychologist who attained fame as a founder of the psychoanalysis and as a religious critic. Still today his theories and methods are discussed controversially.
Amelie Fried and Zeit boss Giovanni di Lorenzo.
  • Amelie Fried (1958-) Jewish descent on the father's side; She is a German-speaking presenter and author. Amelie Fried will present in the ZDF together with Ijoma Mangold from the 10th of July, 2009 Marcel Reich-Ranicki's succession-literature broadcasting "The readers". Amelie Fried's father was Kurt Fried.
  • Kurt Fried (1906-1981) was Jewish descent on the father's side; he was a German-speaking journalist, art collector and publisher of the "Swabian Danube newspaper", was today "a southwest of press". Kurt Fried's daughter was Amelie Fried.
  • Joseph Abraham Friedländer
  • Rebecca Friedländer
  • Saul Friedländer (1932-) born "Pavel Friedländer"; also written "Saul P. Friedlander", "Saul Friedlaender"; He is a israeli Holocaust historian and author. In France he lived (approx. in 1942) also under the name "Paul-Henri Ferland".
  • Joseph Abraham Friedländer
  • Bärbel Schäfer Friedman (1963-) is a German television presenter and television producer. On the 16th of July, 2004 Bärbel married Bärbel Schäfer Michel Friedman state-officially. Then she converted to the Jewry. On the 10th of September, 2004 the pair closed the marriage after Jewish rite in the park East synagogue in "Upper East Side" of "Manhattan" (New York city). The pair has two common sons.
Michel Friedman is the best known representative ZdJ.
  • Michel Friedman (1956-) is a lawyer living in Germany, politician and television presenter. From 2000 to 2003 he was of acting chairpersons [[central advice of the ZdJ and from 2001 to 2003 president of the European Jewish congress. Friedman is married since the 16th of July, 2004 with the television presenter Bärbel Schäfer with which he also has two sons.
  • Milton Friedman (1912 - 2006) was USA economist who wrote basic works in the areas of the macroeconomics, the microeconomy, the economic history and the statistics. He received 1976 the Nobel prize for economics for his achievements in the area of the analysis of the consumption, the history and the theory of the money and for his demonstration of the complexity of the stability politics. [42]
  • Eugene Fuchs, chairperson of "central association for a German citizen of Jewish faith" (1917-1919).
  • Gottfried Fuchs, football player from Germany.
  • Walter Fuchs, chemist from Germany.
  • Fritz von Friedlaender-Fuld (1858-1917) great industrialist. He was a member of numerous supervisory boards, under others German Bank (about 1912-1915), was a member in the ""central committee of imperial bank'" and consul general in Holland .


Goldman Sachs founder Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs
Péter Gábor (Benjamin Eisenberger)
  • Péter Gábor, born "Benjamin Eisenberger", bolshevistic Secret Service leader and mass murderer, active in 1945-1956 in Hungary.
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor from Hungary coming US actress and millionnaire's wife.
  • Georg Gafron (1954-) journalist, is manager of the "Axel Springer Medien Service GmbH", ex "RIAS", radio station "Hundred, 6, TV.Berlin, B.Z."
  • Yoel H. Gamzou (1986-) Israeli US-American conductor, specialised on Gustav Mahler. He lives since 2007 in Berlin.
  • Salomon Ganzfried
  • Gaon von Wilna
  • Moses Gaster
  • Ilka Gedõ
  • Aviv Geffen (1973-) is an Israeli pop musician. Geffen is the son of the Israeli writer Jonatan Geffen and the nephew of the former Israeli general and minister Moshe Dayan.
  • Abraham Geiger (1810-1874) was an important reform rabbi-Germany and Jewish scholar. After him the rabbi's seminar Abraham-Geiger-Kolleg was named in Potsdam.
  • Ludwig Geiger
  • Larry Simon Gelbart (1928-2009) was an US-American director and scriptwriter. For the screenplay to the film success 'Tootsie' "Larry Gelbart' was nominated in 1983 for the Oscar. Beside the film comedy with dressed up as a woman "Dustin Hoffman", Gelbart also wrote the screenplay for the US TV serial "M*A*S*H", a military satire playing during the Korea war. For it he was distinguished with an Emmy. [43]. Gelbart was born in Chicago as a son of Jewish immigrants. His father "Harry Gelbart' was "a barber and spent half of his childhood in Latvia", Larry's mother was "Frieda Stürner", she came from Dombrowa, Poland. [44]
  • Vladimir Gelfand
For Christmas they always put up a tree, but Sarah Michelle Gellar's parents were still both Jewish
  • Uri Geller " (1946-) an Israeli, in Reading (England) is a living stage magician who claims himself to own extrasensory forces. He became known by twisting spoons in the TV in the FRG.
  • Ernest Gellner
  • Ernõ Gerõ born Singer, first bolshevic terrorist in the Spanish civil war, then in 1945-1956 in Hungary high bolshevistic official.
  • Elfriede Gerstl (1932 - 2009) was an author in Austria.
  • Jona Gerondi
  • Levi ben Gershon
  • Estelle Getty (1923 - 2008) born "Estelle Scher'; She was a US-American actress. Estelle Scher was the daughter of the Polish-Jewish immigrants Sarah and Charles Scher. Her father opened a glass goods business which was taken over, finally, by Arthur Gettleman. In 1947 she married Gettleman from whose surname she derived her pseudonym. Internationally it was known by her role as "Sophia Petrillo-the US TV serial ""Golden Girls"" (a precursor of ""sex and the city" ") which was turned from 1985 to 1992 in the USA and was emitted afterwards worldwide. In this she played the always sarcastic, amusing and life-experienced senior of a "four-woman's flat share' for which it was distinguished in 1986 with "Golden Globe" and in 1988 with "Emmy Award". Also in the succession series ""Golden Palace"" which was turned from 1992 to 1993 and was sent she appeared in the role of Sophia.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-) a US American lawyer and since 1993 is attending judge ("Associate Justice") in the Supreme Court of the United States ("Supreme Court"). Her husband, the Jewish tax field lawyer "Martin David Ginsburg', works as a close adviser of the Texan multi-millionaire Ross Perot who appeared in 1992 as an US presidential candidate.
  • Moissei Jakowlewitsch Ginsburg (1892-1946) belonged to Stalin as chief architect. One calls him a "leading representative of the constructivism". From 1928 he worked as a boss of Stalin "Stroikom", the "section classification with the committee for civil engineering of the Russian Soviet republic". From 1930 Ginsburg was the leading town master builder of Moscow. In 1935 he took over the management of the establishment from prestige buildings on the Crimea. [1]
  • Witali Lasarewitsch Ginsburg (1916-2009) was a physicist. He was considered as one of the most important scientists in the history of the Soviet Union. Ginsburg received in 2003 for his basic research about supraconductor together with "Anthony Leggett" and "Alexei Abrikosow" the Nobel prize for physics. In 1942 he became a leader of the theoretical department of the physical institute of the academy of the sciences of the Soviet Union in Moscow. His career as a scientist ended nearly in 1944 than his wife at that time was interned because of a supposedly planned murder attempt on Stalin and was released only in 1945 under strong imposts again. Nevertheless, his destiny turned only after the death of Stalin when he became a member of the academy of the science and his wife could return from exile in Gorki to Moscow. [46] with his (also from Jewish family coming) colleagues "Lew Dawidowitsch Landau" the Ginsburg Landau thesis about the superconduction which was continued by "Lew Petrovich Gorkow" and is called - after the initial letters of the scientists - "GLAG theory". Later Ginsburg with the later known dissident Andrei Sacharow worked on the development of the Soviet H-bomb. "Vitaly Ginsburg" was a son of the engineer "Lasar Jefimowitsch of Ginsburg' (1863-1942) and the doctor "Avgusta Weniaminowna Wildauer-Ginsburg" (1886-1920).
  • Esti Ginzburg (1990-) spelling variations "Ginsberg, Ginsborg'; She is an Israeli model.
  • Curt Glaser (1879-1943) was a doctor, art historian, art critic and collector.
  • Fritz Glaser, was a Jewish art collector from Dresden. In 2009 had become known that his heiress called "Ute Glaser" claimed an oil painting of the painter "Otto Dix" from 1920 which the city of Freiburg had bought at an auction in 1959 and wanted to pay one million euros of compensation to an heiress, so that the picture may further get stuck in the museum for "new art". The work with the title "Max John" belonged early Fritz Glaser. According to his heirs he had had to sell it in the Second World War under compulsion. [47]
  • Niko von Glasow (1960-) born "Niko Brücher"; He is a German-speaking film producer and director. [48] on the 7th of November, 2007 West German broadcasting company radiated WDR in the row "people very closely' his autobiographic documentary film "Look at me" [49] in which von Glasow works off his life as [a Contergan-Skandal|Contergan] injured. [50] for the film project (and book) "NoBody's Perfect": "In search of twelve people injured by Contergan who are willing to allow take a nude photo"; [51] where it therefore went also of marketing a calendar with nude photographs Contergang-injured persons, Niko von Glasow received the film award German Filmaward in 2009.
  • Uri Nissan Gnessin
  • Shlomo Dov Goitein
  • Adam Goldberg (1970-) is an US-American actor ("The soldier James Ryan") who mostly shows stereotypical Jewish people.
Jeff Goldblum, c. In 1985
  • Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum (1952-) is an US-American actor ("The fly, Jurassic Park').
  • Daniel Goldhagen (1959-) is a USA soziologist and politics scientist. He was known by his book "Hitler's willing executors-whom he explained all Germans are inclusively criminals. With the book he could celebrate a commercial success, his methods and theories are rejected by the professional world of the historians, however.
Emma Goldman
  • Emma Goldman (June 27, 1869 – May 14, 1940) was a USA anarchist, socialist and women's libber; known as 'Red Emma', was a Lithuanian-born anarchist known for her writings and speeches.
  • Erwin Goldmann (1891-1981) was born as a manufacturer's son and shoot to one for 500 years in Germany resident Jewish family, can be christened, joined - glowing German nationwide minded - Burschen - and gymnasts. He served in the First World War as highly decorated and several times wounded volunteers in the front, fought after 1918 as a member of the inhabitant's weirs against them communists and then practised as a doctor of the dental medicine in Stuttgart.
  • Victor Moritz Goldschmidt
  • Benedikt Goldschmidt
  • Berthold Goldschmidt
  • Hermann Mayer Salomon Goldschmidt
  • Hesse Goldschmidt
  • Lazarus Goldschmidt
  • Moritz Goldschmidt
  • Simon Goldschmidt
  • Victor Mordechai Goldschmidt
  • Maximilian von Goldschmidt
  • Adam Goldstein (1973-2009) was an US-American music conversationist alias "DJ AM". Adam Michael Goldstein set up stars records in Hollywood on the most exclusive events and maintained a glamorous life style. He had spoken openly of his dependence on ace cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs, but had declared at the same time to have got away for many years from it. Till 2006 Goldstein had been engaged with "Nicole Richie", the daughter of "Lionel Richie". Till March, 2007 Goldstein had a brief respect with the US-American pop singer and actress "Mandy Moore". In October, 2009 his "Reality show-the music television broadcasting station should begin MTV, "Gone Too Far". THis should have been also about drug abuse and his fight. He passed away before in New York presumably to his drug consumption. [52] [53]
  • Bernard Goldstein
  • Heinrich Goldstein
  • Julius Goldstein
  • Saul Goldstein, US-American is a real estate investor and real estate manager, known also by business activities in Germany. Being resident in Jersey, in July 2007 founded "Activum SG Capital Management" enterprise, has acquired in Berlin several office and retail trade complexes. The office building is in the part of town of Prenzlauer mountain, was acquired from an enterprise that went into insolvency. The "Activum SG of group" is escorted by Saul Goldstein who was active before for "Cerberus grounds". Goldstein was responsible there for the acquisition and for the management of European real estates and real estate companies in the volume of a total of five milliard euros. Goldstein to the German property market: ""We think that Germany is one of few investment markets for real estates which offer attractive yields. Because the rent prices of commercial real estates were low long time and stand now again increasingly under pressure, objects can be acquired for attractive prices. We keep constantly a lookout after good purchase opportunities. "" [54] Saul Goldstein is also involved with in Real Estate business. [55]
  • Theodor Goldstein
  • Ignaz Goldziher 1850-1922 Orientalist from Hungary.
  • Hermann Gollancz 1852-1933 Rabbi in Great Britain
  • Victor Gollancz 1893-1967 publisher, social-democrat in Great Britain
  • Aria Goral-Sternheim
  • Aharon David Gordon (1856-1922) of Zionist authors and philosopher, ideologist of the "Hebrew work".
  • Jehuda Leib Gordon
  • Friedrich Naumowitsch Gorenstein
  • Léopold Gottlieb
  • Maurycy Gottlieb
  • Sophia Goudstikker
  • Alexander Gould (1994") US-American film / TV actor ("Finding Nemo").
  • Heinrich Graetz

Central-council Jew Dieter Graumann
  • Alan Greenspan (1926-) is a USA economist. He was from the 11th of August, 1987 to the 31st of January of 2006 chairpersons of the US issuing bank" Fed" (Federal reserve Board). His wife Andrea Mitchell, is a Jewish NBC "news" reporter. Greenspan is rich in talent also as a conversationist and concert violinist.
  • Ellie Greenwich (1940-2009) was an US-American music producer and singer. She worked together with artists like "Frank Sinatra" and "Ella Fitzgerald" as well as the producer "Phil Spector".
  • Alfred Grosser (1925) Jewry a critical German French journalist, sociologist and politics scientist.
  • Paul Grosz
  • Lea Grundig (1906-1977) born "Lea long "; She was a German-speaking painter and graphic artist. She became in 1926 a member him GCP, from 1964 she was a member of the "central committee of the SED". [56]
  • Dov Gruner ( 1912- 1947) is an executed Zionist resistance fighter.
  • Clara Grunwald
  • Moritz Güdemann
  • Kurt Guggenheim (1896-1983) Switzerland; author
  • Willy Guggenheim, called "Varlin" (1900-1977) Switzerland; painter
  • Ludwig Gumplowicz (1838 - 1909) in Polish "Ludwik Gumplowicz"; He is Polish-Jewish lawyer and professor on a teaching pulpit was for state right and administrative law at the university of Graz. He is one of the foundation fathers of the European sociology.
  • Vladimir Gussinski (1952-) a Jewish Media-nmagnat is in exile. He founded in 1989 the Most bank and built up a media empire. When he became too mighty for Putin, he went into exile to Israel. Property according to Forbes (2004): 310 million $. [57]
  • Lars Gustafsson (1936-) is a Swedish author. He lived from 1972 two years in Berlin - West. In 1981 Gustafsson converted to the Jewry. From 1983 to 2006 he was a professor for Germanistic studies and philosophy in the "University of Texas in Austin/Texas". Since May, 2006 he lives in Södermalm, Stockholm. Goethe-Institute had 28th of August, 2009 in Weimar, Gustafsson with the Goethe's medallion in 2009 honoured. [58]
  • Michael Guttmann (1872-1942) also "Mihály Guttmann'; was a Jewish scholar and rabbi.
Communist party "The Left" leader G. Gysi
  • Gregor Gysi (1948-) is a lawyer living in Germany. He is politician and leader of the communist party "The left".


