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Grisignana is an Italian town in Istria, currently occupied by Croatia where is the only town that still have Italian majority. It was previously occupied by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since the WWII, and the native Italian population was or executed on the Foibe massacres or forced to leave Istria on the Expulsion of Italians from Istria and Dalmatia, when the communists wanted to do an ethnic cleansing against the non-slavic population.

According to the 2001 census in Croatia, the whole of Grisignana Municipality has 785 inhabitants, while the Settlement of Grisignana itself has 185 inhabitants. The ethnic composition of the Municipality is 51.21% Italians, 26.24% Croats, 18.6% regionally declared ("Istrians"), and 2.42% Slovenes, which makes Grisignana the only Croatian municipality with a majority share of ethnic Italians. The native language in the Municipality is 66.11% Italian, 29.17% Croatian, and 3.57% Slovene.