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Fireside Discussion Groups also known as the B'nai B'rith Fireside Discussion Group were an ADL effort started in 1935 to convey the proper "party line" for Jews--in particular young Jews--to follow when talking to Gentiles. By 1937 over a thousand groups were operating in 41 states, many on college campuses. The groups distributed thirty different Fireside pamphlets (8-30 pages) on topics of special interest to Jews.[1] In 1939 the pamphlets were collectively published as a book, Fireside Discussion Group of the Anti-Defamation League B'nai B'rith (250 pages).

Sydney B. Lavine was Director of the Fireside Discussion Groups.[2]


  • no. 1. Introduction to the Fireside Discussion Groups
  • no. 2. The Myth of Jewish Economic Dominance
  • no. 3. The Truth about the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion
  • no. 4. The Ritual Murder Accusation
  • no. 5. Communism (later retitled Facts about Fictions concerning the Jew) by Sigmund Livingston
  • no. 6. The Aryan and Nordic Myth
  • no. 7. Three Questions Jews Must Answer
  • no. 8. Jews as Nobel Prize Winners
  • no. 9. Our Economic Arena: Present Economic trends and their effects on Jewish life in America / by Selig Perlman
  • no. 10. How far Zionism?
  • no. 11. Two Pillars of Humanity: The Bible and Judaism
  • no. 12. The Debt of Christianity to Judaism
  • no. 13. Jews in the American Ensemble
  • no. 14. Jews in Medicine and Science
  • no. 15. American Jews in Philanthropy
  • no. 16. Jews in Music
  • no. 17. Jews in American Literature
  • no. 18. The Jew and his Faith
  • no. 19. The Tragedy of Poland: 3,000,000 Living Corpses
  • no. 20. Reform Judaism
  • no. 21. Pre-viewing the Jewish state: its aims, obstacles, machinery, problems, and possibilities are described in an interview [between Edward E. Grusd and Rabbi Samuel Wohl]
  • no. 22. Hitler's Communism Unmasked
  • no. 23. The Right Career
  • no. 24. The Jews of Italy
  • no. 25. (unavailable)
  • no. 26. Vocational Adjustment of Jewish Youth
  • no. 27. The Broadcasters Code
  • no. 28. Conservative Judaism
  • no. 29. Planning Tomorrow's Job Today
  • no. 30. Orthodox Judaism


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