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Lawrence Wayne Sinclair (born September 26, 1961) also Larry Sinclair (his name was legally changed to La-Rye A. Silvas, and La-Rye Vizcarra Avila and then back to his birth name), is a convicted felon for crimes of forgery, bad checks and theft by check. He is also a homosexual from Duluth, Minnesota who claims in a YouTube video he had consensual sex with Barack Obama while the then state senator from Illinois smoked crack cocaine. The YouTube video has been seen by 900,000 viewers but the mainstream media has largely ignored the story.

Sinclair says he flew to Chicago on November 3, 1999 to attend the graduation of his best friend’s son from basic training from the Great Lakes Navy Training Center. On November 6, he hired the services of Five Star Limo and asked his driver, Jagir P. Multani, if he knew anyone who wanted to ‘socialize’ and show him around Chicago. The driver knew what he meant and Sinclair claims the driver made a call to his friend Barack Obama, the Illinois state senator, and arranged a meeting.

They meet at upscale Chicago area bar in Gurnee, Illinois. Sinclair recalls the bar to be named “Alibis”. Sinclair asked if Obama could obtain cocaine and the state senator allegedly made a call from his cell phone to make the purchase. They left the bar and drove to a unknown location where Obama allegedly purchased cocaine for $250 paid by Larry Sinclair. Sinclair claims Obama also purchased crack cocaine for himself. [1] Sinclair claims they engaged in sex and used cocaine in the rented limo.

Sinclair has filed a lawsuit in Minnesota District Court, claiming the Obama staff made threats and attempts of intimidation against him.

In February 2008, Larry Sinclair failed a lie detector test relating to questions about Obama, drugs and sex. [2] However, he still maintains he has told the truth about Barack Obama.

In 2009 Larry Sinclair published his book, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

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