Karl Hans Janke

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Karl Hans Janke

Karl Hans Janke (August 21, 1909, Kolberg – February 15, 1988, Wermsdorf) was a German inventor, designer and futurist. In the thirties he obtained patents on a swing-wing aircraft and an aircraft locating system similar to today’s GPS. Today he is know as an artist of imaginative technical drawings.

After the war he was expelled from East Germany by the Polish communist regime and settled in Saxonia. In Middle Germany he was hospitalized for schizophrenia for forty years. During his confinement he made over 4,000 technical drawings and models of futuristic rockets and spacecraft based upon his own visions of peaceful uses of nuclear energy and electro-magnetism. It is unclear if he ever worked at the German rocket research facility in Peenemünde.

In his last will he wrote:

I kindly ask that the pictures and albums be kept safe, along with the many drawings and models that I created for mankind. Karl H. Janke.

In 2000 several of his drawings were found at the clinic where he spent his last 40 years. His drawings has been compared to the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci.

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