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JR's Rare Books and Commentary is an online book site of nationalist books.

From the site: This site's purpose is to bring to the fore many old works of literature you may not be aware of. Certainly, if you grew up in the past 30 years, went through an "establishment" education and did what you were told, chances are you were never allowed to examine the works presented herein. These books and essays all deal in some way with White solidarity and White Nationalism. If mentioned at all (e.g., in a classroom or rag-mag article), these books had short passages quoted out of context to make the authors appear ridiculous, and then it was "on to the next subject". Haven't you ever wondered why they never showed you the whole thing, so that you could decide for yourself? Many deal with specially coddled "minorities" or uniquely powerful "religious groups" that have legions of brainwashed lackeys at-the-ready to protect them from all criticism. The Establishment has taken great pains to ensure that you never look at these books, articles and essays. Many old books disappear off library shelves, conveniently "lost" or "misplaced". Some are bought out for the sole purpose of destruction. Many are now quite rare. A few titles can be seen in your local bookstore -- but invariably the text is altered in some way. They are presented here as an act of preservation, and in defiance of "Political Correctness". So now, reaching down into the Memory Hole . . .

    • World War I and general time period
    • World War II and general time period
    • The Jewish Problem
    • Miscellaneous

The website uses as the internet address http://www.jrbooksonline.com. The PDF books can be found on http://www.jrbooksonline.com/PDF_Books/. Another site mentions most (but not all) of the books originally on jrbooksonline since November 2011 or before. This website is http://firstlightforum.wordpress.com/jrs-rare-books-and-commentary/. This site has a link [1], that points to the page www.jrbooksonline.com.

Connection with the complaint of Warman agains Lemire

Opponents of JR Books Online have attempted to use legal procedures to get www.jrbooksonline.com to be removed from the internet, as becomes clear from the fact that the website was at some stage mentioned in Warman's complaint against Lemire [1]. It was alledged that Lemire was the owner and operator of the site. However, later not Lemire, but Richardson has been named as the registrant and administrative/technical contact for the website [2].

The attempts to get www.jrbooksonline.com to be removed from the internet have so far remained unsuccessful thanks to the efforts of lawyers like Barbara Kulaszka and Doug Christie who defend freedom of speech, though they not necessarily agree with everything that is said.

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