  • Pavel Haas (1899-1944) was a Czech composer.
  • Hans Hagen (1922-1992) also "Hans Oliva, John Ryder"; father of "Nina Hagen"; journalist, author, scriptwriter.
Nina Hagen and Cosma Shiva Hagen.
  • Nina Hagen (1955-) singer, actress; She is the daughter of "Hans Hagen", foster father was Wolf Biermann. Daughter of "Nina Hagen" is the actress "Cosma Shiva of Hagen" (1981-).
  • Achad Ha'am (1856 - 1927) born as an "Ascher Ginsberg'; was a Zionist activist, general agent and" Inventor" of the later so-called "cultural zionism", the teaching of a "spiritual centre" (Hebrew "merkas ruchani") in Palestine.
  • Shane Haboucha (1990) an US-American actors ("Desperation", "Stacy's Mom").
  • Alexander Haindorf
  • Isaak Hakohen Halberstadt
  • Ilan Halimi (1982-2006) was a phone shop assistant in a Parisian suburb. He was called on the 21st of January, 2006 by a group of Muslim immigrants" the barbarians", kidnapped and afterwards for a period of three weeks to death tormented. [62]
  • Adolf Hamburger, was father from Arno Hamburger. The Adolf Hamburger Seniors and nursing home in Nuremberg is named after him.
  • Arno Hamburger (1923-) is the first chairperson of the Israelitic cult municipality (IKG) since 1972 in Nuremberg and a town council. Adolf Hamburger Seniors and nursing home in Nuremberg is named after his father.
  • Jacob Hamburger
Ruth Handler is considered as" Mother" the Barbie doll. On a European trip Ruth Handler discovered a German model's doll called "Lilli" ("picture Lilli really') which she bought for her daughter Barbara in Switzerland in a shop-window. This doll became the model for the Barbie doll, that Mattel sold from 1959.
  • Ruth Handler (1916-2002) was together with her husband "Elliot Handler" and "Harold Matson" the founder of the American toy company Mattel and is considered as" Mother" the Barbie doll. On an European trip Ruth Handler discovered a German model's doll called "Lilli" ("picture Lilli really' from the newspaper Bild) which she bought for her daughter Barbara in Switzerland in a shop-window. This doll became the model for the Barbie doll, the "Mattel" from 1959 sold.
  • Nathan Handwerker
  • Erik Jan Hanussen (1889-1933), actually, Herschel or Herschmann Steinschneider, was a clairvoyant.
  • Abraham Harkavy
  • Moritz Heidenheim
  • Siegfried Heimberg
  • Heymann Heine
  • Thomas Theodor Heine (1867-1948) to born "David Theodor Heine'; painter, draftsman and author (weekly magazine "Simplicissimus").
  • Kurt Held (1897-1959) is a pseudonym of the German-speaking author "Kurt Kläber". Using that name he wrote his best known works, above all the youth book "The red Zora and her bond". He was married with the author "Lisa Tetzner" ("The black brothers").
  • Ludwig Helfft
  • Franz Andre Heller (1947-) Chansonnier, action artist, cultural manager (Varietee), author and actor.
  • Stephan Heller (1895 - 1958) the son of "Wilhelm Heller was a founder of the Viennese candy factory" Gustav & Wilhelm Heller".
  • Theodor Heller
  • Wilhelm Heller, was the father of "Stephan Heller' a founder of the Viennese candy factory "Gustav & Wilhelm Heller".
Andrej Hermlin and his "swing dance Orchestra". He is a son from Stephan Hermlin.
  • Andrej Hermlin (1965-) is son of Stephan Hermlin. Hermlin is a musician, known by his" Swing dance Orchestra" from Berlin. [64]
  • Stephan Hermlin (1915-1997) born Rudolf Leder; he was a German-speaking author and translator (from the French). He was one of the best known authors of the GDR and was also politically effective there. Stephan H. He was father of Andrej Hermlin.
  • Jeanne Hersch (1910 - 2000) Switzerland; philosopher.
  • Seymour Hersh (1937-), nickname Sy, is USA "Investigativ-journalist" of Jewish origin and well known "Muckraker".
  • Jacob Herzfeld
  • Levi Herzfeld
  • Ludwig Herzfeld
  • Salomon Herzfeld, "Ernst Herzfeld' (1875-1948) was a lawyer and official in Germany. [65]
  • Wolfgang D. Herzfeld
  • Abraham Jehoschua Heschel
  • Donald Hewitt (1922-2009) was an US-American journalist, director and television producer. He was a boss and producer of the news magazine "60 Minutes", the longest emitted newscast of the US television. He was distinguished with more than 70 Emmys.[66]
  • Stefan Heym (1913 - 2001) born "Helmut Flieg', was a German-speaking author and for a short time member of the Bundestag of the succession party of SED, PDS.
  • Marvin Hier
  • Esriel Hildesheimer, "Azriel, Israel Hildesheimer" (1820-1899) rabbi, pioneer as a modernizer of the orthodoxy in Germany.
  • Hirsch Hildesheimer
  • Kurt Hiller (* 17th of August, 1885 in Berlin;" 1st of October, 1972 in Hamburg), pseudonyms "Keith Llurr" and "Klirr" (Thule), was an author and pacifistic journalist from Jewish family.
  • Max Hilzheimer
  • Hans-Heinz Hinzelmann
  • Helmut Hirsch (1907-2009) was a German-speaking historians and author ("books about Rosa Luxembourg, Friedrich Engel, August Bebel"). [67]
  • Jakob von Hirsch
  • Maurice de Hirsch
  • Otto Hirsch
  • Samson (Ben) Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888) an orthodox rabbi, author. Founder of the "neo-orthodoxy" (modern orthodoxy).
  • Samuel Hirsch
  • Leopold Hirschberg
  • Kurt Hirschfeld (1902-1964) Schweiz; director and script editor.
  • Avraham Hirschson (1941-) was from the 4th of May, 2006 to the 1st of July, 2007 an Israeli Minister of Finance. He belongs to the Kadima party. Currently he is a member of the present 17th Knesseth. He belonged in 1983-84 to the 10th Knesseth and since 1992 of 13. to the 16th Knesseth as a Likud-delegated. Former Minister of Finance Abraham Hirchson was found guilty by the public prosecutor's office for "million theft", among others, he stole from the trade union he led about 700,000 euros. In 2009 he had to go for it five years and five months prison. [68]
  • Camill Hoffmann
Actor Dustin Hoffman
  • Dustin Hoffman (1937-) is an American actor. The Jewish actor was born in Los Angeles "Dustin of Lee Hoffman" succeeded first in the Broadway. In 1967 he came to Hollywood, where he played his first leading role in the film "The school leaving exam" and was celebrated by the criticism enthusiastically. Hoffman received several times "Oscar", thus in 1980 for the leading role in the stripe "Kramer against Kramer" (Direction: Benton) and in 1989 for "Rain Man" (Direction: Levison).
  • Susanna Hoffs (1959-) is a US-American musician. She is the daughter the US director Tamar Simon-Hoffs whom also a part of her music videos produced. Her career began Hoffs as a singer and guitarist of the US-American music group" The Bangles" ("Walk Like An Egyptian").
  • Douglas Richard Hofstadter (1945-) is a US-American physicist, information scientist and cognition-scientist. He is a son of the nuclear scientist "Robert Hofstadter" (1915-1990).
  • Robert Hofstadter (1915-1990) was a US-American physicist. He counted to the numerous leading Jewish nuclear scientists. He was born in 1915 in New York as son of a Jewish emigrant from Poland who had emigrated around the turn of the century in the USA. Robert Hofstadter taught from 1943 in Princeton and worked from 1954 to 1985 as a physics professor at the Stanford university in California. In 1961 he was distinguished with the physics Nobel prize. Hofstadter died in 1990 in Stanford. Robert Hofstadter is the father of the physicist "Douglas R. Hofstadter" (1945-).
  • Richard Holbrooke (1941-2010) was a USA professional diplomat, publisher of news magazines, author, manager of the "Peace of corps" and investment banker. In the US-presidency election campaign in 2008 supported Holbrooke the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In case of her election victory he could have become the new foreign minister of the United States. His wife is Kati Marton, a Jewess born in Hungary.
  • Agnieszka Holland (1948-) is a Polish director and scriptwriter. She became known above all by the film "Hitler's boy Salomon" for that she got "Golden Globe" award as the best foreign film, as well as an "Oscar " nomination for the best screenplay in that. The film released in Germany a controversy, as the jury which carries out the German nomination to the "Oscar", refused to nominate the film and accused the producer Artur Brauner with anti-Semitism. Agnieszka Holland is the sister of the director "Magdalena" Lazarkiewicz". Their Jewish father "Henryk Holland" was a socialist sociologist and journalist.
  • Judy Holliday (1921 - 1965); born "Judith Tuvim"; She was an US-American actress and singer. She was born as Judith Tuvim ("Tuvim" means in Yiddish "holidays" "Holiday") in New York city, as the only child of Abe and Helen Tuvim who were Jewish emigrants from Russia. Judy Holliday won 1950 a Oscar and Golden Globe as the best actress for her role "in That is not from yesterday" and 1957 Tony Award for her role in the musical "Bells ares Ringing". She became in the beginning of the 1950th aim of an investigation committee for unamerican machinations of the House of Representatives. Although she was rehabilitated after a short occupational ban fast again, she got in films no more bigger roles. She married 1948 the composer "Dave Oppenheim', was divorced 1957 and has a son ("Jonathan Oppenheim', * 11th of November 1952). She died shortly before her 44th birthday of breast cancer.
  • Walter Homolka (1964-) is a rabbi, rector of the Abraham Geiger college at the university Potsdam and fee professor of the faculty of philosophy; board member of the "World union for progressive Jewry Jerusalem" (since September, 2005). He is a chairperson "Leo Baeck Foundation" and" Doctor Humanarum Litterarum" of the "Hebrew union college" Jewish institutes of religion". His professional development among other things with Bertelsmann, Greenpeace, the "Alfred Herrhausen society for international dialogues' and the cultural endowment of the German bank AG.
  • Simon Höchheimer
  • H. Richard Hornberger (1924-1997) was a US-American author and doctor. He wrote under the pseudonym "Richard Hooker". His best known work became "M*A*S*H" (1968), written in cooperation with "W.C. Heinz" ("Wilfred Charles Heinz") that became a basis for a successful film and TV series.
  • Daniel Horowitz (1954-) is a known US-American defender. In 2008 he defended the Jewish banker Bernard L. Madoff who was accused of deception, theft, monetary laundry and document forgery. This was the biggest deception case of the history. In Wall Street a huge "snowball system" had flown up in the volume of 50 milliard dollars. His victims numbered the deception at 177 milliard dollars.
  • Josef Horovitz
  • Jaakow Jizchak Horowitz
  • Lazar Horowitz
  • Bernhard Horwitz, chess player from Germany.
  • Maximilian Horwitz, was chairperson of the "central association of German citizen of Jewish faith" (1894 - 1917).
Harry Houdini
  • Harry Houdini (March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) whose birth name in Hungary was Erik Weisz[1] (which was changed to Ehrich Weiss[2] when he immigrated to the United States), was a Jewish Hungarian American magician, escapologist and stunt performer, as well as a skeptic and investigator of spiritualists, film producer and actor.
Jewess Kate Hudson and non-Jew Owen Wilson.
  • Kate Hudson (1979-) is an US-American actress. She is told to have had a several years' relation with Hollywood actor Owen Wilson.
  • Ingeborg Hunzinger (1915-2009) born Franck; was a German-speaking sculptor, the daughter of the chemist Hans Heinrich Franck, the granddaughter of the painter Philipp Franck and the grandmother of the author Julia Franck. [72]


Der the first "Instant-Messaging " programme with more than 50 percent of share of the market. In 1996 developed in Israel.
  • Abraham Zvi Idelsohn
Noel Ignatiev
  • Noel Ignatiev Ignatiev was raised in Philadelphia, the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia. He is history professor at the Massachusetts College of Art. His aim is the elimination of the white race, his web page is: Race traitor
  • Ion Iliescu (1930-) Jewish forefathers on the father's side; he was a politician in Romania. He was involved in December, 1989 decisively in the uprising against "Nicolae Ceausescu".
Toomas Hendrik Ilves
  • Immanuel ha-Romi
  • Leopold Infeld
  • Max Ingberg
  • Aaron Isaak
  • Israel ben Elieser
  • Isaak Ben Salomon Israeli
  • Israhel von Halle
  • Israel Isserlein
  • Moses Isserles
  • Daniel Itzig
  • Isaak Daniel Itzig


  • Johannes Jacobsohn
  • Israel Jacobson
  • Jakob ben Ascher
  • Jakob ibn Tibbon
  • Alla Jakobson, sworn advocate and leader of the Estonian Jewish community.
  • Roman Ossipowitsch Jakobson
  • Lin Jaldati
  • Agnès Jaoui (1964-) is a French-speaking actress, author and director.
  • Jehuda ben Samuel he-Chasid
  • Jehuda ibn Tibbon
  • Jehuda ha-Levi
  • Baruch Jeitteles
  • Jonas Jeitteles
  • Adolf Jellinek
  • Georg Jellinek
  • Carter Jenkins (1991-) US-American movie actor and television actor.
  • Julia Jentsch (1978-) actress ("Sophie Scholl" The last days, I have served the English king, The setting").
" Zeit" - Publisher Josef Joffe.
  • Josef Joffe (1944-) is a journalist living in Germany (" Zeit" - Publisher, "The Tagesspiegel").
Scarlett Johansson
  • Scarlett Johansson (1984-) US-american Film-actress, Hollywood's most asked young actress.
  • Leah Rashida Jones (1976-) is an US-American Hollywood actress ("The ex-friends of my friend, witness is searched for, US TV serial: "Boston of public"), model and musician. She is a daughter of the music producer Quincy Jones (1933-) and was the beloved of the Jewish music producer, Mark Ronson.
  • Regina Jonas
  • Isaak Markus Jost
  • Otto Juliusburger


