Maurice Levitas

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Maurice Levitas
Maurice Levitas.png
Born 1 February 1917
Dublin, Ireland
Died 14 February 2001
London, United Kingdom[1]
Nationality Jewish
Occupation agitator, propagandist
Organization Communist Party of Great Britain
Young Communist League
International Brigades
Spouse Liz Scott
Jackie Litherland
Children Bill, Diana, Ruth and Danny

Maurice Levitas (1 February 1917—14 February 2001), also known as Morry Levitas and by the pseudonym Moishe ben Hillel,[2] was a communist Jew born in Dublin, Ireland, but also active in the United Kingdom and Spain. He went to London in 1931 and joined the Communist Party of Great Britain.[3] As secretary of the Young Communist League's Bethnal Green Branch, he was involved in the Battle of Cable Street.[3]

During the Spanish Civil War, Levitas went to Spain as part of the International Brigades.[3] He was involved in violence at Belchite and Teruel in which tens of thousands died. He was captured near Gandesa along with the Irish Socialist Republican leader Frank Ryan. He spent a year in prison at San Pedro, but was freed due to a prison exchange.[3]


  • Marxist Perspectives in the Sociology of Education (1974)


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