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The Northeastern United States (sometimes called simply the Northeast) is a region of the United States.[1][2] According to the definition used by the United States Census Bureau, the Northeast region consists of nine states: the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut; and the Mid-Atlantic states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania[3]. Major cities in this area include New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh, Jersey City and Buffalo.

The Northeast, as defined by the Census Bureau, is the wealthiest region of the United States; New Jersey and Connecticut have the highest median incomes in the country after Maryland, while Massachusetts is ranked fifth. Pennsylvania also ranks high in per capita income, with Chester County coming in on the list of wealthiest counties.[4] It also accounts for approximately 25% of U.S. gross domestic product as of 2007.[5] All eight Ivy League schools are located in the Northeast. New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts rank in the top 15 states in terms of population.

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