Marina Arismendi

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Marina Arismendi

Ana Marina Arismendi Dubinsky (May 30, 1949; Montevideo, Uruguay) is a school teacher, politician and former terrorist of Uruguay. Member of the Communist Party of Uruguay as part of the Frente Amplio. Former Minister of Social Development.


Marina Arismendi was born on May 30, 1949. Daughter of Rodney Arismendi, a historic leader of the Communist Party and founder of the Frente Amplio, and Rosa Dubinsky, a journalist.

He attended grammar school in the Republic of Chile and the secondary in Jose Enrique Rodo high school where he joined the Federation of Secondary Students Abroad (FESMAN). In his early teens joined the Communist Youth Union and the Committee to Support the Cuban Revolution "Camilo Cienfuegos".

At the end of high school began to study teaching. He works as an apprentice working in the printing graphic North. He was the Coordinator of the Magisterium and the Uruguayan Federation of Teachers. Upon receipt of teacher education first begins to exert itself, until his dismissal during the dictatorship.

Started dictatorship, Marina Arismendi to exile and travels to the German Democratic Republic, where he earned a Bachelor of Social Sciences College afforded by the Karl Marx of Berlin. There he works as a Spanish teacher, history and geography of Uruguay and Chile in school Antonio Maidana and Spanish teacher at People's University for Adults, and as a translator and proofreader in the company Intertext Berlin.

Democracy returned to Uruguay, recovering his position Arismendi teacher.

Political Activities

Within the Communist Party of Uruguay took great seats, especially after the dictatorship. In 1990 he was elected member of the party Central Committee for the XXII Congress. He joined in 1992, the Secretariat General Class, and until 2006 the General Secretariat of the party following the resignation of Jaime Pérez. Integrated, in turn, the Political Bureau of the Broad Front, between 1992 and 1999.

In national elections in 1994 ranks first in the list of the PCU to integrate the Senate, was elected as such. In the 1999 elections and then the 2004 is again elected Senator. During the period 2000-2005 includes the standing committees of Labour and Social Security, Education and Culture, Transport and Public Works, and the Special Committee of Public Service, where he worked as vice president during 2001 and 2004.

By taking in 2005 as President Vazquez of Uruguay, the named owner of the new Ministry of Social Development (MIDES). Its basic objectives are to eradicate poverty, increase the level of students and to create equality in society.

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