  • Ka'b ibn al-Aschraf
  • Aharon Avraham Kabak
  • Béla Kádár (painter) (1877, Budapest - 1956, Budapest)
Lasar Moissejewitsch Kaganowitsch
  • Lasar Moissejewitsch Kaganowitsch, actually, Lazar Mossjewitsch Kogan; *10.jul./22nd of November 1893 greg. in Kabany with Radomyschl, governorate Kiev, Russian empire (today Oblast Schytomyr, the Ukraine);+ 25th of July, 1991 in Moscow) was Soviet politician of Jewish descent. He had the same to power as Stalin, therefore was one of both Soviet Union leaders, but he preferred to avoid the footlights of the public. Kaganowitsch was the main person responsible for the genocide in the Kulaken of the Ukraine, so-called ""Kulakenholodomor"". He confessed to have killed at least 20 million non-jews.
  • Meir Kahane (1932-1990) rabbi, radical Zionist, leader of the Kach party.
  • Pinchas Kahanowitsch
  • Semei Kakungulu
  • Mascha Kaléko
  • Michail Iwanowitsch Kalinin (1875 - 1946) as Russian-speaking Bolshevist and mass murderer he belonged to Stalin's to terror assistants. He signed the permission for massacre of Katyn and other executions. He was from 1923-1946 a formal head of state of the Soviet Union; before from March, 1919 to December, 1922 formal head of state of Russia. The German town annexed temporarily in 1945 Königsberg in East Prussia was renamed in 1946 after Michail Kalinin in Kaliningrad, without any connection between him and this town, and bears this name up to the today. This naming is the same class of cynicism, how the renaming from" Zarsoje Selo" in" Swerdlowsk", after the Jewish murderer of the whole family of the last Russian czar, Nikolaus.
  • Schabbatai Kalmanowitsch (1949-2009) Lithuanian Jew, businessman; had been condemned to a several years' prison sentence in 1988 in Israel because of spying for the Soviet Secret Service at that time KGB and had worked later as an informant for the Israeli Secret Service Shin Bet. He had emigrated in 1971 to Israel and worked there as a government adviser for the integration of Jews from the [Soviet Union]. After five-year-old custody Kalmanowitsch returned to Moscow and was active since 1994 as a general manager of a big shopping centre. In 2008 he was appointed to the chief executive officer of the women-basketball team of "Spartak of Moscow". Schabbatai Kalmanowitsch was murdered in November, 2009 in Moscow. [74]
  • Kalonymus ben Kalonymus
  • Frank Kameny *May 21, 1925, New York, is one of the founding fathers of the American gay rights movement. He helped radicalize the homophile movement, preparing the way for the mass movement for equality initiated by the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969. [75]
  • Vladimir Kaminer (1967-) is a German-speaking author and columnist of Russian-Jewish origin.
  • Andre Kaminski ( 1923- 1991) Switzerland; author
  • Eric Richard Kandel (1929-) is an US-American neuro scientist from Austria and laureate of the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine. [76]
  • Peter Kahane (1949-) born "Peters Klement Kahane"; He is a German-speaking director. He is a son of the journalist and foreign correspondent Max Kahane and his wife Doris. His sister is the journalist Anetta Kahane.
  • Jacobus H. Kann
DKNY Logo.gif
  • Donna Karan (1948-) is a known US-American fashion designer and enterpriser. Worldwide "net curtains" exist in July, 2006, 16 "Donna Karan New York Stores" and 47 '"DKNY'" Stores.
  • Josef Karo
  • Gustav Karpeles
  • Garri Kasparow (1963-) born "Garik Weinstein '; He is a Russian politician, author and very successful, former chess world champion. He is of Armenian-Jewish descent and owns the Russian citizenship.
  • Lani Kass, is a computer expert, she was a manager for digital leading of the war with the US air force - Cyber-working group. Citation: „The first battle of every future war will go around the supremacy in the air, in the space and in the Cyberspace.“ The specialisation of Kass is the psychological leading of the war to which also belongs securing "blockades of information" as they were covered by the Israeli government in the attack on the supposed nuclear arrangement of Syria on the Israeli media. She worked on the „project Checkmate“, a plan for an attack on Iran which was compiled by a department of "Air Force" since June, 2007. [77]
  • Josef Kastein
  • Rudolf (Rezső) Kasztner (* in 1906 in Kolozsvár, Hungary, today Cluj-Napoca, Romania; † 15th of March, 1957 in Tel Aviv, Israel) was a Jewish Zionist local leader from Transylvania and Hungary, journalist and lawyer who led de facto the Jewish „committee for help and rescue" in Budapest in 1941-1945. After the Second World War he was accused to have collaborated with the National Socialists.
  • Israel Katz (1955-) also "Yisrael Katz"; Israeli transport minister. He let erase the Arabian or English names on Israeli street signs in 2009, they got only the Hebrew local names. With his decision he caused the rage of Arabian representatives. Thus said Ahmed Tibi, the minister errs if he believes to be able to extinguish the existence of the Arabs in Israel by hairsplitting." [78]
  • Rudolf Katz (1895-1961) was a politician (SPD). He was a decisive man of the BRD legal system.
Israel's ex-president, Moshe Katsav
  • Moshe Katsav (1945-) was from 2000 to 2007 the eighth israeli a president. In August, 2006 Katsav got in the crossfire of the criticism because he should have raped an employee in the official residence repeatedly. In 2009 Katsav was accused of rape and sexual harassment.
  • Berl Katznelson (1887-1944) leader of the Zionist labour movement and central figure of 2. Alijah, confidant and friend Ben Gurions.
  • David Kaufmann
  • Jakob von Kaufmann-Asser
  • Siegmund Kaznelson
  • Daniel Kehlmann (1975-) is a German-speaking author ("The measurement of the world, to fame'). [79]
  • Eduard Kehlmann (1882-1955) was an expressionist author. Kehlmann was born as a son of Jewish parents, however, was later christened. He became an engineer and worked as an official of the post and telegraph office in Vienna. Alongside he was literarily active. His family survived the Second World War in Austria by bribery and document forgery, while Eduard Kehlmann let himself declare as a half Jew. [80] Eduard Kehlmann was the father of the director Michael Kehlmann as well as grandfather of the author Daniel Kehlmann.
  • Michael Kehlmann (1927-2005) was a director and actor in Austria. His son is the author Daniel Kehlmann.
  • David Keilin
  • Leon Kellner
  • Imre Kertész (1929-) is an author. In 2002 he received the literature Nobel prize. In Hungary he was on about the 60-th place of the author's list, ordered by talent and acquitance before he won the Nobel Prize. In each interview he stresses, how he hates Hungary and all Hungarians. He lives currently in Berlin.
  • David Kimchi
  • Joseph Kimchi
  • Moses Kimchi
Entertainer, Larry King
  • Larry King (1933-) born "Lawrence Harvey Zeiger"; journalist. Since 1985 he goes with his "chat show"" Larry King Live" at the US-American news transmitter CNN nearly daily on the air.
Ben Kingsley with the Tribeca film Festival in 2008.
  • Ben Kingsley (1943-) sir, CBE; he is a British actor. Actor of Mahatma Gandhi, Simon Wiesenthal, Vladimir Iljitsch Lenin and as an Itzhak Stern in "Schindlers List".
  • Alexander Kisch
  • Sergei Kischilov Sunimex owner, "general importer for all oil,that flows over the "Druschba route" from Russia to Germany. [81]
Der in Germany born Henry Kissinger, was US in occupied Germany.
  • Alfred Klaar
  • Arno Klarsfeld, father of "Serge Klarsfeld'
  • Raissa Klarsfeld, mother of "Serge Klarsfeld'
  • Eri Klas (1939–) is an conductor from Estonia.
  • Jakob Klatzkin
  • Gideon Klein (1919-1945) was a Czech composer and pianist.
  • Henry H. Klein (1875 - 1955) was an anti-Communist anti-Zionist Jewish attorney who defended individuals who were accused in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. [82]
  • Joel Irwin Klein (1946-) US-School-senator of New York city, he rules over more than 1.1 million pupils in more than 1,420 schools. [83]
  • Erich Klibansky
  • Owen Kline (1991") of US-American actor ("The Squid and the Whale").
  • Peter Gert Johannes Kloeppel (1958-) Journalist and editor in chief of RTL.
Jack Klugman, Tony Randall
  • Jack Klugman, born as Jacob Joachim Klugman (* 27th of April, 1922 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), is an US-American actor and television actor, known from the TV forensic medicine soap opera "" Quincy"".
  • Bernd Knobloch (1951-) is a Jew living in Germany and son of the chairperson of the ZdJ Charlotte Knobloch. He was leading at the Commerzbank, which has been partial-nationalised in the meantime because of monetary problems, in 2009 he sits as a member in the supervisory board of the bank Hypo Real Estate which received as the first Bank guarantee assents by 3-figure milliard height by the FRG.
  • Richard Koch (doctor)
  • Walter Marvin Koenig (1936-) born "Königsberg"; US-American actor ("Babylon 5, spaceship Enterprise as Pavel Chekov").
  • Salomon Jacob Kohen
  • Helmut Kohl born "Henoch Kohn"; east Jew from Galicia; his grandparents lie on the Jewish cemetery in Vienna buried.
  • Michael Kohn
  • Adolph Kohut
  • Alexander Kohut
  • Zvi Kolitz
  • Lew Sinowjewitsch Kopelew 1912 Kiew-1997 Köln; Bolshevistic activist, germanist.
  • Elisabeth Kopp (1936-) Switzerland, Politician (FDP), the first federal council member of Switzerland (1984-1989), member of the government (Bundesrat)
  • Alexander Korda Sir, orig: Kellner, 1893-1956, Sir, born in Hungary, worked in Great Britain as a director. Brother of director Zoltan Korda and movie-architect Vincent Korda.
France foreign minister Bernard Kouchner
  • Abba Kowner (1918-1985) also Abba Kovner, Left Zionist author ("aschoma Hazair"), wanted to poison in German cities drinking water.
Siegfried Kracauer
  • Siegfried Kracauer (1889-1966) was a German-speaking journalist, journalist, author, sociologist and film researcher. He was in close contact with the founder of the "Frankfurt school", Theodor W. Adorno. [84]
  • Victor Kraft (1880-1975) was a Jewish Science theorist, philosopher and general state librarian in Austria. Paul Feyerabend, Ernst Topitsch and Ingeborg Bachmann count to his direct pupils.
  • Ognjen Kraus
  • Samuel Krauss
  • Bruno Kreisky (1911-1990) was a Jewish politician (SPÖ) in Austria, Federal Chancellor of the republic Austria from 1970 to 1983 and with it the longest being in office as Federal Chancellor in the history of Austria.
  • Georg Kreisler (1922-) is a German-speaking revue artist, composer, satirist and author. He is an American citizen since 1943.
  • Gidon Kremer (1947-). "Gidons Krämers"; He is a Violinist born in Latvia. He supported the Jewish enterpriser imprisoned in Russia Michail Chodorkowski. "Kremer is persuaded of the fact that Chodorkowski is no criminal. The former oligarch is rather a patriot who has come into conflict with the ruling politics." [85]
  • Jonathan Kreutner, secretary general of the Swiss Israelite local alliance (SIG.) [86]
  • Arthur Kronfeld (* 9th of January, 1886 in Berlin; +16th of October, 1941 in Moscow) was a psychiatrist. He was the son of the lawyer "Salomon", also called "Sally Kronfeld' from Thorn and his wife Laura, daughter of the Cologne commerce-officer and town delegate "Benjamin Liebmann'. His sister "Minnie" (1904-1987) attained under her later name "Minnie Maria Dronke-New Zealand some fame.
  • Béla Kun born as a Berel Kohn, Bolshevist and mass murderer in Hungary and later in the Crimea.
  • Ignaz Kuranda


  • Shia Saide LaBeouf (1986-) US-American actors and comedians ("Indiana Jones IV, trans-moulder, Constantine, I, Robot").
  • Siegfried Laboschin (1868-1929) was a German-speaking painter and graphic artist as well as art critic.
  • Albert Ladenburg (1842-1911) was a German-speaking chemist. Ladenburg was descended from a known Jewish family of Mannheim and was the son of the lawyer and national economist "Leopold Ladenburg' (1809-1889) and of "Delphine Picard" (1814-1882) from Strasbourg in Alsace. She was" like "Albert Ladenburg'" Grandchild of the bank house founder "Wolf Ladenburg'. "Dolphins Picard" was by this generation movement not only "Albert Ladenburgs' mother, but also also his cousin. He married on the 19th of September, 1875 "Margarethe Pringsheim' (1855-1909), the daughter of the botanist and plant physiologist "Nathanael Pringsheim' (1823-1894) in Berlin and Jena. His son was the physicist "Rudolf Ladenburg'.
  • Carl Ladenburg (1827-1909) was a banker and owner of the bank house" W. H. Ladenburg & sons-the 3rd generation, member of Baden Landtag, freemen of the city of Mannheim, confidential commerce-official and k.u.k. Austro-Hungarian consul (1874-1909). He was the oldest son of the Mannheimer banker "Seligmann Ladenburg' (1797-1873), managing companion of the bank house" Bank house Ladenburg, W. H. Ladenburg & sons", and the businessman's daughter "Julie Goldschmidt" (1800-1859) from Kassel. He married on the 11th of May, 1859 "Ida Goldschmidt" (1840-1928), the daughter of the businessman "Siegmund Goldschmidt" (1805-1868), partner of the company" Bros. Goldschmidt indigo and colour goods merchants -Kassel, and "Wilhelmine Büding" (1815-1894) whose grandfather was the bank house founder Mose Büding in Kassel. Daughter of Ladenburg, "Julie Ladenburg' (1860-1940) married in 1881 the lawyer "Ernst Bassermann' (1854-1917), the later chairperson of the national liberal party and member of the German Reichstag. His grandfather was "Wolf Hajum Ladenburg' (1766-1851), the founder of the bank house Ladenburg in Mannheim.
  • Emil Ladenburg (1822-1902) was of confidential commerce-official, powerful German-speaking banker and partner bank house Ladenburg from which among other things later German bank arose. He was descended from a well-to-do Jewish banker's family and was the son of the banker "Herrmann of Ladenburg' (1791-1862) and of "Sara Mayer" (1793-1855).
  • Leopold Ladenburg
  • Seligmann Ladenburg
  • Wolf Ladenburg
Sergej Lagodinsky
  • Leopold von Lämel
  • Simon von Lämel
  • Fritz Lamm (lawyer)
  • Hans Lamm
  • Edmund Landau (1877-1938) was a mathematician who has made himself deserving around the analytic figure theory. His father "Leopold Landau" was a gynecologist and follower of the zionism.
  • Lew Dawidowitsch Landau (1908-1968) was a Russian physicist.
  • Saul Raphael Landau
  • Claude Lanzmann (1925-) a Zionist journalist, director and "Shoah" is a producer [87] from France. He is a publisher from "Jean-Paul Sartre" and "Simone de Beauvoir" of founded magazine "Les Temps Modernes . His younger brother "Jacques Lanzmann" is known than script writer of the chansons by "Jacques Dutronc", his sister is the actress "Evelyne Rey". He was married with the German author "Angelika Schrobsdorff".
  • Felicia Langer (1930-) born "Felicia Weit'; She is an Israel-critical author and lawyer.
  • Tom Lantos 1928-2008 orig: Péter Lantos US politician
  • Pinchas Lapide
  • Emanuel Lasker, chess world champion from Germany.
  • Yisrael Meir Lau (1937-) Uppermost rabbi of Jerusalem and chairperson the Israeli Holocaust memorial "Yad Vaschem". [88]
  • Gabriel Laub
  • Esteé Lauder
  • Hersch Lauterpacht
  • Bernard Lazare autor, historician, wrote about the Jews history, in the 19-th century
  • Moritz Lazarus
  • Isaac Leeser
  • Herbert Lehman (1878 - 1963) a US politician was for the democratic party from the state New York. From 1933-1942 he was a governor of New York and represented from 1949-1957 the federal state New York in the senate.
  • Issachar Berend Lehmann
  • Hersh Leib Sigheter (1844 - 1933) was a Roumanian Jew. He wrote satirical pieces for Yiddish theatres, in Yiddish language.
  • Annie Leibovitz (1949-) US-American photographers; she was a lifelong companion of the author "Susan Sontag" (1933-2004) [89] [90]
Jeschajahu Leibowitz, scientist and religious philosopher
  • Jeschajahu Leibowitz, also Yeshayahu; * 29th of January, 1903 in Riga;" 18th of August, 1994 in Jerusalem) was Israeli scientist and religious philosopher. For his sculptural mode of expression, in which he qualified a mighty grouping of Israel as "Judeo Nazis" at the Kaiser-Wilhelm institute in Berlin before his emigration, and therefore harvested in his new-elective native country the heaviest public criticism.
  • Nechama Leibowitz
Paul Lendvai and Danielle Spera
  • Paul Lendvai (* 24. August 1929 in Budapest) is a publisher in Austria. He is considered as someone with knowledge about South and East-Europe.
  • Leone da Modena
  • Hannah Lessing
  • Max Letteris
  • Ivan Levaï - a radio-presenter is in France.
  • Artur Levi
  • Hermann Levi
  • Claude Lévi Strauss (1908-2009) was an ethnologist and anthropologist. He is considered as a founder of the structural anthropology. He transferred central theses of the stuctural linguistics into his field and the maintained, human living together would be built up like language. [91] Lévi bunch of grandfathers on the mother's side, a rabbi was in Versailles. [92]
  • Julius Levin
  • Samuel J. Levin, is a manager. By wrong management, professional failure", risky real estates and too high loans, he caused to the actor Nicolas Cage, debts of six millions US dollar. Cage required in 2009 a reparation at the rate of 20 million US dollars (14.5 million euros).
  • Emmanuel Levinas
  • James Levine (1943-) is an American conductor and pianist.
  • Samuel "Red" Levine (1903-) was an US-American mafioso, one of the most fluorescent personalities of the underworld of New York. Born in "Lower East Side" of Manhattan, New York. As a youngster he acquired the nickname "Red" because of his red hair.
  • Elijah Levita
  • Zalman David Levontin
  • Helen Levitt (1913 - 2009) was a US-American photographer and filmmaker. She counted to the most important representatives of "New Yorker Street Photography." [93]
  • Bernard-Henri Lévy (1948-) often also after his initial BHL called, is a French-speaking philosopher and journalist from Algeria. He leads the publishing house" Bernard Grasset". Since 1993 he is married with the actress and singer Arielle Dombasle. His daughter Justine Lévy is also an author.
  • Dani Levy, Switzerland; actor and director
  • Ernst Levy (1895-1981) Switzerland; composer
  • Fritz Levy
  • Charles Lewinsky, Switzerland; author, author ("of Melnitz', quite a usual Jew")
  • Monica Lewinsky (1973-) trainee in the White House as well as in the Pentagon in Washington and Mossad agent - "Lewinsky affair". [94]
  • Jerry Lewis (1926-) born "Joseph Levitch"; US-American comedian, conversationist, producer, actor and singer.
  • Wilhelm Lewy
US chief of staff, Lewis Libby
  • Lewis Libby" Scooter" (1950-) is a USA lawyer and politician. Last he was a chief of staff of the US vice president Dick Cheney, until he was put under accusation on the 28th of October, 2005 because of several cases of perjury and wrong statement upon oath and withdrew. So in March, 2007 he was spoken and because of justice impediment of a juror's court in Washington guilty [95] and in June, 2007 to a 30-month prison sentence condemns [96]. At the beginning of July he found a partial pardon by the at that time US-president and Lewis friend George W. Bush who remitted the prison sentence to him. [97]
  • Avigdor Lieberman (1958-) an Israeli politician and chairperson of the Zionist party "Jisra'el Beitenu (Our house Israel)". [98] since March, 2009 is the former bouncer, foreign minister of Israel. Lieberman stands under corruption suspicion: "Inquiries because of bribery, monetary laundry and the breach of trust." [99]
  • Carl Theodor Liebermann (1842-1914) son of the textile enterpriser "Benjamin Liebermann'; chemist.
  • Benjamin Liebermann
  • Joseph Lieberman "Joe" (1942-) a politician is in USA. In the US-presidency choice in 2004 he was an applicant of the democrats for the office of the president of the United States, after he had run for election by the presidency choice in 2000 beside Al Gore for the office of the vice president.
  • Joseph Liebermann (1783-1860) father of "Max Liebermann'; textile enterpriser.
  • Max Liebermann (1847-1935) painter and graphic artist, " a representative of the impressionism".
  • Rolf Liebermann (1910-1999) was a Swiss composer and director. He was for a short time a lover from Lale Andersen ("Lili Marleen").
  • Franz Joseph Moritz Liebermann-Roßwiese (1872-1931) was the father of "Rolf Liebermann'.
  • Willy Liebermann von Wahlendorf
  • Moshe Leib Lilienblum (1843-1910) Zionist, Hebrew author, Jewish reformer and pioneer of the palestinophile movement.
  • Max Lilienthal
  • Erich Lindemann
  • Leopold Lindtberg (1902-1984) Schweiz; director
  • Linda Lingle
  • Avi Lipkin, writer [100]
  • Ernst Lissauer
Jonathan Littell
  • Jonathan Littell (1967-) Author ("The well-wishers - confessions of a SS man"). [101]
  • François Loeb, Switzerland; enterpriser ("Loeb") and member of the National Assembly.
  • Walter Loeb (1895-1948) was a banker and politician (SPD). Loeb was considered as one of the most radical Anti-German whip.
  • Jay Lovestone (1897 - 1990) was at too different times of chairperson of the communists, leader of a small oppositional party and foreign-policy advisers for the group of leaders of "American Federation of Labor" (AFL) and "Congress of Industrial Organizations" (CIO). In the 1940th he became the anti-communist, worked for the CIA, however, remained of the labour movement loyal.
  • Louis Loewe
  • Ernst Loewenberg
  • Jakob Loewenberg
  • Immanuel Löw
  • Leopold Löw
  • Raphael Löwenfeld
  • Leopold Lucas
  • Abraham Moses Luncz
  • Isaak Luria
  • Arno Lustiger
  • Moshe Chaim Luzzatto
  • Samuel David Luzzatto


