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Jesuit Refugee Service is an international Jesuit organization involved in aiding refugees and pro-immigration lobbying. Ir was founded in 1980.


In general, the "intellectual class" is against us. The Liberal Left controls the media here and never misses a chance to denigrate us. The corrupt, Catholic Church [sic], which is powerful in Malta, has betrayed the People. The Jesuits are on the forefront of the onslaught against the racial backbone of our People. The Jesuits promote Illegal Immigration, encourage miscegenation. On the other hand, the workers and increasingly the middle class are with us. They sense the danger Malta is facing, situated as it is, so close to Africa. The former have to compete with the invading Blacks for low paid jobs – while the bourgoisie have started to taste the joys of Black crime.

Norman Lowell of Imperium Europa.[1]

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