Kingdom of Munster

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Kingdom of Munster

Flag Coat of arms
The Kingdom of Munster in the 10th century.
Capital Cashel
Language(s) Irish
Government Monarchy
 - 1114–1118 Diarmait Ua Briain
 - Established antiquity
 - Disestablished 1118

Munster (also known as Mumhan) was a kingdom with varying boundaries, which existed in the south-west of Ireland from antiquity until the 12th century, when it split into Desmond and Thomond. The capital and the centre of power was Cashel. The Kingdom of Osraige had for a time, a relationship somewhat like a principality or a sub-kingdom to Munster, before it fell under the influence of Leinster.

Throughout its documented historical period, it was under the leadership of the Eóganachta, in particular their leading dynasty the MacCarthys. However, after the Dál gCais ascent and their famous figure Brian Boru, a power struggle emerged. Eventually this would lead to splitting the kingdom into two separate entites; Desmond and Thomond. These existed until the 16th century annexation by the Kingdom of Ireland.

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