Larry Gelbart and Richard Hornberger delivered the basis for the film and TV series M*A*S*H.
Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon (on the right) and Tony Curtis on a poster motive for in 1959 from Billy Wilder produced Hollywood - comedy »Some like it hotly«.
The "Marx Brothers" were supported in Hollywood by the author George Simon Kaufman as well as the composer Irving Berlin.
Steve Ballmer since 2000 manager at Microsoft.
Mattel was founded by Harold Matson, Elliot Handler and his wife Ruth Handler.
Spekulant Madoff got 150 years of custody.
  • Bernard L. Madoff (1938-) US-American enterpriser, once boss of the technology stock exchange NASDAQ.
  • Daniel Magder (1991-) Actor in Canada ("X-Men", "Life with Derek")
  • Judah Leon Magnes
  • Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) was a composer, conductor and opera manager (music theatre) from Austria.
  • Ruth Maier (1920-1942) was a German-speaking author. She was also called "Anne Frank of Norway".
  • Salomon Maimon
  • Moses Maimonides
  • Malbim
  • David Mamet (1947-) is an US-American scriptwriter, dramatist, director, producer, writer and author. The Pulitzer prize-winner is considered as an exceedingly productive author whose style is often compared to "Harold Pinter". In 2009 he announced to film the diary of the Jew Anne Frank anew. For the Disney's studios he will take over the material, the screenplay and the direction. Beside several filmings for television there is already a film version of 1959. [102]
  • Henryk Mandelbaum (1922 - 2008) on the 7th of October, 1944 was involved Mandelbaum in the concentration camp uprising of the "special command concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau" to which he also belonged as a warehouseman.
Economy-minister of Great Britain, Peter Mandelson
  • Peter Benjamin Mandelson (1953-) is a British politician of the "Labour of party", as well as Minister for Economic Affairs of Great Britain. His father was the advertising enterpriser at the London Jewish newspaper "The Jewish Chronicle". Founded in 1841, it is the oldest continuously appearing Jewish newspaper of the world. Mandelson belongs according to a survey in Great Britain to the most influential homosexuel men in Europe. [103]
  • Max E. Mandelstamm
  • Barry Manilow (1943-) born "Barry Alan Pincus"; is an USA singer. He was the pianist and arranger of Bette Midler. In 1972 he produced the first album of Bette Midler.
  • Samuel Maoz (1962-) also known under the name "Shmuel Maoz, Maoz Shmulik" or "Shmulik Maoz"; He is an Israeli director and scriptwriter. For his film "Lebanon"-which also contains German production shares, he became in 2009 at the festival in Venice the "golden lion" prize.
  • Abraham Mapu
  • Mar 'Ukban III
  • Mar Zutra I.
  • Siegfried Marck
  • Mojsije Margel
  • Maria die Jüdin
  • Elias Marks
  • Alexander Marmorek
"Marvel comics" boss, Isaac Perlmutter
  • Ernest Maus "Maus-Frères", Switzerland; enterpriser.
  • Henro Maus "Maus-Frères", Switzerland; enterpriser.
Robert Maxwell
  • Elias Mayer
  • Elias Hayum Mayer
  • Gertrud Mayer (1879-1974) was descended from an orthodox Jewish businessman's family. She was the wife of the German psychiatrist "Karl Jaspers" (1883-1969); her brother was "Ernst Mayer".
  • Gottschalk Mayer
  • Helene Mayer, fencer (Jewish father) from Germany.
  • Teodoro Mayer
  • Julius L. Meier (1874-1937) was an US-American politician and from 1931 to 1935 the 20th governor of Oregon.
  • Meir ha-Levi Abulafia
  • Golda Meir (1898-1978) |Zionist, long-standing Israeli foreign minister and the first prime minister of Israel.
  • Samuel Meisels
  • Lise Meitner (1878-1968) born "Elise Meitner"; she was an important nuclear physicist. From 1907 she was an employee of Otto Hahn. In 1918 her work in the imperial Wilhelm's institute began in Berlin. In 1923 she became a professor of the Berlin university. In 1935 appeared to her with "M. Delbrück" written basis work" The construction of the nuclear core". In 1938 she had to quit the service in the imperial Wilhelm's institute. She went over Denmark where it was staying with Niels Bohr, to Sweden whose citizenship she received in 1946. From 1961 lived the unmarried remaining Meitner with her nephew Otto Frisch in England. In 1966 she became the prize named after atom bomb father "Enrico Fermi" (1901-1954). Lise Meitner was christened Protestant, she was the third daughter of the Jewish lawyer "Philipp Meitner" and his wife "Hedwig Meitner-Skovran".
  • Abraham Melzer, publisher of the German-speaking "Semite/Times"; edition in the 1990s stopped.
  • Wolfgang Menge (1924-) is a German-speaking journalist and author. His best known protagonist is the antihero from a "heart and a soul", "Alfred Tetzlaff (disgust Alfred)", this is, in Menges a representation, the stereotypical reactionary German petty bourgeois. Besides, being chauvinistic to woman-despising appearance, failures against the SPD government, his son-in-law, foreigner, foreign worker and a lot more aim at the contemporary lower middle-class family table politicians.
  • Abraham Mendelssohn (1776-1835) banker. He was the son of "Moses Mendelssohn' and the father of "Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy'.
  • Erich Mendelsohn (1887-1953) was an architect and a member "Zionist union for Germany". He determined decisively the townscape Berlin. In 2009 an endowment named after him was founded. He devotes himself to the investigation of life and work of the German Jewish architect, who became famous by the Potsdam Einstein-tower and several department stores. In Berlin are still the today's house the metal IG in Kreuzberg, the former cinema Universe, which is converted to a show stage and numerous Villas kept as he originally designed them. [104]
  • Ernst von Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1846-1909) founder of the family enterprise "bank house to Mendelssohn'.
  • Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847) was a composer and lived from 1835 to 1847 in Leipzig. He was here a garment house bandmaster and founded the first conservatoire of Germany in the town.
  • Franz von Mendelssohn "the older" (1829-1889) banker.
  • Franz von Mendelssohn "the younger" (1865-1935) was a German-speaking banker and economic official ("bank house to Mendelssohn').
  • Dorothea Mendelssohn (1763-1839) author. She was the oldest daughter of the author "Moses Mendelssohn'.
  • Martin Mendelsohn, was chairperson a German citizen of Jewish faith" (1893 with the "central association-1894). [105]
  • Paul von Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1875-1935) German-speaking banker; son of the banker "Ernst von Mendelssohn-Bartholdy'.
  • Isaac Mendes, the best known Slave-trader in the Caribbean.
  • Gerard Menuhin (1948-) "Zioncritical", journalist and film producer. Son of "Yehudi Menuhin" and "Diana Rosamund Gould".
  • Debra Messing
  • Albert Meyer (lawyer)
  • Julius Meyer (1909-1979) was in 1952/1953 a president of the association of the Jewish communities in the [the GDR].
  • Giacomo Meyerbeer (1791 - 1864), actually, Jakob Meyer Beer, was a German-speaking composer and conductor. He was a son of the Jewish sugar producer and banker Jacob Herz Beer and Amalie (" Malka") Beer, born Lipmann Meyer Wulff. His brothers were Wilhelm Beer (a businessman who became known as an amateur astronomer) and Michael Beer (who became known as an author). The third brother Heinrich Beer (1794 - 1842) was probably the problem child of the family and never practiced a profession.
  • Otto Fritz Meyerhof (* 12th of April, 1884 in Hannover;" 6th of October, 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was a biochemist who received the Nobel prize for medicine in 1922 together with "Archibald Vivian Hill" for his researches about the metabolism in the muscle. His father was the well-to-do businessman "Fritz Meyerhof"; the mother "Bettina", born "May".
  • Inge Meysel (1910 - 2004), actually, "Ingeborg Charlotte Meysel", formerly "Hansen", divorced "Rudolph", married "Olden". She was an actress and confessed in the "Stern" with the 6 jagged skew star within the scope of a campaign there: "" I have procured abortion.""
  • Horst Michna
  • George Mikes (György) (* 15. Februar 1912 in Siklós; +15. August 1987 in London). Author of humoristic books.
  • Erhard Milch (1892-1972) was in spite of his descent of a Jewish father a German army officer and air-force officer (since 1940 field marshal) and from 1933 to 1945 Assistant Secretary of the imperial ministry of aviation (RLM), at the same time Chief of Staff of the air force and from November, 1941 till July 1944 general air stuff masters. He enjoyed protection of his close friend, Chancellor of the Reich Hitler who left his descent proofs arisieren by an instruction to Milchs boss, Göring.
Foreign minister of Great Britain, David Miliband
Ed Miliband, Energy and environment minister in Great Britain
  • Ed Miliband *1969 London. Brit politician, presently Energy and environment minister.
  • Michael Milken (1946-) is an US-American financier and investment banker who was in the 1970s one of the main partner with the creation of the Junk of Bond market (" The Junk Bond King"). In 1989 he was arrested because of finance deception and is considered as a symbol of the avarice in Wall Street during the 1980s. In 1990 he was condemned to ten years of prison from which he dismounted only two years.
  • Eugene Mittwoch
  • László Moholy-Nagy (born: Weiss) 1895 Hungary-1946 Chicago. He was a cousin of George Solt, musician. He was a painter, designer a photograph.
  • Lucia Moholy, born Schulz, wife of Moholy László 1921-1929
  • Salomon Molcho
Moses Montefiore
  • Moses Montefiore
Demi Moore (1987)
  • Demi Moore (1962-) ex-wive of ethnic German actor Bruce Willis; US-American actress ("striptease").
  • Hans Morgenthau (1904-1980) was an American politics scientist and lawyer. His parents were the doctor "Ludwig Morgenthau" and "Frieda Bachmann', the daughter of a well-to-do businessman from Bamberg.
  • Henry Morgenthau jr. (1891-1967) was an US-American politician. From 1934 to 1945 he filled the position of the Minister of Finance. Morgenthau jr. sketched under the headline" Germany is Our problem" during the war" the most prodigious Mass-mord plan which was thought up by human revenge lust and barbarity". He was the son from Henry Morgenthau senior.
  • Henry Morgenthau jr. II. (1917-) was son from Henry Morgenthau jr. and his wife Elinor born Fatman. He was a grandnephew of the bank boss Herbert H. Lehman and carried the uniform of the US-Army in the Second World War. After 1945 he got into the television business. From 1955 to 1977 he was a chief producer of the TV transmitter WGBH (Boston). Also he has worked as an author, producer and manager for the big national institutions like NBC, CBS and ABC. He exerted decisive influence, besides, as a vice president" of the "Eleanor Roosevelt institute", as a manager of the " Morse Communication centre" at the Brandeis university" and as an high rank member of the Jewish B'nai B'rith of alliance. [1]
  • Benny Morris (1948-) is a known israel historian. He is considered as one most high-powered and most productive of the "new Israeli historians", an controversial group of scientists who question the current historiography of Israel and the zionism.
  • Ruth Isabel Moschner (1976-) TV-moderator and writer.
  • Salomon Hermann Mosenthal
  • Moses ibn Esra
  • Moses ibn Tibbon
  • Zero Mostel (1915 - 1977) born "Samuel Joel Mostel"; He was an US-American actor. He became in the McCarthy era in the 1950s on them" black list" sedate and with occupational ban books.
  • Maurice Motamed
  • Leo Motzkin
  • Yariv Mozer, is an Israeli director. "When he moved in 2006 as a reserve man in the Lebanon war, the Israeli director Yariv Mozer did not think about making a film." [108]
  • Sonja Mühlberger
  • Jan Mühlstein
  • Stefan von Müller


