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Enric Marcó

Enric Marco (born 1921 in Barcelona) is an impostor who claimed to have been a prisoner in the Mauthausen and Flossenburg camps during WWII. He was awarded the "Creu de Sant Jordi" by the Catalan government in 2001 and wrote a book on his experiences. In 2005, he admitted his claims were false and returned his medal, after his deception was revealed by university researcher Benito Bermejo.

"I admit I never was interned in the Flossenburg camp, though I was in preventive detention accused of plotting against the Third Reich," said Marco. He was released after a few weeks of maltreatment and returned to Spain in 1943. In fact Marco had volunteered in 1941 to work in Kiel for the nazi war industry. In his forged stories Marco had claimed he had been involved in the French resistance and captured by the Gestapo in south France.

After 2001, Marco represented an association which gathered some survivors of the thousands of Spaniards who had truly been deported to nazi concentration camps.

In the time 1978-1979 Marco, a metal worker, had been the General Secretary of the Spanish anarchist Union CNT (Confederación Nacional del Trabajo), from which he was expelled in 1980.

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