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This articles contains a list of websites about World War II some of which focus on the general battles and politics surrounding the conflict, while others have specialised fields, such as investigating the veracity of the Holocaust during the Second World War. Some Judeo-allied propaganda websites are included to compare to "revisionist" or independent ones which investigate the controversy, where possible it is mentioned specifically what kind of site it is.


Project Format Coverage Links
Axis History ForumForumGeneral history[1]
Inconvenient HistoryArticles, blogGeneral history, investigation of "the Holocaust"[2][3]
Justice for GermansArticles, newsWading through the fog of WWII Allied propaganda.[4]
CODOHArticles, forum, libraryIndependent investigation of "the Holocaust"[5][6]
Elie Wiesel Cons the WorldArticles, videos, flyersInvestigation of the High Priest of Holocaustianity.[7]
OD43Articles, photos, itemsInternet source for rare original Third Reich literature and memorabilia.[8]
Real History of WWIIArticlesShining a light on forbidden truths.[9]
Truth - Not CensorshipVideosIndependent investigation of "the Holocaust"[10]
Tomato BubbleArticles, blog, booksGeneral history, investigation of cryptocracy[11][12][13]

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