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Irminsûl front cover

Irminsûl (ISBN: 91-973819-6-9) is a book by Varg Vikernes, written in 2002 and published by Cymophane Publishing. It was originally written in Norwegian but has been translated into English by Vidar E. A Russian version of Irminsûl is also included in the book Речи Варга II (Vargsmål II), published in 2006.


These days, there are great uncertainty surrounding what Irminsûl really was, and what purpose this god-pillar served. We have learned that the Saxons worshipped Irminsûl as a god. We know that they sacrificed to this pillar and held Things around it. However, the scope of our knowledge ends there. We are unable to learn more about Irminsûl by relying on modern books. Varg Vikernes shares us his view on the meaning of Irminsûl (and it's Scandinavian counterpart: öndvegssûlur or the veraldarsûla), and outlines an interesting theory regarding The Big Bang, creation and ultimately the meaning of life itself.

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