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Neo-communist Red Croatia (Ultra-left reconquest amid Europe): The last rare communistic and half-communist states in the world now gradually transform and disappear, but with a newest inversed exception amid old Europe. Although the national centrists (HDZ party) organized new Croatia and leaded the state during 2 decades, they recently lost their predomination. Due to an increasing economic crisis in Croatia 2011, the long-rulling party HDZ fell, and from the Red New year 2012, the leftist SDP (masked communists) returned on power. As a logical expectable result, in the next months followed iterative persecutions of Croatian nationalists, and of any others unwellcome with the divergent or anti-communist opinions.


Prelude to turn

Such a bizarre exit was expectable yet a year ago, when the preceding centrist parliament voluntarily changed Croatia's Constitution (without plebiscit) with radical risking reforms: abolishing the former bicameral pariament into a new unicameral one, and also decided that no more a real 1/2 majority is obligate to win, but also a relative "majority" from the elections is acceptable. The result was that communists now became the unicameral 'winners' with 1/5 votes only, because in recent crisis any other parties received even less votes.

Red reconquest

Then a galloping neo-communist reconquest in Croatia, amid Europe produced the unique Red republic (new official epithet); all rightists and nationalists are now rejected from any public positions, and someones even put in madhouses. So far, after half year under this new Red ruling, Croatia now gradually became yet close similar as e.g. Cuba or Vietnam. But at the planned time of its entering (?) in European Union since next 1.5 years, if the actual red trend would be continued, it may be then more comparable with a Stalinist North Korea (with political police, killing of opposition, ...etc.). So even, Croatia is now the first in history red-leftist country being the NATO member (is it an experiment to accept there in future also Cuba, Vietnam, and similar ones ?).

Result: Red bans

Undoubtely, from now Croatia is really the most red-leftist country in the entire Europe. In the meantime, some nationalist parties from 9 European countries announced their collective convention under the leading of Tomislav Sunic in Zagreb, Croatia on April 13th and 14th, but the communists (SDP) that recently came on power there, officially prohibited that European rightist conference as the international resurgence of "Nazi-fascism threatening the European and World establishment" (i.e. really uncovering this new communism in Croatia). From April 12th, Red police also blocked the web-portals of T. Sunic, and of several right-nationalist parties in Croatia (reminding of recent similar tricks in Egypt and other Afro-Arabic countries).

World links of Red Croats

Only half year during this neo-communist ruling, Red Croatia yet hurries toward an economical disaster similar to that one in recent Greece. These neo-communists are evedently uncapable to organize a normal prosperous economy, also as were their predecessors in the communist ex-Yugoslavia, or in any other former communist economies of eastern Europe. As their last saving of national economy and also to obtain international ideological support, these Croatian neo-communists from recently are also linked with the half-communist power of Red China.

Due to the isolation of Croatian neo-communists amid the actual non-communist Europe, by that Chinese coalition Red Croatia gradually enters among the Chinese red-leftist satellites as Vietnam, Laos, and North Corea. Therefore Croatia lastly visited a series of Chinese delegations for different collaborations; but these also provoked some quiet public protests of Croats on 16th - 18th May 2012. Then the new reorganized Red police kidnapped dozen protesters and put them in jails, demonstrating that this neo-communist regime will not tolerate any obstruction on its new "Red way", now also corroborated by the international Chinese support.

Tito's new rehabilitation

Recently from December 2011, by the titoist neo-communists (SDP) returning on power in Croatia, among their other recent reconquests in politics, culture, and many other fields, these one now also rehabilitate dictator Tito as a grand meritorious leader (see: Titoism). To confirm that, diverse public signals now were made:

  • In May 2012, a pompous grand festivity on Tito's 120th birth anniversary in his (falsified) home village Kumrovec is organised: see also Josua Ambroz Tito.
  • Now again, one of the largest and nicest squares amid Zagreb capital is named in honour of the Yugoslav marchal "Josip Broz Tito".
  • The recent enquiries on Tito's mass murderings (about 1,100,000 corpses) in the newest Red Croatia are stopped, and Tito's assisting killers deliberated and anew untouchable.
  • The actual new president of Croatia was the important member of Tito's personal bodyguard.

Imposing Paedophilia

These Croatian Neo-communists from 1st January 2013. in all basic schools even imposed the Paedophilia masked as so-called "Sanitary education". Despite 84% Croats + all religions including the major Catholics are strongly against, but the impenitent Reds on power neglect any opposition and force their trends.

New taboo on red massacres

The red minister of defense in this recent neo-communist governement of Croatia, Fred Matic by a new law from October 2012 interdicted any examination of post-WW2 massacres by Yugoslav communists.

