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Obraz Fatherland Movement
Political position Serbian nationalism
Leader Nebojša Krstic (2000-2001)
Mladen Obradovic (2001-2012)
Country Serbia
Existence 2000–2012
Colours Red, white, blue
Website obraz.rs

The Obraz Fatherland Movement (Serbian: Отачаствени покрет Образ) was a Serbian nationalist political organisation, which advocated a Greater Serbia under the governance of an Orthodox Christian monarchy. The group was founded in 2000 as an organisation under the leadership of sociologist Nebojša Krstic, but their roots go back to a magazine of the same name from 1994. After Krstic's death, the leadership passed to historian Mladen Obradovic. The group was shut down due to a ruling from the Constitutional Court of Serbia in 2012 (it's activists remain). A derivative group in Russia was founded in 2003 known as the Russian Obraz.

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