Henri Curiel

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Henri Curiel.

Henri Curiel (3 September 1914 – 4 May 1978) was a communist Jew active in various countries such as Egypt, France, Algeria and South Africa.

One of Curiel's cousins George Blake was a KGB spy, while another Eugenio Curiel was an Italian Communist Party Jew active against Benito Mussolini.

Curiel was the founder of the Communist Democratic Movement for National Liberation in Egypt. He was expelled from the country in 1950, while ruled by king Farouk of Egypt. Curiel later established himself in France and led a circle of Jewish communist emigres from Egypt known as the "Rome Group".

He supported organizations such as the far left FLN during the Algerian War and the ANC in South Africa.

In 1978 Curiel was assassinated in Paris; his murderer has never been identified.

An American intelligence report from 1981 (a Special National Intelligence Estimate) states that Curiel's organization "has provided support to a wide variety of Third World leftist revolutionary organizations", including "false documents, financial aid, and safehaven before and after operations, as well as some illegal training in France in weapons and explosives." The authors further comment that his group's "association with non-communist and nonviolent leaders, including clergymen, has tended to cloak the nature and extent of its operations."[1]


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