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The Right Honourable
 Joseph Chamberlain

The Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain

In office
February 1906
Monarch Edward VII
Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Preceded by Arthur Balfour
Succeeded by Arthur Balfour

In office
29 June 1895 – 16 September 1903
Prime Minister The Marquess of Salisbury
Arthur Balfour
Preceded by The Marquess of Ripon
Succeeded by Alfred Lyttelton

In office
3 May 1880 – 9 June 1885
Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone
Preceded by Viscount Sandon
Succeeded by The Duke of Richmond

Born 8 July 1836(1836-07-08)
Camberwell, London, England
Died 2 July 1914 (aged 77)
Resting place Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham
52°29′28″N 1°54′52″W / 52.4911841°N 1.9143426°W / 52.4911841; -1.9143426
Children Austen Chamberlain
Neville Chamberlain
Occupation British businessman, politician, and statesman.
Religion Unitarian
Nickname(s) "Our Joe"

Joseph Chamberlain (July 8, 1836July 2, 1914) was an important figure in late Victorian Britain and father of future Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain's most notable service to the British government was as the Colonial Secretary, a post he chose even though it was not considered prestigious at the time. Among other accomplishments, Chamberlain was influential in the fomentation of the Boer War, which ended in the addition of South Africa to the British Empire.

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