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Paul Bang (January 18, 1879 - December 31, 1945) was the German author of Die farbige Gefahr (The Colored Danger). The book was published in 1938 National Socialist Germany and was based upon his travels in the United States.

He received his doctorate in Leipzig in 1904 after studying law and economics. Thereafter, he worked in the Saxon Ministry of finance. In 1919 he was a member of the People's Party (DNVP). In 1920, he was involved in the conservative uprising known as the Kapp Putsch.

After the war he was captured by the Red Army and died in Soviet captivity.

Paul Bang was once a Harvard professor.


  • Judas Schuldbuch: eine deutsche Abrechnung (1919) by Wilhelm Meister (pseudonym)
  • Geld und Währung; eine gemeinverständliche Darstellung (1932)
  • Die farbige Gefahr (1938)
  • Wie ist es mit dem geld? (1941)