European-American Unity and Rights Organization

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European-American Unity and Rights Organization
Political position American nationalism
White nationalism
Leader Dr. David Duke
Country United States
Existence 2000–present
Headquarters Mandeville, Louisiana
Colours Red, white, blue

The European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) is a political activist organization founded by David Duke with its base in Mandeville, Louisiana.[1][2] EURO represents the rights and heritage of European-Americans and people of European descent. Parts of the organization's interest is preserving the character of European-Americans, including: racial discrimination, busing and forced integration, runaway welfare, and integration.[2]



The 2008 EURO conference was held in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the political talk on the agenda was about the ongoing US President election of 2008 between Democrat elected Barack Obama and Republican elected John McCain. The purpose was to raise a political voice from a European-American perspective with the lack of both candidates for being a good choice of a real Democracy in America.[3]

The conference had a number of well-known political speakers, American and from overseas including, Willis Carto, Don Black, Paul Fromm, Sam Dickson, James Edwards and Lady Michele Renouf of the UK.[3]


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