List of RAC and NSBM record labels

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The following is a list of nationalist record labels. It should be noted that while some of these labels only distribute nationalist music, others distribute music by both nationalist and apolitical bands.

Name Country Genre Website Notes
Ancient Nation Productions Ukraine Black Metal et al. [1]
Arisches Reich Productions Germany RAC, Oi! [2]
Armour Get Dawn Productions Russia Pagan Metal, NSBM, Ambient [3]
Ashtree Records Italy [4]
Barracuda Records Italy Oi!, Streetpunk [5] Also sells magazines, books, and clothing
Blazing Productions The Netherlands NSBM, Pagan Metal, Folk, Ambient [6]
Cause of Honor Records Hardcore, Hatecore [7]
Dark Hidden Productions Argentina Black Metal [8]
Darker than Black Records Germany Black Metal, NSBM Homepage, MySpace
Death's Abyss Productions Poland Black Metal, NSBM [9]
Diehard Records USA Various [10]
Eastside Records Poland NSBM, Pagan Metal, Folk, Ambient [11]
E.D.A. Propaganda Hatecore, RAC, Oi!, NSBM [12]
Final Stand Records USA Various [13]
Free Your Mind Productions USA [14]
Frenteuropa Productions Portugal Black Metal [15] "Radikal Musik for Radikal Minds"
Front Records Germany Hatecore, RAC, Black Metal [16] Also sells clothing
G.N.L.S. Records
Great White Records UK Folk, Rock [17]
Label 56 USA Various [18] "Independent Music for Independent Minds"
Landstorm Records The Netherlands Hatecore, RAC, et al. [19]
Loyalty Records Hungary Hatecore, RAC, Oi!, Hungarian music [20]
Micetrap Distribution USA Various Homepage, Shop
MSR Productions USA RAC, Hatecore, Country, Third Reich [21] Also sells clothing, books, flags, et al.
Nordland Records Sweden Various
Nordvind Records Sweden RAC, Oi!, Hatecore [22]
NS Propaganda Switzerland Black Metal, NSBM [23]
NSM88 Records USA RAC, Oi!, NSBM [24] Also sells clothing, books, flags, et al.
Old White Man Music Italy Hardcore, RAC [25] Also sells clothing
OldLegend Productions Poland Black Metal [26]
PC Records Germany RAC, Oi!, Hatecore [27] Also sells clothing, books, flags, et al.
Pit Records France Hatecore, RAC, French music [28]
Prophecy Records USA Hardcore, Oi! [29]
Pure Hate Records Hatecore, RAC [30]
Pure Impact Belgium Oi!, RAC, et al. [31]
RACords Germany RAC, Folk, et al. [32] (German) Also sells clothing, books, et al.
Rampage Productions England RAC, Hatecore, Oi!, et al. [33]
Rebel Records Germany Rock [34] Also sells clothing, books, flags, et al.
Resistance Records USA Various Homepage, Shop
Revolution Records Germany RAC, Oi!, et al. [35]
Rock-O-Rama Records Germany RAC,Oi!,Punk German discography
Sniper Records Sweden RAC, NSBM, Oi! [36] "Racial Distribution for a White Revolution". Also sells clothing, books, flags, et al.
Sombre March Records Sweden Black Metal, NSBM Homepage, MySpace
Sonnenkreuz Germany Black Metal, Neo-folk, Ambient [37]
Stellar Winter Records Russia Black Metal, NSBM [38]
Strong Survive Records USA NSBM, RAC, Oi!, et al. [39]
Thor's Hammer Productions France Black Metal [40]
Totenkopf Propaganda Greece Black Metal [41]
Tri State Terror USA Hatecore, Oi!, Heavy Metal
Unholy Records Black Metal [42] Owned by Resistance Records
Vacula Productions Ukraine Black Metal [43]
Werwolf Records Finland RAC [44]
White Eagle Records RAC [45]