Kingdom of Tyrone

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Kingdom of Tyrone

Flag Coat of arms
The Kingdom of Tyrone during the 15th century.
Capital Not specified
Language(s) Irish
Government Monarchy
 - 1595–1607 Hugh O'Neill
 - Established 1201
 - Disestablished 1607

Tyrone (also known as Tír Eógain) was a kingdom which existed in far northern Ireland as a sovereign entity from the 13th until the 17th century. It essentially took over and transformed the Kingdom of Aileach into a new entity in 1201 and was based on the territory of the tribal-kinship group the Cenél nEógain. To become the ruling dynasty of Tyrone the O'Neills, pushed aside their kinsmen and traditional Kings of Aileach, the McLaughlins. The kingdom would eventually surrender and regranted their sovereignty to the Tudor Kingdom of Ireland, becoming Earl of Tyrone.

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