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Elizabeth Knauss of Davenport, Iowa was an author of several books on fundamentalism and the early communist movement. She published a series of articles on communism in William Bell Riley’s magazine The Pilot from October 1932 to June 1933.[1]

She was an associate of Gerald L. K. Smith.


  • The Conflict: A narrative based on the Fundamentalist Movement (1923)
  • The Rising Tide: A novel dealing with the spread of Bolshevism and Atheism throughout America (1927)
  • Communism and the Protocols (Communism series) (1933)
  • Communism and Socialism (Communism series) (1934)
  • Red Propaganda in the Churches


  1. Revive Us Again: The Reawakening of American Fundamentalism, by Joel A. Carpenter, page 282

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