Banned Croatian language

The true Croatian language developed during some centuries, and in Croatia it was the predominating public one from 1650 - 1918, then anew 1939 - 1945, and again 1990 - April 2012. Despite the resisting of many Croatian linguists, now ruling Croatian Neo-communists, by a decree of May 23rd 2012, abolished this traditional half-millenium language of Croatia, and returned to the Serbocroat hybrid pidgin of ex-Yugoslavia. By their repeating the similar Yugoslav bans of public Croatian in 1918, and again in 1945, this is now a new major cultural treason against the Croatian people.

Banning Croatian Wikipedia

The actual red rulers and chiefly their minister of education, from 2013 promote also the banning of the entire Croatian Wikipedia, or at least of its separate Croatian language to replace them by the former SerboCroat hybrid pidgin from ex-Yugoslavia. Their initiative was even mostly accepted by the Wikipedia's leader J.Wales, and now WikiMedia is justly in course to abolish or radically degrade Croatian Wiki justly at decennial jubilee of its existence, and to merge them into a monstrous Yugoslav-Balkanic wiki-chimaera.

Psycho-political Konzlagers

By imitating the earlier Soviet model of 'gulags', during the former ex-Yugoslavia from 1945-1990, the ruling Yugoslav communists partly misused dozen psychiatric hospitals for the punishing, neutralizing and incarceration of unvanted anti-communist intellectuals, rightists and Croatian nationalists. Since the Yugoslavia's disaster in 1990ies, this bad practice almost stopped, and these psycho-hospitals then in the post-communist Croatia of 1990ies almost returned to their normal medicinal use. However, recently in 21st century, such political and punishing misuse of Croatian psychiatric hospitals anew regenerated, especially in Kampor (Rab island) and Vrapce (at Zagreb capital), now both partly anew transformed into punishing psycho-lagers.

This misuse of Croatian psychiatry especially increased up to the earlier Yugoslavian level with the returning on rule in 2012 of the Croatian neo-communists (now formally mimicried as so-called "social-democrates"), when at least dozen newer examples of punished rightists and nationalists incarcerated in these psycho-camps are known. The last heavy and now best known torturing examples of such psycho-political victims, yet even since the Croatian entrance within European Union, from summer 2013 up today are especially Zdenka Kvesic, Dr. Tomislav Dragun, and ing. Marko Franciskovic:

  • Mrs Zdenka Kvesic was incarcerated for suspect ideological reasons in Vrapce psycho-lager, justly simultaneously with the entrance time of Croatia in EU; till now she is deliberated and his case was blurred.
  • Ing.econ. Marko Franciskovic was the promissive and leading one among the Croatian young economists. He criticized in Facebook and elsewhere on the net and in his books the new Croatian left rulers for their irrational economy, and also he was against the Croatian entrance in EU. Thus recently the ruling neo-communists now put them shortly in prison, and then for long in the madhose 'medicalizing' and intoxicating him forcibly as a madmen.
  • Dr.sci. Tomislav Dragun was the leading Croatian economist in 1990ies, but he discovered and published in detail the unwanted documentation on the heavy financial misuses by some leading Croatian bosses in 1990ies: Instead of punishing and incarcerate these bosses, from 2000ies the rulers declare T.Dragun to be mad and imprisoned him in the madhouse. Then in 2010 he escaped in the political asylum in Slovenia, but during the Croatian entrance in EU, one anew kidnapped him toward Croatia, and now he is incarcerated for next years in the Croatian Konzlager Lepoglava (instead of bosses discovered by him).

New 'October Revolution'

Recently in October 2014, the central neo-communist authorities of Croatia initiated a new "October Revolution" against the Croatian capital Zagreb, being Croatia's the unique part out of Reds control. The subtotal capital's authorities including 18 men and city major now are by police incarcerated in nearby concentration camp Remetinec, but with very dubious (and probably falsified) incrimination on alleged "corruptions" almost without true justifications. This is a critical and true time for EUnion to made some radical controls above that neo-communist subtotal disaster in Croatia, and to correct it after the model yet applied previously in Greece.

True backgrounds

On the other hand, the newest comparative examination on the backgrounds of this recent Reds' overthrow in Croatia resulted that it was prepared by a very similar model as the former overthrow of Russia into the communist USSR. This new repeating in Croatia's Red overthrow was really funded somewhere from EU via ex-communist new corrupters i.e. Croatian goyimi: thus an essential role there had the local family-clan Goldstein, now being the main counsellors of actual Red government and its diplomatic presentants in Europe, but also recently having monopol on the subentire presentations of Croatian culture, history, language, etc.

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