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David G. Guyatt (born 1957) is a writer on the fringes of the alternative media, based in the City of London. He tells us that the cause of all our problems are the Vatican and the "Nazis". Guyatt's favourite topics are supposed "Nazi gold", which he claims, smuggled by "Nazi" refugees to the Americas through Vatican "ratlines", is preparing the creation of the Fourth Reich via elements of the CIA and the SMOM, which is set to reveal itself at any moment.

Guyatt's dog in the fight is that he spent almost thirty years as a professional international banker in the City of London. After retiring from this he has wrote in the alternative media and on television productions for BusinessAge, NEXUS, Fortean Times, The X Factor and Lobster. He has been involved with this at a significant level since the 1990s, when he was part of a World in Action TV documentary.

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