David A. Yeagley

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David A. Yeagley

David A. Yeagley (b. 1951) is a composer and writer, of half Comanche heritage. His views are paleoconservative and he has described himself as "the only voice of conservative American Indian thought". For this reason and his ancestry, he is despised by liberals in the United States because he is not hostile to European Americans, who prefer to promote the left-wing propaganda of Windian hoaxters, and multiracialism.


Yeagley was born to a Comanche Indian mother, and a White American father. He is half-Amerindian, and through his mother, is a direct descendant of Bad Eagle (1839 - 1906) a band headman of the Kwahadi Comanche. The Comanche Nation (Lawton, Oklahoma) recognise him as an enrolled member. Yeagley is regularly attacked by liberals, and other left-wing agitators online who distort his views on race, as well as post libel about his ancestry.


Yeagley holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance and Composition, and an Artist Diploma in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. He also holds a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies and History from Yale University.


Yeagley is an accomplished music composer. In 1999 he produced new solo sonata for traditional Northern Plains Native American flute, which was premiered at the Annual Native American Symposium at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. In October 2006, his music was performed in the Elmer and Mary Louise Rasmuson Theater at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.

He also is a political columnist, and author of historical literature.

In November 2005, Yeagley was interviewed for the History Channel program "Comanche Warriors".

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