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Pavel Tulaev
Nationality Russian
Occupation Author, artist, poet, linguist, translator, teacher, lecturer, philosopher
Religion Rodnovery

Dr. Pavel Nadezda Tulaev Vladimirovich (born 20 February 1959), is a scholar, writer, activist, and the director of the Russian Athenaeum - a Russian/European Nationalist and Pan-Slavic organization. He is regarded as one of the intellectual leaders of the Russian New Right. He is the vice-president of the Moscow department of “Synergy European”. He resides in Moscow, Russia.


Born on Krasnodar,[1] he was educated at Школа No. 449 high school (105187, Moscow, street Weaving, 47) and Moscow State Linguistic University.

He was ducated as translator/interpreter and later graduated as a doctor of history, receiving his Ph.D. in History in 1985.

He is a teaching professor, specializing in Russian and European history.

He is a follower of, and leading Rodnover,[2][3] and one of the leaders of the Slavic and the New Right movement in Russia, and a critic of Alexander Dugin.[2]

Tulaev is the author of many publications in different genres about Russia, Europe, Latin and North America, and have been published in a number of languages. He started his career as a linguist and a poet.[1]

He speaks Russian, English, French, and Spanish.

Some of his articles and interviews have been collected in the book “The White Struggle in Russia” (Moscow, 2007).

Some of Tulaev's most important articles and interviews are collected in the book, The White World in My Heart (Moscow, 2011)

He has been accused of anti-semitism.[4][5][6]

He is responsible for bringing the works of José Antonio Primo de Rivera to the Russian speaking world.[2][7]

He has contributed to Troy Southgate's books on the occult.[8]

He has translated four volumes by Anthony Sutton, the famous American conspirologist.[1][2][7]

He is married to Galyna Lozko, the Rodnovery leader from the Ukraine.

He was a member of the Sobor Creative Association.[9]

He has been referred to as a scholar of philosophy.[9][10]

He produced the 2012 book, featuring the artwork, amongst other artists, of Volhv Veleslav,[3][11][12][13] which Troy Southgate has also reviewed.[14]

On the weekend of June 8–10, 2006, David Duke attended as a speaker at the international "White World's Future" conference in Moscow, which was coordinated and hosted by Pavel Tulaev.[15][16]



  • K Ponimaniyu Russkogo” (Understanding Russia, 1994)
  • “Veneti: predki slovjan” (Veneti: ancestors of Slavs, 2000)
  • “The White Struggle in Russia” (Moscow, 2007).
  • “Rodnyje bogui” (Native Gods, 2008)
  • “Istoki rodnogo mira” (The Native World’s roots, 2011)
  • “Russia and Spain: the two Europe’s wings”
  • The White World in My Heart (Moscow, 2011)

Editor of collections

  • “Rossia i Evropa: opit sobornogo analisa” (Russia and Europe: the Experience of Sobor Analysis, 1992)
  • “Russkaya Perspectiva” (Russian Perspective, 1996)
  • “Varvary” (Barbarians, 1999) and many authors’ works, including Andreas Gottliebe Mash, Yuri Venelin, Francisco Franco, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, Dmitry Dudko, Antony Sutton, Guillaume Faye.


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