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Jews vs Nazis setup.

Jews vs Nazis, also referred to as Holocaust Pong or Alcoholocaust, is a variant of beer pong incorporating tropes about National Socialist Germany, World War II, and The Holocaust. Invented by mid-2012, the drinking game is reportedly popular among American high schoolers in some areas, although play by minors is technically illegal in the United States. Jews vs Nazis has elicited condemnations.


There are 2 teams of 3 players each, the Jews and the Nazis, each with 30 plastic cups of beer. The Jews arrange their cups into a Star of David, while the Nazis arrange theirs into a swastika, each on opposite ends of a table as in traditional beer pong. As it is impossible to make an equilateral swastika out of 30 cups, alternative practices sometimes give the Nazis a beginning advantage with 32 or 34 cups. For a shorter game, another set of rules stipulates the Nazis a 17-cup swastika and the Jews a 12-cup Star of David.


Like traditional beer pong, Jews vs Nazis is a turn-based game, the objective being to toss ping pong balls into all of the opponents' cups, which are then removed from play and the contents consumed by the opposing side, with the first side to eliminate all the opponents' cups being the winner. In the 30-cup version, when one side is reduced to 18 cups the cups are rearranged into a smaller Star of David or a smaller swastika.

The Nazis start off the game with a blitzkrieg, with each player shooting continuously until he misses, but this is only allowed for the first volley. Either before shooting starts or during gameplay, each side has a special ability they may use only once. The Jews have the 'Anne Frank cup', which allows them to take one of their cups and hide it anywhere in the room so long as it is shootable, while the Nazis can 'Auschwitz' or 'concentration camp' one of the Jews players, making that player sit out the game until the two remaining players on the Jews team each make a cup. Also, during the game each team is supposed to "say as many racist things as possible to make it more enjoyable."


The first mention of Jews vs Nazis online is a set of rules for 'Nazi-Jew pong' in a comment on dated July 9, 2012, in which the commenter Snake McBro claims his "bro" who created the game is Jewish.[1] The game was popularized TrepidaciousFatGuy, a user on another site, posted an iconic image of the initial Jews vs Nazis setup, along with nearly identical rules, ending "my Jewish friends actually love this game haha." A screenshot of the post was reposted on on January 25, 2013.[2]

Taken together, these early references suggest that, rather than originating amongst Hollywood Nazis or others with animosity toward Jewry, Jews vs Nazis may have been created or at least popularized by lighthearted Jews, incorporating elements from, yet also willing to poke fun at, their familiar victimhood narrative. However, this was lost on, or purposefully ignored by WFTX-TV, a Fort Myers-Naples, Florida Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate (and hence a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, run by Zionist Rupert Murdoch) that did an exposé on the alleged popularity of Jews vs Nazis at Cape Coral High School in Cape Coral, Florida. Citing just a single April 27, 2014 Twitter tweet from #HSConfessional (High School Confession), in fact a repost of the January 2013 Viral Viral Pictures image with the original text cut off and the added comment "This is what we play at parties. Jews vs. Nazis" -Cape Coral HS, newswoman Kelli Stegeman claimed the "Anti-Semitic 'beer pong' twist" was "targeting Cape Coral." Providing no on-the-ground evidence to verify the Twitter post, Stegeman said the "discriminatory drinking game appears to be sweeping through high schools," singling out the community by adding "Cape Coral High School is finding itself in the middle of the controversial game," evidently to spark a witch hunt. As of May 15 the tweet had been retweeted 1,797 times and favorited 3,222 times, although there is no evidence that its popularity was concentrated in the Cape Coral area.[3] Stegeman interviewed two rabbis on the supposed crisis, one of whom called the game's popularity "a wake up call", while the other prescribed further Holocaust education. A Lee County School District official enjoined "parental monitoring of social media" to prevent the spread of politically incorrect games where the state lacked resources. Meanwhile, the topics of underage alcohol use and possible overdrinking hardly figured in the story.[4]


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