Kingdom of Bulgaria

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Царство България (Bulgarian)
Tsarstvo Balgariya  (transliteration)
Kingdom of Bulgaria

Flag Royal Coat of arms
God is with us
Бог е с нас (Bulgarian)
Bog e s nas  (transliteration)
"Maritsa Rushes"
Шуми Марица (Bulgarian)
Shumi Maritsa  (transliteration)

Royal anthem
"Anthem of His Majesty the Tsar"
Химн на Негово Величество Царя (Bulgarian)
Himn na Negovo Velichestvo Tsarya  (transliteration)

Map of Bulgaria during WWII.
Capital Sofia
Language(s) Bulgarian
Religion Bulgarian Orthodox
Government Constitutional monarchy
Tsar (King)
 - 1908–1918 Ferdinand I
 - 1918–1943 Boris III
 - 1943–1946 Simeon II
Chairman of the Council of Ministers
 - 1908–1911 Aleksandar Malinov (first)
 - 1944–1946 Kimon Georgiev (last)
Legislature National Assembly
Historical era World War I / World War II
 - Independence declared 22 September (o. s.) 1908
 - Balkan Wars 1912–1913
 - Treaty of Bucharest 10 August 1913
 - Treaty of Neuilly 27 November 1919
 - Coup d'état of 1944 9 September 1944
 - Monarchy abolished 15 September 1946
 - 1908 95,223 km2 (36,766 sq mi)
 - 1946 110,994 km2 (42,855 sq mi)
 - 1908 est. 4,215,000 
     Density 44.3 /km2  (114.6 /sq mi)
 - 1946 est. 7,029,349 
     Density 63.3 /km2  (164 /sq mi)
Currency Bulgarian lev
Today part of  Bulgaria

The Kingdom of Bulgaria, also referred to as the Tsardom of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Царство България, Tsarstvo Balgariya), was a constitutional monarchy, created on 22 September 1908 (old style), as а result of an elevation of the Bulgarian state to kingdom from principality.

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