Kingdom of Leinster

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Kingdom of Leinster

5th century–1632
Flag Coat of arms
The Kingdom of Leinster in the 10th century. The boundaries would fluctuate to a great extent after the Norman invasion.
Capital Not specified
Language(s) Irish
Government Monarchy
 - 1595-1632 Domhnall Spainnach MacMurrough-Kavanagh
 - Established 5th century
 - Disestablished 1632

Leinster (also known as Laigin) was a kingdom with varying boundaries, which existed in the south-east of Ireland from the 5th to 17th centuries, when it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Ireland. It is famous as the kingdom of the MacMurrough dynasty, who during the reign of Dermot MacMurrough in the 12th century—after a conflict with Turlough Mór O'Connor, the King of Connacht—created an alliance with Strongbow which would lead to the Norman invasion of Ireland.


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