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John Wilson Hamilton (July 27, 1923 - August 23, 1989) of Boston was the editor of The White Sentinel a segregationist publication issued by the National Citizens Protective Association. Previously Hamilton was associate editor of Gerald L. K. Smith's paper The Cross and The Flag. Hamilton later associated himself with the National States' Rights Party.

Hamilton was a trained electrician and a former communist.

In 1950 he ran for the US Senate in the state of Missouri on the Christian Nationalist Party which was founded by Gerald L.K. Smith.

In 1951 he had a falling-out with Smith and took 25 of his staff members and started the National Citizens Protective Association in the St Louis, Missouri area. The newly-formed segregationist group focused entirely upon racial issues.

In February 1957 Hamilton was sentenced to two years in prison at the Missouri Penitentiary for sodomy of a 15-year-old youth.[1] On May 27, 1958 Hamilton was acquitted of charges in a retrial of the case. The convention had been reversed on appeal.

He died in Hudson, Florida in 1989.


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