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Ethnopluralism also known as ethnoregionalism, is a European New Right theory of multiculturalism. It should not be confused with liberal multiculturalism.


Ethnopluralists assert the principle of "right to difference" and argue for regional ethnic or racial separatism (the plurality of ethno-identities). It is therefore multiculturalism in the sense of multiple cultures or ethnicities existing in a country, but seperated in their own enclaves, to safeguard those differences. It sharply differs to liberal multiculturalism in the sense it opposes intermarriage between different ethno-enclaves. Ethnopluralists argue that liberal multiculturalism is false, as it promotes a melting pot which leads to the disappeance of ethnicities, cultures or races through miscegenation and therefore is in fact monoculturalism. Most ethnopluralists are federalists, regionalists or communitarians believing that each ethno-enclave should be entitled to autonomy and their own laws.

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