EU - The Super-Soviet Union of Tomorrow

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EG - Die Super-UdSSR von morgen
Author(s) Karl Steinhauser
Country Austria
Language German
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Dr. S. Gruber-Buchverlag
Publication date 1992
Pages 205

EG - Die Super-UdSSR von morgen (English: EU - The Super-Soviet Union of Tomorrow) is a 1992 book about the European Union by Austrian political scientist Karl Steinhauser. The book analyses the specific chronology of historical events that led to the formation of the Soviet Union and the Bolshevist coup d'etat in Russia. Steinhauser argues that the two entites share far more in common than simply a union of states, but rather that there is a traceable ideological and organisational link at the foundation of both the Soviet experiment and the European Union, in the form of freemasonry and its satellites.

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