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George Washington DeLong (August 22, 1844 – October 31, 1881) was a United States Navy officer and explorer.


  • George Wallace Melville: In the Lena Delta. A narrative of the search for Lieut. Commander DeLong and his companions. Followed by an account of the Greely Relief Expedition and a proposed method of reaching the North Pole (1885) (PDF-File)
  • Emma DeLong: The voyage of the Jeannette. The ship and ice journals of George W. De Long, lieutenant-commander U.S.N. and commander of the Polar expedition of 1879-1881 (1884) (PDF-Files: Vol. 1, Vol. 2)
  • Richard W.Bliss: Our lost explorers. The narrative of the Jeannette Arctic expedition as related by the survivors, and in the records and last journals of Lieutenant De Long (1882) (PDF-File)
  • Jeannette inquiry. Before the Committee on Naval Affairs of the United States House of Representatives, Forthy-eighth Congress (1884) (PDF-File)
  • John Muir: The cruise of the Corwin. Journal of the Arctic expedition in 1881 in search of De Long and the Jeannette (1917) (PDF-File)

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