Richard Wolfgang Sonnenfeldt was a chief interpreter at the Nuremberg tribunal (OSS, CIA); Vice President NBC, Bertelsmann
  • Andreas Nachama
  • Estrongo Nachama radio-reader and singer as well as choirmaster of the Jewish municipality in Berlin, Joachimstaler street.
  • Rabbi Nachman
  • Nachmanides
  • Werner Nachmann (1925 - 1988) was an enterpriser and politician (CDU). From 1969 to 1988 he was in office as a chairperson central advice of the Jews in Germany. He had embezzled about 33 million DM in interest yields of reparation money of the Federal Government. The whereabouts of the money is unsettled till this day.
  • Nachum von Tschernobyl
  • Ivan Nagel (1931-) is a German-speaking theatre scholar, critic, journalist and former theatrical director from Hungary.
  • Fritz Naphtali
  • Gracia Nasi
  • Joseph Nasi
  • Michael Naumann (1941-) is a German politician (SPD). Beside his activity as a journalist, journalist and publisher was Naumann State Minister for Culture. He was a top candidate Hamburg he SPD to the election to the City Parliament in 2008.
  • Erich Nehlhans
  • Leonard Nelson (* 11th of July, 1882 in Berlin- 29th of October, 1927 in Goettingen) was educationally and politically engaged philosopher with working main focuses Logic and Ethics. His father, "Heinrich Nelson" (1854-1929), was a lawyer, his mother "Elisabeth", born "Lejeune-Dirichlet" (1860-1920), a painter. As a daughter of the East Prussian landowner and Reichstag representative of the progress party "Walter Dirichlet" (1833-1887) and granddaughter of the mathematician "Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet" as well as "Mendelssohn Bartholdy" she was descended from "Moses Mendelssohn'.
  • Benjamin Netanjahu (1949-) also "Binjamin Netanjahu", in Israel briefly "Bibi" called; He is a Zionist politician of the regime of Tel Aviv and since December 2005 chairperson of the Likud.
  • Adi Neumann (1982-) is a IMG model (Mark McCormack, Axel Springer publishing company, TV and sports marketing).
  • John Neumann János von Neumann (* 28. Dezember 1903 in Budapest Hungary  ? 8. February 1957 in Washington, DC) Mathematician, one of the atombomb Jews. Died presumably due to cancer caused by radiation.
  • Salomon Neumann
  • Jacob Neusner
  • Kurt Neuwald
  • Paul Newman (1925-2008) actor, director, racing driver and enterpriser.
  • Leonard Simon Nimoy (1931-) US-american actor ("spaceship Enterprise as a mister Spock"), director and film producer.
  • Nissim von Gerona
  • Nehemia Anton Nobel
  • Max Nordau (1849-1923) doctor, author, co-founder of the Zionist world-wide organisation.
  • Léon Norseman, Switzerland; enterpriser
  • Alfred Nossig


  • Abi Ofarim (1937-) born "Abraham Reichstadt'; he is an israeli dancer, singer, guitarist and choreographer who became known between 1959 and 1969 together with his wife Esther at that time as the song duet Esther & Abi Ofarim internationally. He lives in Munich and has received till this day already 59 golden records and was ennobled in 1968 by queen Elizabeth II to "Sir". In the end of the 1960s Abi Ofarim had a connection with the actress Iris Berben from which connection Oliver Berben was descended.
  • Jacques Offenbach (* 20. Juni 1819 Köln; † 5. Oktober 1880 Paris; born as Jakob Offenbach) was a composer and Cellist. He is considered as the founder of modern operett.
Israel's ex-head of government, Ehud Olmert
  • Ehud Olmert (1945-) is a israeli politician (Kadima). He was an Israeli Prime Minister since 2006. In 2008 he withdrew because of corruption reproaches.
  • Edith Oppenheim-Jonas (1907-2001) Schweiz; children's book author ("dad of minor") and artist.
  • Jonathan Oppenheim (1952-) is a son of Judy Holliday (singer, actress) and of the composer Dave Oppenheim.
  • Andrés Oppenheimer, an Argentine author and journalist, is known for his analysis to the Latin-American politics.
  • Ann L. Oppenheimer (1912-2008) was the wealthy daughter of "Julius Oppenheimer", known by the leather business "Adler & Oppenheimer AG". [110]
  • Sir Ernest Oppenheimer (1880-1957) born "Ernst Oppenheimer"; he was a diamond mining and golden mining enterpriser and financier, he controlled De Beers and founded the "Anglo American of corporation" of South Africa.
  • Frank Oppenheimer, physicist, brother from J. Robert Oppenheimer, to the founder of the "Exploratorium-San Francisco.
  • Isabel la Negra, also known as Isabel Luberza Oppenheimer, a Puerto-Rican criminal.
  • Jacob Oppenheimer died in 1941 in Paris.
  • Jerry Oppenheimer, is a journalist, author, producer of TV newscasts and documentations. He has written several unauthorized biographies of personalities of the public life; so among other things about Hillary and Bill Clinton, Anna Wintour, Rock Hudson, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Ethel Kennedy and Jerry Seinfeld. His latest strains concentrate upon the Hilton family (Paris Hilton). [111]
  • Max Ophüls, known as Max Oppenheimer, German director.
  • Franz Oppenheimer (* 30th of March, 1864 in Berlin;" 30th of September, 1943 in Los Angeles) was a doctor, sociologist, national economist and Zionist. He was born as the third child by "Antonie Oppenheimer" (teacher), born "Davidson", and "Julius Oppenheimer" (preacher in the Jewish reform municipality in Berlin). He is a brother of the biochemist "Carl Oppenheimer" and the author "Paula Dehmel" (1862-1918).
  • Peter Oppenheimer, boss deputy president, business manager and boss in the finance board of directors from Apple computer (earlier "Apple Computer Inc").
  • Rosa Oppenheimer, died in Auschwitz.
  • Stephen Oppenheimer, a researcher near Oxford university in the areas of the applied and historical genetics.
President, Safra A. Catz
, Founder, Lawrence Ellison
  • Jerry Orbach (1935-2004) was an US-American actor of Jewish origin (on the father's side). Orbach was married since 1979 with the Broadway dancer Elaine Cancilla and had two sons from a former marriage. Jerry Orbach and his son Chris Orbach were actors in the US TV series "Law & order'.
O&K logo
  • Benno Orenstein (* 2. August 1851 in Posen; † 11. April 1926 in Berlin-Wannsee) was a Railway-Industry-Manager and city alderman. He established 1876 with his Jewish friend, Arthur Koppel the leading German enterprise for construction machines "Orenstein & Koppel".
  • Sharon Osbourne (1952-) born Levy, before Arden; She is the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, a TV personality and a presenter with own broadcasting, as well as music manager and sponsor. Their children Kelly Osbourne (1984-), Jack Osbourne (1985-) and Aimee Osbourne (1983-) were educated to small "Reality " stars and were marketed. [112] "Also the children of scandal rocker Ozzy Osbourne have drug problems over and over again. Kelly Osbourne put away in 2009 voluntarily in the denial clinic; also her brother Jack drank regularly since his 13th year. In 2003 he was delivered because of tablet addiction to the child psychiatry. In a denial clinic in Malibu he succeeded in 2007, according to his own information" clean" to become."
  • Amos Oz (1939-) an Israeli author and co-founder of the political movement "Peace Now".


  • Larry Page (1973-) US-American information scientists and co-founder of the searching machine Google.
  • Jana Pallaske (1979-) is a German-speaking actress. She sang her under the pseudonym "Bonnie Riot-the Berlin punk group "Spitting Off Tall Buildings". Pallaske should be seen in different film productions and television productions, also in the Hollywood production "eurotrip" at the side of Matt Damon and Jew Michelle Trachtenberg. Till the middle of August, 2004 she worked as a video-presenter at the music transmitter "MTV" where she presented the "MTV news Mag" once weekly as a proxy of Markus Kavka.
Gwyneth Paltrows father Bruce is a Russian Jew
  • Gwyneth Paltrow (1972-) actress.
  • Károly Pap (1897-1945) was an author. Pap was born in 1897 in Hungary as the third son of a rabbi. He announced himself to outbreak of the First World War it voluntarily to the war service. As a member of the Hungarian Red army" (1919) he was arrested for a short time. He worked among other things as a coffin joiner and actor, wrote stage plays, novels and novellas.
  • Bertha Pappenheim (1859-1936) was a founder of the Jewish women's alliance. In addition, she was known as a patient Anna O., who was selected as a a starting point for the development of the theory of the hysteria and with it of the psychoanalysis by Josef Breuer together with Sigmund Freud, who published her case history in the studies about hysteria
  • Herbert Pardo (1887-1974) was a politician (SPD) and official in Jewish municipalities in Hamburg.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker (1965-) "Golden Globe", Emmy-awarded US-American actress ("sex and the city, The family Stone" Get engaged forbade!, Mars Attacks!, L.A. story, Footloose").
  • Boris Pasternak *10. February 1890. Moscow, +30 May 1960. Peredelkino, author. His most famous work is Dr. Shivago. written 1948-1953, Nobel prize 1958.
Ana Pauker
  • Ana Pauker (born: Rabinovich) communist leader 1948-1953 in Rumania. In 1955 charged with corruptiun, but not punished. Later on worked as a translator up to her death.
  • Sean Paul "Ryan Francis Henriques" (1973-) is a Jamaican dance sound interpreter (music style speech song).
  • Dominika Peczynski (1971-) was a member of the " Army of of lover", which was a Jewish transsexual pop music group from Sweden.
  • Amanda Peet (* 11. January 1972 in New York City) is an US-american actress. On 30. September 2006 married Peet the Jewish author David Benioff. They live with their daughter (* 2007) in Los Angeles.
  • Irving Penn (1917-2009) was an US-American photographer. In the post-war period he became famous as a fashion and portrait photographer. "Only for the magazine 'Vogue' he created more than 150 title pages. Kip portraitierte also stars like Igor Strawinsky, Miles Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Alfred Hitchcock and Ingmar Bergman. The American, in addition, was known by his photos of primitive races and by his photographic still life. "[113] Irving Penn was the son of a Jewish watchmaker.
Sean Penn
  • Sean Justin Penn (1960-) is an often prize-winning US-American actor as well as director and scriptwriter.
  • Jacob Rodrigues Pereira (1715-1780) was a Portuguese Jew. As a pedagogue he developed a teaching method for deaf and dumb persons and is considered as a pioneer in France.
  • Shimon Peres (1923-) born "Szymon Perski"; He is an Israeli politician and the president of the state Israel. Peres was an illegal arms dealer and got in 1994 the Nobel peace prize lent.
  • Isaac Perlmutter, is an US-American businessman and financier. Since the 1st of January, 2005 he is comic a boss of "Marvel to entertainment'. He was also the owner of "Remington Products" and "Toy Biz". In 2009 he bought stocks of "Marvel Comics" at the Disney's group.
  • Johann Jacob Martin Philippi (1761-1850) was a scholar, journalist and royal Prussian court advice. Martin Philippi was born as a Moses Alexander David. He was the son Philipp Alexander David and grandson of the known Brunswick court factor Alexander David.
  • Ludwig Philippson (1811-1889) was a German-speaking author and rabbi.
  • Joaquín Rafael Phoenix (1974-) born "Joaquín Raphael Bottom"; is an US-American actor ("8 mm" Eight millimetres").
Moshe Pijade
  • Moshe (Mosa) Pijade (1890-1957), a close confidante of Yugoslavian leader Marshal Josip Broz Tito. Pijade (self portrait) was born to a prominent Sephardic Jewish family of Bulgarian origin in Belgrade, Serbia.
Pink, Alecia Beth Moore
  • Pink, Alecia Beth Moore (1979-) Grammy Award-winner, US-American singer and actress.
  • Harold Pinter, CH, CBE (1930 - 2008) was a British theatrical author, director and bearer of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005. Pinter has written for theatre, radio, television and films. Many of his early works are considered as parts of the absurd theatre.
  • Sarah Poewe (1983-) is a swimmer (Jewish mother) from Germany. Poewe was born in Capetown, still swam up to the world championships in 2001 for South Africa, since the European championships in 2002 she starts for Deutschland.
  • Joel Samuel Polack (1807-1882) was the first Jewish colonist in New Zealand who came there in 1831.
  • Roman Polanski (1933-) Polish director, scriptwriter and actor, has since 1975 the French citizenship. Police in Switzerland arrest Polanski in September of 2009 and plan extradite him to the United States to serve a prison term for the 1977 rape of Samantha Geimer.[3]
  • Oliver Polak (1977-) FRG television entertainment, assisted for Stefan Raab and presented the Comedy series "VIVA-Family". [114] [115]
  • Hans Jacob Polotsky (1905-1991) also "Hans Jakob Polotsky"; was an Israeli orientalist and linguist, professor for Semitic languages and egyptology.
  • Abraham Portaleone (1542-1612) was an Italian-Jewish doctor and author.
  • Alisan Porter (1981-) is an US-American actress ("An insane family, Curly Sue, A curly hairstyle makes whirl'; US TV serial: "Undressed, Who with whom"").
Natalie Portman has been born under the surname Hershlag on the 9th of June, 1981 in Jerusalem
  • Natalie Portman (1981-), actually, "Natalie Hershlag"; actress in "Star War: Episode I-III".
  • Alan Posener (1949-) is a German-speaking journalist, chief annotator world on Sunday (WamS). He is the son of the architecture historian Julius Posener.
  • Luciano Moše Prelevi" (1953-) is rabbi of the Jewish municipality of Zagreb.
  • Otto Preminger *5 December 1906, Vienna, +23 April 1986, New York City, New York, USA (lung cancer and Alzheimer's disease) From 1936 film director in USA, first big success "Laura" 1944. Had two children.
  • Daniel Prenn (1904-1991) was a known German-speaking tennis and table tennis player.
  • Sally Priesand (1946-) is the first Rabbiness ordained in the USA.
  • Alfred Pringsheim (1850-1941) was a German-speaking mathematician and art patron. Alfred Pringsheim was descended from an extremely well-to-do Silesian businessman's family of Jewish descent. He was beside his sister Martha the first child and the only son of the Upper Silesian railway enterpriser and coal pit owner Rudolf Pringsheim (1821-1901) and his wife Paula, born Deutschmann (1827-1909).
  • Ernst Pringsheim senior (1859-1917) was a German-speaking physicist in Berlin and Wroclaw. Ernst Pringsheim was descended from an extremely well-to-do Silesian businessman's family of Jewish descent.
  • Ernst Pringsheim junior (1881-1970) was a German-speaking scientist and plant physiologist and professor for biochemistry and botany in Berlin, Prague and Cambridge and Goettingen. Be official botanical author's abbreviation is" E.G.Pringsh. ". Ernst Pringsheim was descended from an extremely well-to-do Silesian family of Jewish descent and was the son of Hugo Pringsheim (-1915) and Hedwig Johanna Heymann (1856-1938). In the first marriage he married on the 18th of March, 1907 Lily Chun (1887-1954) in Königsberg, the daughter of the professor Carl Chun. The marriage from which five children come was divorced in 1921. In the second marriage home Prings married on the 16th of July, 1929 chemist Olga Zimmermann (1902-1992) in Prague.
  • Klaus Pringsheim junior (1923-2001) was a German-speaking Eastern Asia historian in the USA and Canada. Klaus Pringsheim was descended from an extremely well-to-do Silesian businessman's family of Jewish descent and was officially considered as a son of the conductor of the same name and composer Klaus Pringsheim senior (1883-1972), twin brother from Katia Mann, and his wife Klara Koszler, called Lala. His father was actual according to his autobiography of the opera singers Hans Winckelmann. [116]
  • Nathanael Pringsheim (1823-1894) was a German-speaking botanist and privy councillor. His official botanical author's abbreviation is" Pringsh. ". Nathanael Pringsheim was descended from a known Silesian businessman's family of Jewish descent. His daughter Margarethe married the chemist Albert Ladenburg for Mannheim.



