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Maurizio Blondet (born in Milano in 1949) is an Italian journalist and writer.


He is commonly regarded a writer of Catholic inspiration, he has worked for Il Giornale, l'Avvenire and La Padania newspapers. He directed along with Siro Mazza Certamen magazine, a Catholic-oriented review. He writes articles on La Padania, the official newspaper of Lega Nord political party and he directs the on-line news site Effedieffe.

Most of his books are about occult and oligarch powers. One of these is titled Gli Adelphi della dissoluzione, and is probably the most famous.

He is often concerned about the involvement of Jewish lobbies in the organization of conspiracies and attacks, such as 9/11.


  • I nuovi barbari. Gli skinheads parlano (1993) (The new Barbarians, skinheads speak)
  • I fanatici dell'Apocalisse (1993) (The fanaticals of the Apocalypse)
  • Il Collasso (1999) (The collapse)
  • Gli Adelphi della dissoluzione (1999) (The Adelphi of the dissolution)
  • Cronache dell'Anticristo (2001) (Chronicles about the Antichrist)
  • 11 settembre colpo di Stato negli U.S.A. (2002) (September 11, coup d'etat in the U.S.A.)
  • Chi comanda in America (2002) (Who rules in America)
  • L'uccellosauro ed altri animali: la catastrofe del darwinismo (2002) (The bird-saur and other animals: the catastrophe of Darwinism)
  • No global (2002) (No global)
  • Complotti vecchi e nuovi (2002) (New and old plots)
  • Osama Bin Mossad (2003) (Osama Bin Mossad)
  • Schiavi delle banche (2004) (Slaves of the Banks)
  • La strage dei genetisti (2004) (The murders of the geneticists)
  • Israele USA il terrorismo islamico (2005) (Israel, USA, Islamic terrorism)
  • Selvaggi con telefonino (2006) (Savages with mobile phones)
  • Stare con Putin? (2007) (Stay with Putin?)

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