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Gutsulyak Oleg

Oleg B. Gutsulyak , Ph.D. (11.07.1969) - Ukrainian New Right writer, philosopher, culturologist.

The author of the geocultural concept of Mesogaia.


Was born on July, 11, 1969 in Ivano-Frankivsk (former. Stanislav) on PreCarpathian, Galicia, Ukraine.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Ukrainian Language from the Pedagogical Institute of Ivano-Frankivsk.

In 1989-2004 worked as the main librarian in the Pedagogical institute.

In 1993 he received his Master's degree in Slavic Folklore and Mythology from the PreCarpathian University, Galicia, Ukraine, and 2005 his doctoral degree in study of neopaganism, New Age and aryosophy from the University of Lviv, Galicia, Ukraine. Currently he works as a Assistant Professor of History of Philosophy and Vice-Director of Scientific Library at PreCarpathian National University, Galicia, Ukraine.


Simultaneously in 1993-1995 the head of Information centre of the ukrainian military radical nationalist party UNA-UNSO " UNA-Frankivschyna ", the correspondent of the Lviv newspaper " Holos Naziji (The Voice of the Nation) ". In 1996-2004 was the active worker of radical fraction of the Ukrainian National Democratic party (NDP). Since 2004 one of founders and Leader of the civil initiative of self-defense " the Ukrainian phalanx " (" Ukrajins'ka Falanga ").NAF-UF.

He Visited Research Scholar in the Seminar of Traditionalist Studies.

Vice-editor-in-chief of philosophical art magazine "Pleroma", editor-in-chief of the online journal of traditionalist studies "Golden Griffin / Mesogaia", one of editors of the anthology of the Russian-speaking literature of PreCarpathian "The Fabric and a landscape" (2003, Ivano-Frankovsk).

Chairman Ukrainian Groups of research of bases of primary tradition "Mesogaia" (Groupe de l'etude des bases de la tradition initiale). Mesogaia, Ukraine

Co-Ordinator of Association New Right of the East Europe "Thule-Sarmatia". Thule-Sarmatia

2003 - the co-chairman, and since March 2004 - Chairman of Board of the Ukrainian Intellectual New Right Club " Golden Griffin " Ukrainian New Right.

In 2004-2005 - the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian-Italian electronic magazine "La Nazione Eurasia - Ucraina" LNE-UA. LNE-UA.

Sphere of scientific interests

philosophical anthropology and interpretation of culture, creativity of philosophers of a new wave traditionalism, problems of ancient civilizations of the Old and New World, historiosophy, ethymology, genetic linguistics and ethnonimic and analytical psychology, mythologems and ideological systems last and present, a phenomenon of the literature of a genre of a fantasy, etc.


Looking for the Primordial Empire

Has issued books verses in the Ukrainian language "Numismatics of paradise of birds" (1996), "Birds and lilies" (1999), "Revolt of Scythians" (2002), "The Poet and Tiamat: Elite" (2003), the novel "Adherent" (1995 - a magazine version, in 1997 - the separate book; in the co-authorship from V.Eshkilev). It was printed in anthologies: "Beginnings", "Generation of the ninetieth", "Returning of Demiourgs", "Shop of poets", "the Fabric and a landscape", in periodicals.

Since 1996 - the first assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine "Pleroma", one of authors of special issue " Returning of creators: the Small encyclopedia of the Ukrainian actual literature" (SEUAL - MUEAL) (1998 - the first edition, 2002 - the second edition).

The monography " Looking for the Primordial Empire " (Ivano-Frankivsk: Misto-NV, 2007, 540 p ISBN 966-95321-6-6), he has published numerous book chapters in edited volumes and articles in professional journals.


Full name: Oleg Borysovych Gutsulyak

Variants of a spelling of a surname (in Latin font): Gutsulyak, Gutsuljak, Gutzuljak, Gutzulyak, Hutsulyak, Hutsuljak, Huzuljak, Uzuljak.

Variants of a spelling of a name and patronymic (in Latin font): Oleg, Oleh, Olegh, Borysovych, Borysovich, Borisovych, Borisovich

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