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Lou Kenton.

Lou Kenton (1 September 1908 – 17 September 2012) was a communist Jew. A long time member of the Communist Party of Great Britain,[1] he fought against British activists who were opposed to the fraticidal Second World War. Kenton also joined the Stalinist associated International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.


Early life and joining the CPGB

Kenton was born in Stepney, east London to a Jew family from Ukraine who had immigrated to Britain. His father died from tuberculosis when he was young, and as he left school aged 14 he worked in a paper factory, where he encountered anti-Semitism. This led him to join the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1929.

Spanish Civil War

In early 1937, Kenton left Stepney to join the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. His wife Raffa, a Jewess from Austria, shortly followed him. When he arrived at the International Brigades headquarters in Albacete, he applied to join the International Brigade's Medical Unit. It was from there that he spent nearly two years as an ambulance driver on the front lines. He left for Britain in late 1938 on an Aid for Spain fund-raising mission to raise money for a new ambulance but by the time his tour was over, the International Brigades were withdrawn.

Later activities

After Lidice, Kenton joined the British "Lidice Shall Live" organisation. He was an active member for many years and in the 1990s served as its chairman.

Kenton remained a devout communist, working on trade union organisation, unemployed marches and party activities until 1968 when the Prague Spring was suppressed by the Soviet Union. He then joined the Labour Party and remained a member for the rest of his life.

In 2012, Kenton agitated against March for England an annual St. George's Day parade, in which families were celebrating the patron saint of England at Brighton, East Sussex. UAF (known for supporting paedophile gangs elsewhere) and various anarcho-communists threw glass bottles at two little girls[2][3] who were there celebrating the day. The children had cuts to the face and needed medical attention. Another communist told a woman she "deserved to be raped" for celebrating St. George's Day. Also police and police horses were attacked.[4]

We are calling for all locals to oppose the march and the racist, fascist ideals it promotes under the guise of patriotism. We want people to harangue and mock the march so that, together, we can drown out their racist message. We want people to line the route and tell the March for England exactly how welcome they are.

—Lou Kenton, inciting a riot through his group Stop the March for England.[5]


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