History of the Legionary Movement

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Cover of The History of the Legionary Movement

The History of the Legionary Movement is an 188 page book written by the Romanian nationalist leader Horia Sima, the Commander of the Legion of Michael the Archangel after Corneliu Codreanu's death. The book was first published in Romanian in 1967 as Istoria Mişcarii Legionare and later translated into other languages (including the English publication in 1995). It details the history of Codreanu's Legionary Movement from its roots in Codreanu's early activity before its foundation, its creation in 1927, up to the year 1937.


I: Origins of the Legionary Movement
II: The Foundation of the Legionary Movement
III: Creating the Movement
IV: The First Persecution (The Liberal Party undertakes to destroy the Movement of Iron)
V: The Expansion Phase (1935-1937)

A) The Year 1935 - Reorganization of the Movement
B) The Year 1936 - The Green Ship Leaves for the High Seas
C) The Year 1937 - The Legion Conquers the Country

Publication Data

  • The History of the Legionary Movement. Horia Sima. Liss, England: Legionary Press, 1995. ISBN 1899627014

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