  • Rabbenu Tam
  • Saul Pinchas Rabbinowicz
  • Michael O. Rabin
  • Nachum L. Rabinovitch
  • Joseph Rabinowitz
  • Rachel (poet)
  • Gilda Radner (1946-1989) was an US-American actress and comedienne who became known by her five-year-old participation in that NBC - "Comedyserie Saturday Night Live". She was the wife of Gene Wilder.
Daniel Radcliffes ("Harry Potter") mother is Jew, the father Protestant Er donated his first glasses for a Holocaust performance.
  • Daniel Radcliffe (1989-) Actor ("Harry Potter").
  • Moritz Rahmer
  • Sam Raimi (1959-) is a US-American director of films and TV serials ("dance of the devil, Spider-Man I-III").
  • Nathalia Ramos (1992-) in Spain born actress ("Bratz: The Movie").
  • Sarah Ramos (1991") of US-American TV actress ("American Dreams").
  • Ayn Rand (1905-1982), born as, "Alissa Sinowjewna Rosenbaum'; she was an US-American author and philosopher.
  • Tony Randall (1920-2004) born "Arthur Leonard Rosenberg'; he was an US-American actor and television actor.
  • Mátyás Rákosi (1945-1956) born "Roth"; party secretary in Hungary, mass murderer.
  • Raschi
  • Moses Rathenau, late "Moritz Rathenau" (1800-1871) father of "Emil Rathenau", the founder of the AEG, and grandfather of "Walter Rathenau"; businessman.
  • Emil Moritz Rathenau (1838-1915) mechanic engineer and enterpriser.
  • Walther Rathenau (1867-1922) was a German industrialist, author and liberal politician (DDP). He became as an imperial foreign minister victim of a politically motivated attempt of the organisation "Consul".
Peter Raue
  • Peter Raue (1941-) "Mr. MoMA"; He is a German Federal lawyer, notary public, art lover and art sponsor. In 1977 became Raue chairperson of the «association of the friends of the national gallery». Since 2005 Raue is fee professor for copyright at the "free university of Berlin". For his salaries around the support of the arts the country Berlin lent him in 2005 the honourary professor's dignity. In the same year he received the big honorary cross of the honorary order of the Federal Republic of Germany for his working around the Berlin culture. [117] One of his personal friends is Ronald Stephen Lauder. Peter Raue is married with Andrea Gräfin Bernstorff. [118] [119]
  • Anita Rée
  • Bar Refaeli (1985-) spelling variation "Bar Refali"; She is a israeli model. She had an affaire with the ethnic German US-American actor Leonardo DiCaprio, her family wanted that they marry.
  • Moshe Regev (* 1951-) alias "Moshe Regenstreich'; is israeli diamond trader and arms dealer. Fraud, document forgery and other offences were charged on him in the amount of about 14 million fr.
  • Marcel Reich-Ranicki (1920-) born "Marcel Reich'; He is a journalist and is considered as the most influential German-speaking literary critic of the present.
  • Eva Gabriele Reichmann
  • Tadeus Reichstein (1897-1996) Switzerland; chemist and Nobel Prize Laureate.
  • Marcel Reif (1949-) is a German-speaking TV reporter and sports annotator.
  • Jizchak Jakob Reines
  • Moses Reines
  • Jehuda Reinharz (1944-) professors for modern Jewish history, president of "Brandeis University". [120]
  • Abraham Reisen
  • Kalman Reisen
  • Salman Reisen
  • Sara Reisen
  • Franz Reizenstein
Paul Julius Reuter was a founder of the news agency.
  • Paul Julius Reuter (1816-1899), actually, Israel Beer Josaphat; he was a German-speaking enterpriser. He is known above all as a founder of the news agency "Reuters Telegraphic Comp. Incorporated". He was a son of rabbi Samuel Levi Josaphat and his Mrs. Betty, born Sanders.
  • David Reuveni
  • Alexander Rosenbaum (1951-) also "Rozenbaum"; He is a Russian artist.
  • Edith Rosenbaum (1877-1975) was an US American fashion journalist, designer. Further she was known than war correspondent in the first world war and as survivor of the sunken "Titanic".
  • Emery Reves (1904-1981), alias "Imre Rosenbaum' alias "Imre Révész"; he was a USA journalist.
  • Elio Enrico Richetti, rabbi of Venice ("of Venetian rabbis") [121]
ZDF - "disco " presenter Ilya Richter
  • Ilya Richter (1952-) is a German-speaking actor, synchronous speaker and television presenter. His father was a convinced communist and named his son after Ilya Ehrenburg. Ilya Richter became known in the seventies by the ZDF - music broadcasting "" Disco"".
  • David El Ro'i
  • Wolfgang Rochmes lives and works in Lower Bavaria. Grown up in Vienna he became in his childhood knownledgeable with Jewish humor and Jewish literature.
  • Randolf Alexander Rodenstock (1948-) entrepreneur, economic official; the most important donator in the party financing of the German politics.
  • Rolf Rodenstock (1917-1997) Economist, leader of the family enterprise of "Rodenstock" and economic official, president BDI of 1978-1984.
  • Schalom Rokeach
  • Sigmund Romberg (1887-1951) was an American composer.
  • Willy Ronis (1910-2009) was a French photographer in the area of the reports, fashion photograph and advertising photograph. Ronis was born in Paris, his father was a Jewish emigrant from "Odessa" who maintained a photo studio in "Montmartre", his mother was an emigrant from Lithuania who gave piano lessons. Willy Ronis was interested quite early in music and wanted to become, actually, a composer. However, he had to go after his military service in the year 1932 to the support of his father suffering from cancer (1936) took over his photo studio in the "boulevard to Voltaire' in Paris, this is why he could not continue his music studies. In 1936 he came rather by chance to photography.
  • Mark Ronson (1975-) is an English music producer living in New York, DJ and co-founder of "Allido Records". His parents are ashkenasi Jews and educated their son strictly after the apprenticeships of Tora. Christina Aguilera, "Lady Gaga", Robbie Williams, Kate Nash, "Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears" this scandal women take their part of this man. All divas had to go to the hit smith, Mark Ronson ". [122] Mark's sister is Samantha Ronson.
  • Samantha Ronson (1977-) is a song writer and disc-publisher (music). She is the sister of Mark Ronson and the beloved of "Lindsay Lohan".
  • David Rosen, is the former upper rabbi of Ireland (1979-85) and is currently as a president of the 'international Jewish committee for interreligious consultations' (IJCIC), the coalition of Jewish organisations and denominations of the Jewry all over the world that helds relations with the other world religions. Before his appointment as an upper rabbi of Ireland, David Rosen Senior was Rabbi of the biggest orthodox Jewish municipality in South Africa (Capetown) and a judge in the "cape Beth Din" (Rabbinical court of law.) The rabbi David Rosen tries to gain some positive for himself from the Causa Williamson. Due to Richard Williamson the Pius brotherhood has been put under special observation, said the chairperson of the 'international Jewish committee for interreligious consultations' the Catholic news agency. If one day the danger has insisted that the brotherhood comes as it were under the radar through back to the church, then will now certainly not happen any more. Meanwhile, upper rabbi of Rome Riccardo Di Segni sees other questions in the Catholic-Jewish dialogue. In spite of important purifications not all problems are solved. As an example he called the aimed beatification of pope Pius XII [123] [124]
Michael Rosenbaum ("Smallville")
  • Michael Rosenbaum (1972-) is an American actor and synchronous speaker. Rosenbaum was known by the US TV serial "Smallville-which he played from 2001 to 2008 the role of "Lex Luthor".
  • Levy Izhak Rosenbaum is an Israeli criminal who was active in the area of Organ trade and monetary laundry. At the end of July, 2009 Rosenbaum was arrested. Rosenbaum has boasted, to have provided already many kidneys." I am a Matchmaker".
  • Willy Rosenbaum (1894-1944) famously as "Willy Rosen"; he was a revue artist, composer and script writer. He belonged to the best known entertainment artist in Germany during the twenties years of the 20th century. "Willy Julius Rosen" became as a son of "Amelie Rosenbaum', born "Mercker", and the businessman "Arthur Rosenbaum' born.
  • Vladimir Rosenbaum (1894-1984) was a lawyer and businessman (antiquary and art trade).
  • Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg (1915-1953) was a communist, was executed because of nuclear spying for the Soviet Union in New York on the electric chair.
  • Julius Rosenberg (1918-1953) was a communist, and was executed because of nuclear spying for the Soviet Union in New York on the electric chair.[125]
  • Oskar Adolf von Rosenberg
  • Jossele Rosenblatt
  • Jakob Rosenfeld, also general Luo, Luó Shangtè (1903-1952) was a doctor who was expelled from Austria. In his new native country China he rose up to the health minister.
  • Morris Rosenfeld
  • Alfred Rosenthal
  • Hans Rosenthal, radio-conversationist and later Television quiz-broadcasting leader on television in Germany.
  • Sir Norman Rosenthal, son of a Jewish emigrant's family, is a British art connoisseur for restitution.
  • Josef Rosenzweig-Moir
  • Cecil Roth
  • Moses Joseph Roth (1894 - 1939) was an author and journalist. "He spent his life in bars and hotels. For him this was a world view. His rise began in post-war Austria, in the Weimar republic he became the star journalist - one of the highest paid of his time." [126]
  • Philip Roth (1933-) is an US-American author.
Once the bank of France, controlled Guy de Rothschild the industries all over the world.
  • Guy de Rothschild (1909-2007) born "baron Guy Édouard Alphonse Paul de Rothschild"; he was a French banker and industrialist as well as member of the banker's dynasty Rothschild. "The family bank whose chairmanship Rothschild took over after the war soon controlled industries all over the world, under it the mining group of Rio Tinto Zinc, oil companies, hotels and a shipping company." [127]
  • Philippe de Rothschild (1982-)
  • Daniel A. Rothschild
  • Dorothy de Rothschild
  • Nathaniel Meyer von Rothschild
  • Siegmund Rotstein
  • Joseph Rovan (1918-2004) born "Joseph Adolphe Rosenthal"; he is beside Grosser the most important French intellectual of Jewish origin.
  • Max Rubensohn
  • Sofia Rubina (1985–) is an singer from Estonia.
  • Paul Rudd (1969-) An US-American Hollywood actor ( Never more sex with the ex, witness for marriage is searched for!").
  • Gutmann Rülf
  • Isaak Rülf
  • Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943) sociologist, Zionist and pioneer of the foundation of Tel Aviv.
  • Pinhas Rutenber (1879-1942) engineer and enterpriser, Russian socialist and Zionis-leader.


