Kingdom of Bréifne

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Kingdom of Bréifne
4th century–1605
Flag Coat of arms
Map of the kingdom of Bréifne in the 10th century, prior to the split into West and East which would happen in the 13th century.
Capital Not specified
Language(s) Irish
Government Lordship
 - 1600-1605 Tadhg O'Rourke
 - Established 4th century
 - Disestablished 1605

Bréifne (later known as West Breifne) was a sub-kingdom and region within the Kingdom of Connacht which was located in the north-west of Ireland. According to historical tradition, the region began to take shape during the 4th century, as territory held by the Uí Briúin Bréifne tribes. These were descendants of Brión mac Echach Muigmedóin who was said to have been a king of Connacht.

The O'Rourkes established themselves as kings of the area, however at the Battle of Ballinamore in 1256 in a conflict with their kinsmen the O'Reillys, part of the region broke away to become East Breifne. After the conquest of the area by forces of the Tudor dynasty, the remaining West Breifne was merged into the Kingdom of Ireland and became County Leitrim, while East Breifne became County Cavan.

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