  • Daryl Sabara (1992") of US-American actors ("Spy of kids", "Keeping Up with the Steins", "to Halloween')
  • Evan Sabara (1992") US-American film/TV actor, brother of "Daryl Sabara"
  • Hanns Sachs (1881-1947) was a psychoanalyst, lawyer and early employee of Sigmund Freud.
  • Hans Sachs, Berlin dentist and art patron; He conveyed a "poster collection" to the "German historical museum". Sachs became a compensation for this, during the second world war (partly sold) poster collection, which was believed missing, about 600,000 euros, and was content afterwards with this solution. Forty years later his son, Peter Sachs, want to sell the poster collection, that in the mean time won in market value, using an auction house.
  • Peter Sachs, son of Hans Sachs; known as a restitution plaintiff against the will of his father, he wants with the help of Jewish claims Conference the "poster collection", that has a higher market value in the mean time, back from the "German historical museum" to auction them using an action house. [128]
  • Gene Saks (1921-) is a US-American theatrical director and director. Beside his activity as a director he was sporadically active also as an actor. Saks was married from 1950 to 1978 with the Jewish actress Beatrice Arthur, who was known above all by her role of "Dorothy Zbornak" int the US TV serial "Golden Girls"" . Genes Saks was multiple times "Tony Award" Winner.
  • Rachel Salamander (1949-) is a German-speaking literature specialist. In 1982 the opening of her followed" Literature action-Munich, one on Jewish literature and literature to the Jewry specified bookstore. Rachel Salamander is publisher in that" Literary world", the literature addition from The world. Rachel Salamander is married since 1990 with Stephan Sattler, group executive culture in Focus.
  • Jerome David Salinger (1919-) also J.D.Salinger; He is an US-American author.
  • Schneur Salman (1745-1812) rabbi Schne'ur Salman of Liadi, was the founder of the chassidi Chabad-Lubawitsch-motion.
  • Salomo Adret (1235-1310) Salomo ben Abraham Adret, also Aderet, after his initials also Raschba called; He was a Spanish rabbi and one of the most important Jewish scholars of his time.
  • Andy Samberg (1978-) born "David Andrew Samberg'; He is an US-American comedian, actor (is "a witness requested!") and author. His grandfather on the mother's side was the executive-presiding of "American Jewish Congress", Alfred J. Marrow (1905-1978).
  • Herz Samson (1738-1794) also "Naftali Hirz"; He was a German-speaking banker. He comes from a Jewish family in Wolfenbüttel. Herz Samson was the son of the well-to-do court factor Samson Gumpel (about 1702-1767) [129] and grandson of the court Jew Marcus Gumpel Moses Fulda (1660-1733) which had anew founded the Jewish municipality there. His brother Philipp Samson (1743-1805) was active in Wolfenbüttel as a court banker.
  • Philipp Samson (1743-1805) was a German-speaking court banker. He was a co-founder and later name giver of the Samson school in Wolfenbüttel. Philipp Samson counted together with his brother Herz to the most wealthy Jews of the dukedom. He effected successful banking transactions among other things with the Brunswick court under Herzog Karl I. and his son. In 1795 he counted to the financiers for the Wolfenbütteler Lessing monument.
  • Samuel ben Meir, called Raschbam, was a Jewish annotator of Bible and Talmud in the 12th century. He is a grandson of Raschi and brother of Rabbenu Tam. His life data are not saved unambiguously. He is born between 1080 and 1085 in Ramerupt, a village in Northern France, died probably in the end of the 1150s.
  • Samuel ibn Tibbon (1160-1230), the son of Jehuda ibn Tibbon, was a Jewish author and translator of the Middle Age from the family Ibn Tibbon.
  • Shimon Samuels of the "Simon Wiesenthal centre-Paris. [130]
  • Håkan Samuelsson (1951-) also "Hakan Samuelsson"; He is chairman of the board of the MAN AG. [131] His salary at the management lies around 3.3 million euros.
Film comedian, Adam Sandler
  • Adam Sandler (1966-) is an American Hollywood actor, comedian, producer, composer, synchronous speaker and scriptwriter ("The department store Cop, do not tangle with Zohan, As the life plays in such a way, King of queens").
  • Albert Abdullah David Sassoon
  • Elias David Sassoon
  • N. O. Scarpi (1888 - 1980), actually, "Friedrich (Fritz) Bondy"; He was an Austrian-Swiss translator, feuilletonist, anecdote collector and director. Fritz Bondy grew up as a son of Jewish parents of the German-speaking minority in Prague. The father died early; the stepfather, Heinrich Teweles (1856-1927), author, script editor in the "new German theatre in Prague", theatrical critic and from 1900 was an editor in chief of the "Prague day sheet'. From 1912 Fritz Bondy led Regie in the new German theatre . He also worked as an assistant of Max Reinhardt. In 1918 he moved in Switzerland, first to "Davos" where his wife Margit and his son François live in the lung sanitarium; his wife died there in 1918. Under the pseudonym "N. O. Scarpi" (to Scarpino, a hall name from Viganello near Lugano where he lived at that time) he wrote the first stage plays and feuilletons. In the time between both world wars he lived in Switzerland, Paris, Yugoslavia and Hungary; in 1931 he received Swiss double citizenship. From 1941 up to his death he lived in Zurich. Fritz Bondy is the father from François Bondy and the grandfather from Luc Bondy.
  • Hans Schafgans
  • Avner Schalev (1939-) or "Avner Shalev"; He is chairperson of the Jad Vaschem of board of directors and museum leaders of the memorial Jad Vaschem ("Yad Vashem") in Jerusalem.
  • Israel Schamir (1947-) English "Israel Shamir"; He is a Russian-Israeli author and journalist. Critical against Israel and Judaism, therefore proddled by Israeli authorities.
  • Hermann Schapira
  • Thomas E. Schärf
  • Harry Schein
  • Jizchak Schenhar
  • Heinz Schenk (1924-) is a German conversationist and actor. Heinz Schenk got known with the television entertainment programme: "To the blue goat" which he took over in 1966 and presented during 21 years and 134 spots. Schenk got the identity card necessary for appearances of the imperial theatre chamber with the help of his priest, who manipulated the descent of his mother, who was according to national-socialist terminology a"Half Jew".
  • Louis Scheuer
  • Jakob Heinrich Schiff
  • Schilo (biblical person)
  • Schlomo Alkabez
  • Mardochai Schloß
  • Cornelia Schmergal (1973-) Journalistin. She is since April, 2005 acting department leader Politik of the newspaper "World on Sunday" inBerlin. She studied national economy in Münster and finished parallely in addition a journalist's education in the institute for the support of journalistic younger generation in Munich. From 1997 till June, 2000 she was an editor in the department economy of the "Rheinish Mercury", before she changed to" World on Sunday" . Today she works as an economic journalist in Berlin; "economic week". [132]
  • Schmuel ha-Nagid
  • Menachem Mendel Schneersohn
  • Menachem Mendel Schneerson
  • Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn
  • Albert Schöndorff
  • Alexander Schönberg
  • Adolf Schoyer
  • Emanuel Schreiber
  • Michael Schudrich
  • Scholom Schwartzbard
  • Lavoslav Schwarz
  • Otto Schwerdt (author)
Howard K. Stern, David Schwimmer (US series "Friends")
  • David Lawrence Schwimmer (1966-) is an US-American actor and director ("band of Brothers" We were like brothers, Uprising" The uprising, Friends").
  • Seckel Löb Wormser
  • Riccardo Di Segni, the uppermost rabbi of Rome (" Roman upper rabbi') [133]
  • William Shatner (1931-) born "Schattner"; He is a Canadian actor (" spaceship Enterprise as James T. Kirk"), singer and author.
  • David Shimoni
  • Rav Shmuel (* in Brooklyn) is a rabbi and rock musician.
  • Avraam Shmulevich
  • Matityahu Shoham
Joseph "Joe" Shuster and Jerome "Jerry" Seals were coinventors of the comic figure superman.
  • Joseph "Joe" Shuster (1914 - 1992) was an US-American "comic drawer and coinventor of the comic figure superman. He "painted earlier porn comics. "[134]
"Good times" Bad times" with Susan Sideropoulos with RTL.
  • Susan Sideropoulos (1980-) actress ("good times, Bad times"), presenter with RTL. On the 4th of June, 2006 she married the Jew Jakob Shtizberg, to Jewish rite. [135]
  • Jerome" Jerry" Seal (1914 - 1996) was USA "a comic author'. Seal became known above all as a coinventor of the "comic figure superman."
  • Serge Silberman
  • Ronald Arthur" Ron" Silver (1946 - 2009) was an US-American actor. He was married from 1975 to 1997 with Lynne Miller and had two children. Silver won in 1988 Tony Award for his role in the stage play "Speed the Plow" of David Mamet. Among others, he played in the 'affair of the Sunny of B.', 'Kissinger and Nixon' as well as 'Silkwood'. Silver hit by his strong political engagement headlines over and over again. However, his political views changed in the course of decades. Thus he supported first the idea of a defensive screen from Ronald Reagan, however, was involved then in the presidency election campaign of Bill Clinton. After to posters from the 11th of September he supported the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan what introduced a lot of criticism against him. [136]
Larry A. Silverstein owner of the well insured 9/11 area.
  • Larry A. Silverstein (1932-) is an US-American multi-millionaire and investor. He demanded after the attack on his shortly before acquired World Trade centre a compensation by double height because of two events from the German Munich reinsurance.
  • Simcha Bunem von Przysucha
  • Ernst Simon (philosopher)
  • Eduard von Simson
  • Neil Simon (1927-) is an US-American dramatist and scriptwriter.
  • Bryan Singer (1965-) US-american director, producer, scriptwriter; ("operation Valkyrie" The Stauffenberg attempts') [137]
  • Israel Singer (1943-) the wide mouthed secretary general of Jewish world congress (WJC) provoked with his attacks on Switzerland over and over again violent reactions. Still in 2005 he called the neutrality of Switzerland in the Second World War in view of the Holocaust "crime". In March, 2007 Singer was relieved of his office, he had embezzled several million dollars from the WJC cash. [138]
  • David Sinzheim
  • Yosef Sitruk (1944-) also "Josephs Haïm Sitruk"; president of the European rabbi's conference. He lives primarily in France. [139]
Slim almost was founded in 1977 by
S. Daniel Abraham.
  • Mosche Smilansky
  • Sam Smith (c. 1990-) of English actor ("Wondrous Oblivion")
  • Peretz Smolenskin
Chief rabbi Henry Sobel
  • Henry Sobel (1944-) is a rabbi with US-American citizenship. He is an upper rabbi of the biggest Jewish municipality of Latin America in Brazil. Sobel was accused in 2007 in Palm Beach, Florida, of the theft of ties to the value of 680 US $.
  • Moses Sofer
  • Nachum Sokolow
  • Solomon ibn Gabirol
  • Joseph Ber Soloveitchik
  • Emil Sommer (General)
Ex Telekom and ex-Sony boss, Ron Sommer.
  • Susan Sontag (1933-2004) was a US-American author and director. She was a daughter of the exporter Jack Rosenblatt and the teacher Mildred Jacobsen. She lived with an other Jew Annie Leibovitz in a Lesbic respect and had a child with her.
  • George Soros (1930-) by birth "György Soros"; He is an US-American investment banker (Are capable: 13 milliards US dollar). He is the son of "Tivadar Soros".
  • Tivadar Soros (1894-1968) also "Teodoro Svarc" or "Schwartz" or "Teo Melas"; He was an Esperanto-author and lawyer. He was the father of the investment banker "George Soros".
  • Moritz Meier Spanier
  • Wilhelmine von Sparre
"Beverly Hills" star, Tori Spelling
  • Tori Spelling (1973-) is an US-American actress. She became known above all by her role of "Donna Martin-the TV serial "Beverly Hills, 90210" .
  • Steven Spielberg (1946-) is USA director, producer and scriptwriter. Measured in the financial success of his films he is the most successful director of all times. According to the US-American business magazine "Forbes" Steven Spielberg has a property of about three milliard dollars in (2007) and belongs to the richest people of the world. [142]
  • Baruch Spinoza
  • Eugene Spiro
Mark Spitz
  • Mark Spitz (1950-) is a former US-American world class swimmer. He won with the "Summer Olympics 1972-Munich seven gold medals with swimming competitions and, besides, set in each case a world record.
  • Leo Spitzer
  • Fritz Springer (1850-1944) an engineer and publisher was in Germany.
  • Julius Springer (1817-1877) was a publisher in Germany. His sons were "Ferdinand senior" and "Fritz Springer".
  • Rudolf Springer (1909-2009) was an art dealer and gallery owner in Germany. He pursued from 1948 to 1998 the "gallery of jumper-Berlin. Jumper was a great-grandchild from Julius Springer, to the founder of the book publishing company Springer. During the war service his Jewish roots remained undiscovered - the great-grandfather Julius was converted to the Protestantism.
Publisher, Oscar Bronner
  • Adiel Stein (1991) of US-American actors ("Stolen Summer")
  • Ernst Steinitz
  • Moritz Steinschneider
  • Alfred Stern (1846- 1936) Switzerland; historian in "Zurich ETH".
  • Édouard Stern (1954 - 2005) was a French banker, financier and one of the richest men in France, was murdered under sensational circumstances (he carried a latex suit) presumably from his lover. [143]
  • Fritz Stern
  • Guy Stern
  • Howard Allan star (1954-) is a controversially discussed US-American radio-presenter. In a TV broadcasting produced by him" Howard Stern Show" the subject is in most cases only sex, scandals and very private or perverted questions which he asks to his guests. He produces a similar, purely on the sexual (porn) attached scion, with the digital satellite radio SIRIUS.
  • Howard Kevin Stern (1968-) lawyer, was a partner of "Anna Nicole Smith". After she passed away in an overdose of different drugs, he wanted to inherit to her 88 million US dollars of reduction, to reach that he kidnapped her child to receive the testamentaryan right of custody. [144] [145] Two years after the death of Anna Nicole Smith (39) her ex Howard Stern and two doctors were accused. The public prosecutor's office accused them of having stuffed the "bosom miracle" with drugs that need to be prescribed, therefore carrying a partial responsibility in her death. The doctors would have faked prescriptions, the drugs fetched Stern later and gave them to his friend. [146]
  • Lina Stern
  • Moritz Stern
  • Otto Stern (1888 - 1969) was German, later in the USA an emigrated physicist.
  • Selma Stern
Rachel Stevens of "S. club 7"
  • Rachel Lauren Stevens (1978-) is a British musician ("see club 7"), actress and since her youth photo model.
Jon Stewart
  • Jon Stewart (1962-) born "Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz"; He is an US-American comedian, actor, author and producer, is known as a host of the "Late Night show The Daily show with Jon Stewart" on the US-cable canal Comedy Central.
Benjamin" Ben" Edward Stiller (1965), actor, scriptwriter, director and producer
  • Benjamin "Ben" Edward Stiller (1965), actor, scriptwriter, director and producer
  • Oliver Stone (1946-) a US-American director ("Platoon, Wall Street, Natural born killers"), scriptwriter and producer. He has been awarded three times with the Oscar.
Directors IWF Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Camille Gutt
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn (1949) politician in France, Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance, manager of the IWF. He was arrested May 15, 2011 because of sexual assault.
  • Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn, former French central banker, changed to FED|US issuing bank of Fed]] Strauss-Kahn whose brother leads the "Dominique Strauss-Kahn' international monetary fund (IWF) in Washington is Visiting senior Adviser of the Fed [147]
Justizminister of Great Britain, Jack Straw
  • John Whitaker" Jack" Straw (1946-) is a British politician of the "Labour of party". Since June, 2007 he is a lord's chancellor and Minister of Justice in the government of Gordon Brown. Jack Straw is considered beside David Miliband as a possible successor of the British prime minister Gordon Brown groggy in surveys. [148]
Meryl Streep is Holocaust-actress, she was roofed with most film awards of Hollywood
  • Barbra Streisand (1942-) born "Barbara Joan Streisand"; She is a US American singer, actress ("Yentl"), director, producer, scriptwriter, song writer and composer.
  • Fritz Strich (1882-1963) Switzerland; literature specialist
  • Larry Summers (1954-) professor in USA for economics. In 2008 became known that Summers will appeal as a national economic adviser in the government of the designated US-president Barack Obama. Long he had been traded for the office of the Minister of Finance which, however, then Timothy F. Geithner took that office. [149]
  • Lala Süsskind (1946-) is a boss of the "Jewish municipality to Berlin"; sociologist, journalist [150]
  • Margarete Susman
  • Michail Suslow, Soviet politician, born as Süß.
  • Nachman Syrkin
  • Szamuely Tibor, Chassidic mass murderer in 1919, Hungary
  • Adam Sznaidmil
  • Süßkind von Trimberg
  • Adam Sznaidmil
  • Leopold Szondi (1893-1986) Schweiz; psychiatrist, founder of the "Fate analysis".
  • Arthur Szyk


  • George Tabori (1914-2007) born "Tábori György"; he was author, scriptwriter, translator, dramatist and theatrical director [151]
  • Jacob Talmon (1916-1980) was a Jewish-orthodox professor for contemporary history at the university of Jerusalem. He became on account of his sharp anti-Marxism which stretches through his whole work, as "Cold war liberal" arranged.
  • Liliane Targownik (1959-) born "Lilly Targownik"; filmmaker, director and author in Germany.
  • Siegbert Tarrasch (1862-1934) was a chess player and chess grandmaster in Germany.
  • Jacob Taubes (1923-1987) was a religious sociologist, philosopher and Judaist in Germany.
  • Adolph Alfred Taubman (1924-) US-american real-estate broker, enterpriser ("luxury retail trade, Taubman Centers Inc"), "philanthropist" [152]
  • Israel Chaim Tawiow (1858-1920) was a Hebrew author in Russia.
  • Moshe Teitelbaum (1914-2006) was the ecclesiastical head of the orthodox Jewish grouping of "Satmarer Chassidim" as a rabbi.
  • Natanel Teitelbaum, is an Israeli rabbi. He was in the years from 2001 to 2008 a rabbi of the synagogue municipality of Cologne, besides temporarily chairperson of the German rabbi's conference and initiator and foundation member of the orthodox rabbi's conference. In public he became known, as a pope Benedikt XVI in August, 2005 the Cologne synagogue visited.
  • Nizza Thobi (1947-) is an Israeli-born singer and musician who lives for over 30 years in BR Germany.
  • Ariel Toaff (1942-) a historian and chair owner is at the Bar Ilan university in Ramat Gan, Israel. His field is the history of the oriental Jews. Toaff is the son of the emeritus upper rabbi of Rome, Elio Toaff.
  • Elio Toaff (1915-) is an emeritus great rabbi of Rome, one of the most important Jewish post-war figures in Italy, one of his sons is the Israeli historian Ariel Toaff.
  • Ludwig Traube (1818-1876) was a doctor and is considered as a co-founder of the experimental pathology in Germany.
  • Anatole Taubman (1971-) Switzerland; actor. He lives with the German actress Claudia Michelsen together in Germany and has among other things an English passport.
  • Edward Teller (1908 - 2003) in Hungarian "Teller Ede"; he was a Hungarian-American physicist. Together with Hermann Arthur Jahn he explained the Jahn plate effect. Furthermore he is considered as a father him Atom-bomb.
  • Ignaz Trebitsch Lincoln (1879 - 1943) was an author and adventurer. "Moses Pinkeles alias Ignaz Trebitsch Lincoln writes as a furious anti-Semite in 'Völkischer Beobachter' his tirades and books on the same subject - he states, nobody knows the perishableness of the Jewish race better than he, because he belongs to her himself."
  • Immanuel Tremellius (1510-1580) was an Italian Exulant and reformed theologian.
  • Leo Trepp (1913-) is a German-speaking American rabbi and theology professor.
  • Leopold Trepper (1904-1982) was a Polish communist, Zionist and journalist.
  • Davis Trietsch (1870-1935) was a German-speaking author and Zionist economic politician.
  • Leo Trotzki (1879 - 1940) Yiddish: Leib Braunstein; he was a Soviet politician and Marxist revolutionary. He was national commissioner (minister) of foreign affaires, war, food, transport, publishing, as well as founder Roten army. After him, all directions being different from the Marxism-Leninism were named Trotzkism by the Soviet party line .
  • Saul Tschernichowski (1875-1943) was a Hebrew writer and translator.
  • Echiel Tschlenow (1864-1918) also Jechiel; he was a doctor in Moscow and one of the leaders of the Russian Zionists. He was the second chairperson of the narrower action committee and from 1911-1914 the real leader of the Zionist world-wide organisation.
  • Kurt Tucholsky (1890 - 1935) journalist, author. He also wrote under the pseudonyms "Kaspar Hauser, Peter Panter, Theobald Tiger' and "Ignaz Wrobel".
  • Tur Sinai (1886-1973) was an important israeli philologist and Bible interpreter. He is the creator of a German-speaking Bible translation of the old testament.


  • Raviv Ullman, American
  • Albert Ulmann, American
  • Avraham Menachem Mendel Ussishkin (1863 - 1941) was a leading Zionist, long-standing president of the "Jewish national fund' (JNF).


  • Rahel Varnhagen von Ense (1771 - 1833) born "Rahel Levin"; "Rahel Robert" or "Robert-Tornow" (accepted surname from the middle of the 1790s), "Friedericke of Antonie" (Christian name, from 1814) was a German-speaking author with Jewish descent. Rahel Varnhagen was born in 1771 as the oldest daughter of the businessman Markus Levin and his wife Chaie Levin in Berlin. She agitated for the emancipation of the Jewry and the women. Fame attains her as a salon lady. In Berlin at the gendarme's market, in Jägerstrasse 54, had opened the 19-year-old Rahel her first salon in which from 1790 to 1806 high-powered personalities, like writer, politicians, naturalists, society dimensions and aristocrats at a level operated with each other. Famous Rahel guests of that time were Prinz Louis Ferdinand, Jean Paul Ludwig Tieck, Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt. Private and political seemed to melt. Varnhagen converted after her marriage to the Christian faith. Later, during the [[freeing wars] 1813 organised Rahel Levin the care of the wounded of all war parties. Five years later she organised the second salon with personalities like Heine, Börne, Pückler-Muskau and the family Mendelssohn. [153]
  • Simone Veil (1927-) born Jacob; she is a French politician, as a health minister she legalised the abortion, later she became a president of the European Parliament.
  • Rolf Verleger (1951-) is a scientist. He is a certificate psychologist, professor for neuro physiology at the university to Lübeck and was a president of the German society for psychophysiology and her use. [154] of The external-university public is he above all known as a member of the directorate in central advice of the Jews in Germany and as a chairperson of the "Jewish community Schleswig - Holstein" [155] .
  • Pierre Emmanuel Vidal-Naquet (1930 - 2006) is the Holocaust activist and old historian.
  • Claude Vigée (1921-), actually, "Claude Strauss'; He is a writer using French and Alsace-German language. He himself describes himself as" Jew and Native of Alsace, so twice Native of Alsace and twice Jew". [156]
  • Chemjo Vinaver (1895 - 1973) was a Polish conductor, composer and musicologist.
  • Fritz von Friedlaender-Fuld (1858 - 1917) was a large-industrialist. He was the son of the Jewish businessman "Emanuel Friedlaender", owner of the coal wholesale business under his name in Gleiwitz, however, he converted to Protestantism.


  • Eric M. Warburg (1900 - 1990) was a German-US-American banker. His father is Max Warburg (1867-1946), partner of the Hamburg private bank founded in 1798 M. M. Warburg & Co, his uncle is the art historian and library founder Aby Warburg. In 1982 his son Max took over the shops of the family Warburg. His daughter Marie is married with the publisher" Zeit" - Publisher and former hamburger SPD - mayor's candidates Michael Naumann. In 1985 the senate of the free Hanseatic town lent Eric M. Warburg the mayor's Stolten medallion of Hamburg. At the age of ninety years died her-spite of all that" Returned in Blankenese (part of Hamburg). He was buried on cemetery of Ohlsdor in Hamburg.
  • Sam Warner (1887-1927) born "Samuel Eichelbaum' was an US-American film producer.
  • Jakob Wassermann (1873 - 1934) was a German-speaking author.
  • Abraham Wedell (1844 - 1891) PhD, was a rabbi in Germany.
George Weidenfeld
is a columnist "" Welt "".
Former Minister of war in [the USA], Caspar Weinberger
  • Matt Weinberg (1990") US-American film / TV actor ("Haunted Lighthouse").
  • Werner Weinberg (1915 - 1997) was a Hebraist, i.e. a scientist of the Hebrew language and literature.
  • Artur Weinmann (1883 - 1942) was a local and district court officer in the district court in Krefeld; author of extensive juridical education literature and lecturer of the academic courses in Dusseldorf. Arthur Weinmann was married since the 15th of June, 1920 with Alice Kaufmann from Krefeld. A son arose from the marriage" Erich Weinmann (1921-).
  • Erich Weinmann (1921-) is a son of Artur Weinmann.
  • Friedrich Weinreb (1910 - 1988) was a Jewish chassidic narrator and author.
  • Eisik Hirsch Weiss (1815 - 1905) was a Jewish scholar, Talmud researcher (Talmud critic), historian and foreign language assistant in Bet ha-Midrasch in Vienna.
  • Zoe Weizenbaum (1991") of US-American actress ("Memoirs of a Geisha").
  • Felix Weltsch (1884-1964) Zionist, journalist, author, philosopher and librarian.
  • Franz Werfel (1890-1945) was a German-speaking author. Author of the book: "40 days of the Mussa-Dag". The "Franz Werfel-price of human rights' is named after him.
  • Hartwig Wessely (1725 - 1805) also: "Naphtali Herz Weisel, Naphtalie Herz Wessely, Naphtali Hirz Wessely"; He was a writer, author and businessman. He worked in the circle of Moses Mendelssohn on the "Jewish clarification", the Haskala.
  • Walter Westfeld (1889-1945) was an art collector and art dealer. In March, 2007 the court of "Davidson County" decided, the eighty years old nephew "Fred Westfeld' is the sole governor of the inheritance of Walter Westfeld. In 2009 the state gallery in Stuttgart awarded two paintings to the Westfeld heirs. The paintings are a still life of "Adolph von Menzel" and a work of an unknown romantic painter.
Left Dexter, right John Maynard Keynes
  • Harry Dexter White (* 9. October 1892 in Boston, Massachusetts; † 16. August 1948 Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire) was an US-american economist and politician. His father's name was Weiß, and was from Lithuania. Dexter White was a closer co-worker of Morgenthau, he was the father of the world-bank and the IWF. 1948 there was an investigation against him for spying for the Soviets, his death can be connected to the investigation.
  • Jossi Wieler (1951-) is a theatrical director and opera director in Switzerland and Israel.
  • Max Wiener (1882 - 1950) was a rabbi, philosopher and theologian in Germany. He was considered beside Leo Baeck as the most important representative of the liberal Jewry.
  • Eugene Wigner (1902 - 1995) In Hungarian: "Wigner Jenõ Pál"; He was a Hungarian-American physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate. Together with his Hungarian compatriot Leó Szilárd he also developed the theory of the nuclear chain reaction and was involved in the American Atom-bomb project in Los Alamos.
Gene Wilder in May, 2007
Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder in "The Producers" (1968)
  • Gene Wilder (1933-) born "Jerome Silberman"; He is an US-American actor. He stood together with Anne Bancroft on the stage, the lifelong companion from Mel Brooks. Brooks engaged him in his film debut "spring for Hitler' ("The Producers") with which to him his breakthrough succeeded as a film comedian. For this role he was nominated for the Oscar what he should manage again 1975 for "Frankenstein to junior', also under the direction of Mel Brooks. From 1984 up to her early cancer death in 1989 Wilder was married with his colleague Gilda Radner with whom he appeared together in four films (among other things "The woman in red') .
  • Orde Wingate (1903-1944) Christian, non-Jewish Zionist, British officer, instructor of Haganah.
  • Salomon Wininger (1879 - 1968) was a Jewish lexicographer who put together with his "big Jewish national biography' the biobibliographical personal reference book most extensive up to now of the Jewry of all times.
  • Isaac Mayer Wise (1819 - 1900), actually, "Isaac Mayer Weis'; He was a religious-historically important US-American rabbi from Czechia.
Ex-president of the world bank, James Wolfensohn
  • Adolf Wolff (1832 - 1885) an architect was primarily for synagogues and town government building surveyor in Stuttgart.
  • Alex Wolff (1997) an US-American actor, musician and drummer of "The Naked Brothers Band".
  • Berthold Wolff (1901 - 1949) was a textile trader who was active long time in Stolberg charitable.
  • Helmut Wolff (1932-) great cousin from Ole of Beust; he is a pedagogic artist in Germany.
  • Nat Wolff (1994) is an US-American actor, musician, song script writer and singer of "The Naked Brothers Band".
  • Theodor Wolff (1868-1943) author, influential journalist and critician.
  • Nelly Wolffheim (1879 - 1965) was a pedagogue, founder of the first psychoanalytic kindergarten in Germany and professional journalist.
  • Theodor Wolff (1868 - 1943) was a German-speaking author, influential journalist and critic.
  • Karl Wolfskehl (1869 - 1948) was a German-speaking author and translator. His work enclosed lyric, prose and drama. He translated from the French, English, Italian, Hebrew, Latin and Middle High German.
  • Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert (1900 - 1981) was a German-speaking designer, sculptor and art craftsman.
  • Joseph Wulf (1912 - 1974) was a German Polish-Jewish historian.
  • Bea Wyler, was the first rabbiness Germany in the post-war period; municipalities in Oldenburg and Brunswick.



  • Gad Yaacobi, Israeli
  • Hanna Yablonka, Israeli
  • Avihai Yadin, Israeli
  • Yigael Yadin, Israeli
  • Abraham Yahuda, Israeli
  • Hannah Yakin, Israeli
  • Temur Yakobashvili (1967-) Georgian political scientists, diplomat, politician (Minister of State).
  • Irvin D. Yalom, American
  • Michal Yannai, Israeli
  • Yehuda Yannay, Israeli, American
  • Saul Yanovsky, American
  • Aharon Yariv, Israeli
  • Adam Yarmolinsky, American
  • Peter Yarrow, American pedophile and occasional musician
  • Max Yasgur, American
  • Sidney R. Yates, American
  • Eli Yatzpan, Israeli
  • Alon Yefet, Israeli
  • Steve Yeager, American
  • Shiran Yeini, Israeli
  • Ben Dror Yemini, Israeli
  • Anton Yelchin, American
  • David Oz Yifrah, Israeli
  • Ada E. Yonath (1939-) is an Israeli structural biologist in the "Weizmann-institute' of sciences in "Rechowot", Israel. In 2009 the Nobel prize was awarded her for chemistry.
  • Shalom Yoran, Israeli
  • Bud Yorkin, American
  • Kevin Youkilis, American
  • Ovum slide Yosef, Israeli
  • Yaakov Yosef, Israeli
  • Yitzhak Yosef, Israeli
  • Yaky Yosha, Israeli
  • Michaël Youn (1973-) actually "Michaël Benayoun"; He is an actor, musician and comedian from France.
  • Roby Young, Israeli
  • Henny Youngman, American
  • Larry Yudelson, American
  • Mark Yudof, American
  • Steve Yuhas, American


  • Saul Zaentz, American
  • Eran Zahavi, Israeli
  • Pini Zahavi, Israeli
  • Michael Zandberg, Israeli
  • Benjamin Zander, American
  • Edward Zander, American
  • Israel Zangwill (1864-1926) of British-Jewish author, journalist and Zionist activist.
  • Alexander Zederbaum (1816 - 1893) alias Zeder; he was a Hebrew and Yiddish author, reconnaissance activist in Odessa (since 1840) and pioneer of the Hebrew journalism.
  • Nissim Ze'ev, Israeli
  • Rehavam Ze'evi, Israeli
  • Bat-Sheva Zeisler, Israeli
  • Sigmund Zeisler, American
  • Oren Zeitouni, Israeli
  • Lee Zeldin, American
  • Sam Zell, American
  • Daniel Zelman, American
  • Leon Zelman (1928 - 2007) was a Polish journalist living in Austria and the founder and leader of the "Jewish Welcome service Vienna".
  • Robert Zelnick, American
  • Sam Zemurray, American
  • Clara Zetkin *1857 +1933 (She had a Jewish mother) communist activist, women's right fighter.
  • Ian Ziering, American
  • Nikki Ziering, American
  • Lester Ziffren, American
  • Efrem Zimbalist, American
  • Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., American
  • Dick Zimmer, American, politician in New Jersey
  • Joey Zimmerman, American
  • Morris Zimmerman, American
  • Moshe Zimmermann (1943-) is an Israeli historian and journalist.
  • Preston Zimmerman, American
  • Roy Zimmerman, American
Susan Zimmermann
  • Susan Zimmermann, links-liberal journalist, distributes her wisdom unscrupulously around the world. Signed in Hungary a petition against the rehabilitation of a Gendarm, a Martyr of bolshevism. [4]. Mother of 4 children, she lives in the USA, state Utah.
  • Andrew Zimmern, American
  • Rudolf Zipkes (1911-) is a lawyer and author from Switzerland.
  • Lionel Ziprin, American
  • Laura Ziskin, American
  • Samuel Löb Zitron (1862 - 1930) also: Samuel Leib Zitron, Schmuel Leib Zitron; he was one of the most fertile Hebrew and Yiddish Zionist authors of his time, was literary historian and zionism historian, critic and speaker.
  • Eli Zizov, Israeli
  • Theodor Zlocisti (1874-1943) doctor, author, socialist, one of the first Zionists.
  • Ralph Zloczower (1933-) central president of the "Swiss football association".
  • Rachel Zoe, American
  • Itzik Zohar, Israeli
  • Kfir Zokol, Israeli
  • Charlotte Zolotow, American
  • Maurice Zolotow, American
  • Shahar Zubari, Israeli
  • Anita Zucker, American
  • Arianne Sugar, American
  • Jerry Zucker, American, businessman
  • Mortimer Zuckerman, American
  • Leane Zugsmith, American
  • Anthony E. Zuiker, American
  • Leopold Zunz (1794 - 1886), actually, "Yom Tov Lipman Zunz"; he was a German-speaking scientist. Zunz stamped and named as one of the first ones them "Science of the Jewry", that is the critical investigation of rabbinical literature and the Jewish God-official rite. Besides, he is considered as one of the precursors of the emancipation movement flowing in the zionism of the European Jewry.
  • Ayelet July Zurer (1969-) is an Israeli actress ("Munich, Angels & Demons").
  • Shabbetaj Zvi (1626 - 1676) also "Sabbatai Zewi"; he was a religious scholar and self-styled Messiah from Smyrna (today's Izmir).
  • Israel Zviti, Israeli

List of well-to-do Jewish familys

  • Albrecht
  • Bronfman
  • Cohn
  • Friedman
  • Goldman
  • Guggenheim
  • Oppenheimer (English Wikipedia)
  • Rothschild (English Wikipedia)
  • Schiff
  • Stern
  • Warburg
  • Wittgenstein

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